As Our Southern Border Continues to Destabilize



Written Feb. 10 11:59 pm EST


   You were warned, that Trump Administration was never guaranteed the election, no matter what the Q and Z sites stated. How many times are you going to fall for the half truth narrative, 2003, 2012, 2020. I told you, they mix the truth with the agenda of the elite. This is why and only why those sites exist. They are correct in that Satanists captured and murdered kids and Nibiru will initiate a pole shift shortly. The goal is one world government and religion. You ask why your site? The Almighty protects me. I deliver His Message and His only, I have no fear. Do I have all the answers, no, if I did, this site would have been crushed. So lets sort out our Southern Border.

   You were told, that the influx of illegals was to destabilize all areas, that they flood into the United States. Did you listen? The concern, is that illegals now spread Covid as they are not tested and have no social distancing during the migration and processing. You were so sure things would change after the election, but you were also told if Trump won, nothing would be learned. A continuation of the blame game instead of leadership. So you have Biden. Nothing better than moving to the grass that seems greener. What you are being told, is that over 3000 are being apprehended everyday at the border, but what is not stated is that for everyone caught, 1 or more cross in the darkness and then are free, but uncounted. Billions to trillions over time is made by the Cartels, by smuggling people and drugs. Billions will now be made pushing illegals to the border and this is your presidentís plan? Ask Biden, why he quietly disabled satellite and drone infrared scanning of our border? Did you do the numbers, that you now have to pay, taxpayers? 1.2 million per year for those caught as a start.

   Please do not tell us, the Border Patrol which you hope to cut, catches everyone. Over million per year breach the border now, as Biden policies have opened the flood gates. Your leader has compassion, but you are suffering. Help all in this nation first, then help others. So lets tell the homeless on our streets, we put up illegals in hotels before our own. Is this the new American way? Just know there is a dark under belly in this political approach. How are you going to pay for 2+ million per year with few skills and a language barrier? Also, while you struggle as a nation to contain Covid, millions are allowed to spread the pandemic uncontrolled, and they are not even citizens. Your leaders have no clue.

   Those that backed Biden expect a return on their money, and that the perceived message by the media to the general public, will see as business as usual. Now Biden does not know this, the elite bought up seedy hotels along the border, as they were going out of business due to the pandemic. The sellers considered the buyers to be idiots and took the money. Were they? The government has to house illegals somewhere other than over crowded centers.

   As insiders, they submitted room rates below the national company bids, by design and as the lowest bid inflated, they won the contract. Can you connect the dots? Seedy hotel that charged $40 a night under new ownership with no renovations, presents bids just under the prime hotels by design. The illegals cannot leave, so they pass food costs onto the government. Few watch the expenditures, nor do they care, as they waste your money. This was their plan. Check it.

   Are the illegal migrants going to complain, when some came from 100 sq. ft zinc covered roof and dirt floor homes, with no running water or toilets? We have a process for all who to come this country, but we have leaders that promote another avenue? The Biden administration connected get rich housing, feeding and providing medical help for illegals and you are none the wiser. Check who is offering the services, as it is about the money.

   Your leaders are suppose to work for America first. Yes we have compassion to help others, but they place that cost upon you. Did you vote for that? You have bills. You have lost your jobs. Some of you are in the streets. I tell you now, we do not need the new world order, a global society. You were warned in the Bible, heed it. I have never seen where a members of a political family collects over a billion from 3 countries, except the Clintons and you think this is in your best interest, good luck. It is an opinion, and just that, you need to consider.

   As a nation of immigrants, we do welcome all. Again this is not the 19th century, situations change. Do corporations change over time that reflect the business environment, so should your immigration policies. We want those who want to make this nation their first choice. We do not need low skilled workers on a mass scale, as where are the jobs and low cost housing? What about access to bilingual schools? Do you have those resources in place? You donít. It is about being a net contributor across services offered against those given when you enter this country. It is not about providing cheap labor with no rights to the elite and rich. It is about moving America forward. Is this the political plan of this nation? We do need to take in some disenfranchised. But as a bankrupted nation under trillions of debt, are your leaders making the best choices for you?

   The dirty truth is that the elite gets cheap housemaids and gardeners. They get workers to pick their crops, as fair wages and conditions are not offered to Americans. Hotels exploit illegals and depress wages in the travel industry, not to mention the meat packing industry. The elite disguises this as compassion, but it is about the money. When are you going to learn? You were given all that you wanted in this election, now look at as your lives do not change, as with any change people get rich and you get taxed. With the scales tipped to one side, watch as it unfolds, again nothing has changed.

   One thing that you now know, the border fence can not prevent the flow of illegals, if the policy allows migrants to come and then get released. Billions spent on a fence, when an executive order negates it all. Some got rich building the fence and now some get rich housing and feeding. It seems like a plan that flips, money flows and you pay. Maybe you need to look at your plight through a new set of eyes and mind.

   Immigration legal or illegal has helped this country grow over the centuries. This is a fact. Let immigration help the nation, instead of the rich and the tech companies. Start a process that exactly helps people fleeing persecution and war. Consider stabilizing the countries they are fleeing due to gangs, drugs and greed. You will lose this country if drugs are not curbed heavily. This will not be Rome. Stop the exploitation of low skilled workers and transferring social services to the taxpayer. Yes there may be jobs not done by Americans, but at what cost through social services? Does your leaders consider this?


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