America is Broken

We Can Not Afford Another Political Mistake


Written Feb. 13 5 pm EST

Update Feb. 15 11:30 pm EST


   We as a nation have come to a precipice. On your world most of you fail to care for each other. I have sat here and watched through many decades all the promises, and nothing has change with the key factor to elevate all minorities into an inclusive society where all benefit lifting many out of poverty. Since the sixties a second generation has graduated with average skills of a middle to lower grade students. The inner cities, it is worse and you think as leaders you have changed things? In your High Schools with reading and math is worse, that is irresponsible for your leaders. It is the same schools and districts from the sixties. Funding is not the issue as Catholic schools operate on far smaller budgets and are much more successful. Parents complain when their child gets a “F” or is left back and your solution is to dumb down the curriculum, so that all pass. So you think that this will give the average minority child the skills to perform in today’s society? What is worse you vote for them. No matter how you try and spin this Black parents are responsible for their children and many do care. As for the government leaders they failed you as few care about the common man and only seek wealth and power. This is what you do not get it. Leaders like Pelosi have inside intel on wars, disasters and bills and use this information to enrich their family members and friends through government contracts or the stock market and your reward, taxes. Do you want to check, how many of them where short in the market and airline stocks a day before 911? Never let a disaster go to waste.

   With America dumb down, how is that going to work? Today’s corporations needs those who are proficient in math to create algorithms, write code or build rockets? It will not matter, the lies being told to you. Manufacturing and social service jobs are becoming the past as robots replace repetitive tasks and they donot ask for breaks or slow down. Telecommunications are upgrading equipment to a point where breakdown are almost eliminated and techs and customer service reps are a thing of the past or overseas. Wireless will eliminate vast amounts of wire line transmission. Then what? If you can not read or write or handle advanced math, you are doomed.

   We do not need philosophers, large amounts of artists and poets. Political Science and History why since the woke people are erasing it. As for those over 45 your new name is dinobabies as they expect you to go extinct. This is a fact those leading you refuse to confront. What about affirmative action? This will raise the few, as many will be fired or put in stagnant positions when they can not handle the job due to lack of education or experience, great plan. Did it work for Kamala? No, maybe it may work for the Supreme Court, we shall see. This is why they have the H-1 and 2 visas for those coming from India. They have written your race off, but you refuse to see this. It is a slow chip away until you look around and few participate in what you call a robust economy.

   Look around, after sixty years in the inner city same old apartments with rats and roaches. Same old welfare you except to keep you in your place. Leaders come along like BLM and steal the money and you think someone cares about you. There care about your vote. Nothing has changed. You smoke the same cigarettes, drink the same liquor, some think on the most part the way out the ghetto is to get rich as an athlete, singer, rapper or deal drugs. Mention education in the hood and they laugh. Nothing has changed and this is by design.

   Some think they can skirt the system by getting more money by having another child. This decision was made in greed, not for the child. Others suffer a different fate as one half of Black pregnancies end in death for the fetus. Genocide created by its own and those in control push this agenda. This is the unspoken truth. You say Black lives matter with conditions, but few of you would help your child to get educated in a private school when the public one fails, wake up I call it is a two way street. Few want to pay in the short term that yields long term results. This is the mind set. If you do not care about your kids education, they could care less for you and more important the community. Several generations of Blacks have stayed stagnant, yet a Black West Indian entering this country will excel. Why is that? He sees opportunity and you continue to use programs created by the government to keep some lazy no matter the party in control. This is the problem.

   You seem to think the Democrats are your only hope, yet they are Jim Crow hiding under the sheets of implementing social services for the poor that changes nothing. The Republicans and many Democrats help the rich and just write you off. But as the educational level among Blacks and other minorities drop, they listen to a media that is controlled by the elite, vote the same predictable way and question little. This is your world.

   It is not about defund the police, when your own kill you and your children above a factor of fifty to one above those perpetrated by the police. Yes there abuses, but you stray away from the primary focus, your children. You need to ask how can a student in Baltimore reach high school with a kindergarten to third grade reading level? You are the problem. Not a racist or lack of opportunity. If you can not read or understand math, exactly how to expect to advance? The racist as time passes is still dumb. Executive orders from Biden, wait for it. He as a KKK representative from the past still wears his invisible hood. The Almighty reads your soul Biden and transfers that information to me. You are a sheep pretending to be a wolf. The world watched you try and bite Putin, what happened? Oh your teeth fell out. Nothing has changed in the past 50 years after MLK & JJ. And you expect change now?

   Housing is an issue in this nation for the lower income, but what can not go on is those when given the opportunity, choose to exploit the situation. The elite have chosen to divide this nation by design. So exactly what do I mean by that? City planners alert their friends to prime property that is in a state of decay. Views on the water front or near city entertainment districts. The fact in New York City this was used to take over Land just south of the crime redden area of Queens Bridge. The land unused just south of Hell’s Kitchen, waterfront property along the Harlem River. You say nothing. Your idea it to move the poor into middle to upper class neighbors with affordable housing. You really think this will take the ghetto out of the residents as they continue their habits? Drugs, crime, infestation and litter to where what was built to give all a new opportunity, degrades over time and the housing is destroyed. You have tried this over and over. The result property values fall and those who move first retain their investments on the homes. The others flee as housing values fall. This is your failed experiment.

   Yet you allow gentrification to continue, as the rich buy up poor neighborhoods for pennies on the dollar. New housing for the rich and forces out the poor as rents and property values rise exponentially. Your leaders would rather buy up land in expensive Middle Class neighborhoods than rebuilding in their poor areas. Rentals degrade an area as many of the residents do not change their habits. They do not own, so they do not care. This is a fact

   We have cities with a lead situation in their pipeline distribution network, but little is being done to change this. Drinking water within the inner cities is one of the causes afflicting the young minds of children. Your leaders are dim here. It would take decades with their budgets to solve the problem and their contracting friends would get extremely rich as your elected politicians steer government contracts with the usual kickbacks. There is a solution. There is a polymer that does not mix with water that would adhere to the inside lining of all lead pipes in the distribution system. Shut down drinking water for several days, force the polymer mixed with water through the system let it adhere. Allow the system to drain until adhesion is permanent then flush and bleed into sewer through hydrants and bio-degrades. Secondary choice, send a hose through spraying the entire inside diameter, which is better than tearing up streets, traffic jams and immense cost overruns. Lead pipe leaching will approach zero. A simple cost effective solution, but those that lead you will give push back, as only a few will make money. This is your world.

   We hear socialism is the answer, but it caused the breakup of the USSR and the shift of China to embrace capitalism to a point. On this world most are trying to get by doing the least. They profess and invoke where all are treated the same, the lazy, the gifted, those trying to scam the system, the weak, the strong, the innovators and those who do not give a f..k, is a nightmare in the making. All the while, those who are opportunist (politicians) rise to the top and guide a hapless population to a perception of an equal society or so it seems. Look at China, there are the politicians and the certain wealthy elite. How is that if all are suppose to share? If America was to go socialist your leaders will continue to be rich and you poor. You ask how? They will use the stock market to trade on intel. They will go short in the market if Russia invades Ukraine or the New Madrid fault breaks. They will go long on natural gas when the false flag event of the Ukrainians blow the gas lines to the EU. Biden and his Administration are long on oil futures as the push the new green deal and you pay the price at the pump. Need I go on? They are feeding on your 401s and pension funds in the hands of managers who are told to hold positions. You are none the wiser. Those that lead you and control the dollar are like a leeches (bankers and politicians) who does nothing but siphons off blood (stock market positions) from the host (the common man‘s pension funds) and gets fat (rich).

   Do you really think those that lead will not take a lion’s share and expect the common man to except less? Xi and Putin has hundreds of side chicks and live in luxury. Yet Lenin stated all shall share and be equal. This is the not case. In America we see the politicians getting rich, yet most of you live paycheck to paycheck. Is this by design?

   We have watched as the nation ignored the basic rights to protect the people due to the injustice of the few. The incidence was wrong, but they had no right to endanger thousands by taking away police protection. If you are about to raped or to be shot do you want a social worker or an armed officer? Think carefully BLM, as Bush could have easily been in that car riddled with bullets. Did they find them? No they could not care about you Bush, as you are just passing through.

   I have watched Jim Crow evolve to where if it was not for the Republicans the 1964 Voting Rights Act would have passed, check it. You ask why would I bring this up when clearly via the media, Trump was shown to increase racism. This is true, but will be answered later in this paper.

   Can we trust Biden, Germany and the EU to tone down the treats of war? There many factors in play between what is the US position and that of the Russians. Biden built up the Germans as to diffuse the rumors, they would side with the Russian in the long run. This has not changed. They sent helmets and still will not commit troops, but carry on the optics for the press and Biden, end of story. Words mean nothing unless you are willing to shed blood. Germany will not shed blood. The pipeline is built with EU and Russian money and Biden thinks he has a say? He is delusional. America can not tell Germany to scrap the completed project. They need the gas and any plan to ship liquefied natural gas to the EU to make up for the shortfall of the Russians is a pipe dream. So why the Russian timing?

   A certain website led many of the elite to believe there would be a rupture of the New Madrid Fault, but the wording stated the process would take 3 weeks from the end of 2021 into 2022. The key was they were allowed to be more specific. You were told here that could not happen as New Orleans had no distress nor the fault line had little evidence of unzipping. Of course when the time period expired, as it always does the word “start” was the focus. So what did this prediction do for American and then the Russians?

   It meant a ramp up of Covid restrictions to minimize travel outside of coastal cities. Allow inflation to restrict available disposable income in case of an emergency. Crush migratory movement of low income people as rent restrictions go offline and prices for new rentals sky rocket locking the poor into position of family or homelessness. Did Biden put into place that rents which were paid by the tenant or government can not be evicted? No, he can not think months in advance or his team. The quakes would have focused attention to home were Biden and his team already prepped ambulatory measures and emergency supplies that would have them looking like heroes coming to the rescue and ignoring the violence in Ukraine. This was his plan.

   Just know, they knew what is coming and they expect you to die, as not one of you would have known your leaders knew of the coming quakes and subsequent tidal waves assaulting and drown millions along our eastern seaboard. Again they expected you to die in what was an unforeseen disaster or act of God. The governors also in the know are now lifting those restrictions as the time line is askew. They are rolling back and hopes the general population will never notice as to why. This is the current plan.

   The Russians also saw this as an opportunity to conquer the EU or at least take the Ukraine. The tidal waves would have devastated London, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and other coastal cities riding far inland towards Brussels. The timing of the Ukraine attack was to occur in that “start” time period as they were fooled just as the Biden Administration. They would have no resistance if a 200 ft wall of water assaulted Western Europe initiated by a New Madrid Fault rupture.

   The buildup along the eastern front by NATO will offer only a token resistance against the Russians. Putin and Biden knows this. Like 3000 American troops is going to stop a Russian advance? No they will die, if there is an advance. Your leaders know this. Send reinforcements, how when the land is already captured in days. You think occupation is the primary focus, as the Biden team has no answers. No, it is to cut off supplies, control major roads and shut down air traffic with Russian air defense systems. Nothing into Kyiv and nothing out. They fall in weeks. No rescue like with Berlin. Their nation will fall. The perception of hope crushed, as America will not and can not rescue you. This will minimize Russian force casualties. This will force surrender under lack of supplies. This is the plan and Biden will just watch.

   A false flag event to start a war? Why, no will believe it, as the media is already saturated with the lies. The Russian separatists could fire at the Russians, as they have infiltrated Ukraine positions. This will get so twisted. Putin’s best option is to just attack, as it shows no fear. The EU can sanction and they can freeze. Financial protocols to shut down Russian banks has already been bypassed with the help of China. They can not hit China for the actions of another nation and China has no obligation to honor sanctions imposed by the US and EU. The least they will get is eastern Ukraine. If the gas lines blow, it is the Ukrainians, not Russians as they hope more help will come and have the most to gain. Russia will just cut the gas at its source, not destroy assets they have to replace when it is over.

   Biden hopes the Russians will stop at Ukraine’s western border, if not it is war. Again Biden is governed by limited response. So global war using nuclear weapons is off the table and intensive bombing would kill too many civilians. Biden will you send 100s of thousands of troops to protect NATO and leave America vulnerable during a major quake, knowing the Chinese will exploit your many flaws? Putin knows this and has the upper hand.

   So will NATO fold and give Putin what he wants? At this point, they have no choice. Ignore Ukraine and pull back from Rumania and Poland as a start. No matter how you spin this Biden, Putin is squeezing your balls and EU leaders have written you off, but they still want your money, sucker. War starts then you, Kamala and 2022 elections are burnt toast. Pull back and you are a coward or as the CCP calls you now, wet paper tiger, good luck with Taiwan.

   Oh by the way, Trump coming back to power after the New Madrid Quake, yeah keep waiting for it. As for racism, this was always there and did just pop up because of Trump. The media constantly told you Trump was a racists without proving it. Did he have a past like Biden? No, but it you are told by the media enough times most tend to believe it. This is what happened as what was a political ploy started by Hillary carried over after her unexpected loss.


Update Feb. 15 11:30 pm EST


   Sometimes maybe we need to throw out all that we see and start fresh. One thing is that Fox News is only major news outlet reporting the scandal in earnest. This is suspect, as it may be design. As those would be reporting the truth, but do not know the total picture. If a story seems to be so true, maybe there is a backlash planned.

   If I was Durham, I would have arrested Hillary for all to see, but that did not happen with the release of the charges against Russian collusion. The release increases division as the few underlings have yet to get called in, yet denial on the other side is allowed to exist. You have seen this game before.

   You have a web site that tells those in the know, say that Biden and Trudeau are controlled by white hats, are they? Both are bringing their nations to the brink of collapse. Judge what you see, not what you read. I say you are being lie too, as the website exists due to both light and dark sides. It does not take much for mankind shown advances hundreds of years in advance and pretend to be an advanced race. It would only take an advanced earth telepathic to send the messages to certain people with a website. Receivers like myself, have to trust the source and my one and only source is the Almighty, then Jesus, sometimes Mary. And they chastise me for my many true faults. Mary said, I do not even say the Rosary when I started. I felt like the tax collector in the Bible. Who would know?

   In America division is at a fever pitch. BLM protesters burned down and looted your cities, sorry their cities and truckers blocking bridges are a national threat. You speak to a leftist and I state inflation is out of control, they laugh and say the west needs to know what the poor people experience. Russia intimidates the world and Germany send less than 400 troops. NATO is a joke, just like your leaders. The media removed Chris, Rachel and Don may follow, as they assume this is a media compromise.

   You were warned, your leaders will talk peace as Russia and China prepare for war. With Ukraine this was a test and it worked. The Russians can invade Ukraine and sanctions and world opinion will blow over in a year with great gains and a stranglehold on EU gas supplies. Or the Russians can offer a carrot with a hidden agenda to save 2022 elections. The current deal on the table is missiles reduced in eastern EU, NATO troops withdrawing from Poland and Rumania. The Baltic states will allowed to stay the same, as they do not lead to Europe. Gas lines will remain including the disputed as the Russians and EU officials get rich. China acquires Taiwan with some push back to make it seem like the West cared. The alternative is current numbers of NATO troops stationed along the Ukraine front would fold in hours of a Russian advance. This is the heart of the current negotiations, but is it all about Biden saving face. This is why the EU leaders walked away from him.


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