Written Nov. 6 11pm EST


   We have seen the recent early release of Brazileís memoirs has unleashed a fury of disrespect for the once revered Brazile, strong, confident and a Black woman. Hillary allowed key positions in the Democratic Party to be filled by minority women by design. First to show the world she is inclusive, but more important to demand loyalty and in case a scapegoat. Do you think Brazile while at the top of the DNC would get brownie points by giving Hillary the answers to the debate? The news states one question was revealed, but it was all from CNN. If you take one, then you are just as guilty for all. This is common sense.

   Brazile was told to secure the questions in advance by someone close to Hillary Clinton Campaign to create deniability. She had no choice. When caught, she paid the price of her reputation, DNC position and advisor job at CNN. She was thrown under the bus to fend for herself, now with the book out she has.

   The DNC does not hire kooks, but they turn on their own if they breach the secrecy of the Democratic Party. What you see is collusion with all major networks and certain leading woman politicians to crush this story back by comment. For Brazile being discredited and witnessing the evil of the Clinton campaign and its connection with the Illuminati was the final straw. You ask, why she would suggest a replacement with Biden. She has first hand seen the illness that afflicts Hillary, but an army of doctors hide the medical problems from the American public and use a double as in some cases and that double came out after the 911 speech. A false statement, then run facial scans comparing the podium and whom came out to address the news at the hotel pictures. This will be revealed shortly by the Almighty. The I phone X can be manipulated to do this. Print the pictures and then run a facial scan on both to see how your country lies.

   All of you dismissed the rumors that Bernie was pushed out. Now that an insider at the top tells all, the connected, label her as crazy. So Hillary backs in the good times a crazy kook person. Ask, does she have more in place? I will say this to all who think they are safe as your world collapses around you. They will betray you, as this is the pattern of the dark one. What you see with Brazile is what is happening with Trump as he chose to fight for the Truth instead of the status quo, so his own, many of the republicans are aligned with global supremacy and the media turned against him. Again for the general public so easily manipulated by what they hope is trusted voices continue to lie. Billions will die due to your politicianís errors as a preplanned Third World War to eliminate the useless eaters will expand by established agreements. This is the problem for the elite.

   You at the media had been protected as you have read my words. Some of have realized the Truth and reveal information in your own words and I am thankful as the Almighty. For those who continue to push the Illuminati agenda and think you are protected, watch.


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