Your Answer Boehner

As Time Ticks Towards Default


Written Oct 15

   Oh John now you ask for help, better late than never. You have seen that certain aspects have divided that which you lead as to under mind this nation and you. Behind closed doors, you see outside influence control your decisions, but you are the leader or so you think. You have witnessed confederate flags waving at the seat of this nation, hate and anger directed against “a certain theme” from a minority that does not represent the direction of America and this has your interest. You did not sign up for this. When you where approached to lead a unified front in Congress, it was about taking back the reigns of this nation and all in business was worried and had your back, they don’t now. You hear speeches from certain senators and representatives on the state of this nation and their words spew nonsense. They caused the problem and now they are offering the solution, same game, but different players.

   John, wake up out your slumber and release your members to vote their conscience. Never let the rogue group control you with threats. Standup and for once have the resolve to lift this nation against the bankers. It is one thing to leverage through a threat; it is another to push the button where it is over. You ask how we will protect our members from the flow of money from PACs. Change campaign financing rules which are now being used against you. Most of America will note vote for the crazies, no matter how much money is thrown into elections as all now see the hate. All see the dysfunction. And for most, all see they would bring this nation to a collapse in order to move forward an agenda that is minor to the default of this nation.

   Break with the tea party and write them off as an infestation to this nation for those in the NWO with their sinister plan has written you off. It is time to stand up for the Truth as you have seen enough. For those who elected you. For this nation as you lead the House. For God as He is your true leader not these men that pretend on earth to control the weak as you are a Catholic. Your only choice is to do the right thing for this nation. Yes, negotiate with the Democrats to get a balanced deal as I did not say roll as dead agreeing to anything and all will respect you. You will be hated, but loved by God. Make that choice and know with the seal of protection, no one will touch you or your loved ones and this is a promise, but you may lose your position as speaker, but you save will the nation. Which is more important John, to be a coward or a patriot? Fail Him bringing misery to this nation and you will be thrown to the wolves and if you are called Boehner again here after today, you will know the Truth

Update Oct 16 

   As you cried Tuesday night in solitude after reading the words above, they were tears of conversion as flashes of Jesus crucified went through your mind. This was not a dream and you shall never look back. Your Father, the Almighty speaks, “You my little one, have protected My children, when faced with the wrath of the NWO. All saw the pressure from “certain groups” to vote no. It took courage, which few will understand as the pressure is covert. My messenger, through no fault of her own spoke words of the Holy Spirit as a warning to all in the chamber as many suspected it for what it was. As My mercy is great, but mock Me again? You can continue to champion the cause of this nation or retire. When you cross the line for what is right as you have in the past, the laws of God are firm. Push for the rights of this nation as a balanced approach as there is evil on both sides. From your perch you seemed invincible, but you have never defended this nation against the antichrist, prepare young warrior or perish.”

   Remember, those that lurked in the background of the House vote, which may have an allegiance with the NWO to protect their political future. This is why they voted late when the decision is made, but again you know this. The nation and the media know they care for another master as how could you put this nation in peril for any reason. All of you were trusted to guide the people of this nation who through a lack of political knowledge trusted your actions and your words. You lied to them and more important, you discarded what you were sent to Washington DC to do, represent the voice of the people and not the voices in your head and the influence of lobbyists. Yes, I said it for I know the Truth. You were told in your chamber, you can not serve two masters. Do you really think these were random rants or the Truth? It would be wise to listen, for many of you who think you rule this world, will fall to your knees in tears. 

  This nation needs to be lead by those who are responsible instead of those compromised. There needs to be a new beginning if this nation has any chance of defeating what is coming. All of you see the signs, but few believe. I understand this. When the signs are definite, you need to act as all that do not know, will need guidance. More important they will need to trust in the face of peril and they do not trust you now.

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