Questions about Trump bringing back Merry Christmas



Written Dec. 27 12:45am EST


   As the news debates Trump taking credit for bringing back the phrase, Merry Christmas, you produce Obama saying the same words over the years while in office. This is true. What is left out is a deliberate attempt by retail and media outlets to sanitize the true idea of Christmas with happy holidays by design as Don Lemon stated in his Tuesday night broadcast, such the fool. All of you know of the shift of words as the media and retail outlets are controlled by the Jews pushed happy holidays under the guise of not offending others. Christmas is based on the birth of Christ, there is no other reason. Are your Jewish and Moslem holidays changed by the elite? No. Christ as a Savior of mankind was being systematically replaced by pushing gifts, santa and greed. This is the Truth.

   Obama may have said Merry Christmas, but his words changed nothing in this nation as he refused to change the media and retail position, words with no actions. Trump brought this to the forefront as the Christ is being taken out of Christmas with actions. Be careful with your lies media as you will pay a heavy price shortly.

   This paper was truly a waste of my time, but I was doing nothing. You, the human race need to look past the obvious deceit and stand up on your own. For once in your pathetic lives, stand up for the truth, for that can be taken away. Or do so few of you have a real spine?


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