The Russian Buildup



Written Apr. 18 11:59 pm EST


   NATO and the United States are faced with a dilemma. Ukraine is an old Soviet state and is not a member of NATO. Bottom line, that is like Maine asking for help from the Chinese, if Trump won. The West has no rights, but there is media influence, that has no bite.

   All know when Russia attacked Crimea, the Obama-Biden Administration and NATO rolled dead over and did little to nothing. Sanctions, liked they worked, as they are back at it. Crimea gave the Russians access to its warm water ports in the Black Sea. A strategic advantage in the European theater. This was the objective. Now, what is so important about Ukraine? Remember how Trump wanted to nix the gas pipeline agreement that passed through the Ukraine? The Russian can invade and shut off all supplies to Western Europe, as series of events crush the EU yet to come. Will they? One does not build up forces for no reason. Additional token troops sent to Germany, a political ploy, in an invasion, they will just die. The secondary goal would be proximity to the Poland border. Heed this.

   If or when the Russians attack, then what? They roll in and you really think the threat of sanctions will stop them. Oh, peace talks as they prepare for war. Nuclear agreements, a farce as they hide weapons in their old states, a loop hole. The agreement is with Russia not their former states. You can not stop migrants at our border, and you think, you are going to stop the Russians? Is this your strategy?

   This will only be marginally effective, as the Chinese not bound, will supply them. You can not sanction the Chinese, as Hunter has been paid. Fall comes, cut the gas supply to the EU, as you already know this. Nuclear war over Ukraine, never. Biden will never give the order, and the world knows this. The idea is just like a paper tiger. You will not stop them, and Germany will betray the West, good luck.

   This is not a test in the Ukraine, but action and you fail to realize this. You stated you are sending 2 warships into the Black Sea for show, then you withdraw, as the coward the Russians think you are. Hong Kong is a loss, but you will not admit this to the world. What’s next Taiwan, you will just back down with China, as so much of your manufacturing out of greed by our own companies, is too much to lose? Again, you already know this.

   What is worst, the Chinese told the world to its face, we will not peak on carbon emissions until 2030 and you cannot hold them to their word. Plus, what about the increase from today using dirty coal, not considered? They lie, remember they are communists who have won the economic war, which shortly shall transcend. We spend trillions to curb our carbon footprint, while China increases. This is your leadership with climate change. You are doomed.

   To the general public the media projects that Biden and world leaders are seeking peace. The media reports events and opinion by those in control. Yes all would like peace, but secretly all are preparing for war. This is your leadership.


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