Capital Gains & Education of the Poor


Written Jan 22


   Many of you in the media, conservative government and pretending democrats that use a helping foundation for the poor and the disenfranchised middle class to advance the rich believes the carefully contrived explanation put forth through many layers from the elite. Where the present conservative monetary policy is stifling against a rise in the tax rate of the super rich as this would dampen general investment to where the common man would not benefit with jobs and increased wages.

   As a rich man, why would you care for the common man, when there is a gut of unskilled and skilled people looking for work? Why would you back increased wages for your staff when at your parties with the good old boys you speak as if they are slaves? Let government policy reduce the risk of investment by transferring the cost of doing business to the taxpayer in the hope of improving their plight.  Minimum pay, replaceable instead of owning them through pensions and medical benefits when it affects the bottom line and this reflects on the stock price of the corporation you are associated with. Your golden parachute stock options are usually not based on whether you improve or fail in performance by contract? When your workers fail, they get fired and lose wages, pensions and benefits. If a low level manager has an idea that benefits the worker and the corporation, but there is a cost and challenges the leadership plan in place they are transferred and then let go. This is the Truth. Their lives are crushed. You lose millions in corporate and customers, forced out and you retire on a beach with attentive companions and a stash hidden in international tax havens, let the little people pay only in America.

   As you reflect, some realize all that you now see in this great nation reflects this truth. The rich, top 1% who are approaching control of an admitted control of 50 percent of the wealth of the world, although much is hidden. Few on this earth who are of the common man have a true handle on the wealth amassed by the rich and the puppet master that has been taken off the books decades ago as only new money brags. He alone controls over 800 trillion in tangible assets acquired over centuries by family control and manipulation of private banks, naming a few the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England.

   Funded archeological expeditions funneled through certain universities to particular sites after bribing heads of state and removing the most valuable and unique historical artifacts leaving 90% to be “discovered”. Cultural objects that are history to nations now valued in the trillions of pounds of the world’s best art works hidden (stolen) over time again is off the books as is he. This will fund the war machine from the north as they test your air spaces. This will forge an alliance that will bring 200 million warriors to the Middle East from the east. This is the source of money and protection for the antichrist until he is revealed to the world.

   It is he, the puppet master that controls the interest rates of the world through the Federal Reserve and International monetary policy of certain currencies. The wealthy cares not to elevate the worker, but chooses to exploit them through letting them believe those who work hard, are educated, and savvy will amass wealth by investing in the stock market. The rich being covertly controlling, allow natural market cycles to strip the wealth of the public in small slices as doing business and then during pre determined bubbles and the resultant monetary crash slowly acquires control of valued companies by buying up undervalued stock at market bottoms and you the public are none the wiser. So how do they do it?

   They borrow your stock at or near tops sell it and then buy it back and much lower prices during a crisis they create and put it back into your accounts. You say I have stop loss points, but if no one buys as they know your sell points your order never gets filled by institutions although the common man will chase a falling stock price south as he thinks he is getting a bargain until they are removed.  This is what your financial advisors allow. This is the system. They are not working for you as all of you know from your losses in 2008 and many other years. It is all about the small slice that you have accepted to do business in the stock market as the carrot of wealth is dangled in front of billions and few rise to great wealth as examples when they sell their souls. This is the Truth.

   The rich and elite invest with other “people’s money”, they secure government contracts as the war drums beat or government assistance doled out through agencies where the those in control are concealed by again many layers, and addictive help is given to the poor. Sometimes it is goodwill and legislation to change welfare of the general population; many times it is through bribes or just influence to establish a source of dependable funds.

    If a minority corporation gets a piece of the pie that is too large, they are exposed through corruption when not part of the program. Always when they grow and think they can cut the strings. There is no honor among thieves as no one can steal in government unless approved, but still can be prosecuted if details are leaked or just an arrogant mistake. Your government at work is the perception for those who would take from you. Someone has to make the money and this has not changed over the centuries yet you, politicians and media experts still ignore the Truth. When caught you still believe the lies until they are prosecuted. This is the mentality of America; believe the lie at all costs.

   The tax code allows the elite that make bad or wild decisions with borrowed money on the most part, sometimes their own to get a refund when the lose. This is known as the tax write off, which you America pay for. This is corporate welfare; does the common man get a refund for financial mistake? No they lose like in the housing bubble deliberately created by the mortgage banks. Now as the Republicans presidential candidates say they are for the middle class, yet they speak of tax cuts spurring investment when nothing is further from the Truth. Hard working middle class people are for the most part the ones behind start ups and you know this. How did Dell, Google or Facebook start or thousands of other corporations? Where are their breaks? You can lie and only the foolish and uneducated will listen with your PAC commercials flooding the air. It is not about the Truth, an idea the helps America, but a flood of commercials that bend the will of the people. The Koch brothers know this as they spend billions on candidates that will best achieve their agenda. A no name elevated to national stature subservient to the money that elected him. This is the Truth. This is where you in the media need to tell the Truth.

   You speak of an education to a certain group hoping to go to Community College as free stuff. It is an investment; where those who cannot afford 14 thousand a year at a minimum, transportation, food, books, fees. Their parents barely make ends meet, where is the love? You state they need to work like you did except your neighborhood is not theirs. Yes at the average 8 plus an hour wage, 30 hours a week surely they make ends meet. Just when are they going to study? Now there is more expenses food and transportation yet they may gross just 12 K during the year.

   This program will look at high grades of students proven to achieve by a careful examination high school records, the school performance and be dependant upon delivering a set GPA, where funds are scaled to academic performance. This is the plan.

   Know this; an educated person will return many times over a lifetime the cost of community college, but again few of you consider what a long term agenda is, if not the pole shift was not upon us.

   Life must go on, until the signs are clear. First, by not being reliant on government for unnecessary reason once they graduate, but by paying taxes at a far greater rate due to a greater income due to free Community College education. It is a better educational foundation. Do you really think high school prepares those less fortunate to compete in a global economy? Can for once, you in Congress so disconnected from society due to your false self stature of importance see past the trees in the forest? It is America against the world and other countries will educate & send their best to our universities. The goal is on a macro economic level where a plan is in place until they lead. You fight among yourselves separating the haves from the have-nots. Rewards are based on performance, yet performance does dictate the rate of a tax write off for your sorry friends.

    As the political season opens, you talk of middle class wage increases, yet your corporate friends whisper or through innuendoes at the bar, quietly talk about pensions and medical benefits are killing corporate profits. Let them sign up for Obama care as we pay less and Democrats promote an agenda for those who could not afford health in the past. It is projected as they are getting something for free at the expense of the government, so smooth. Their solution is to increase the bottom line for share holders by taking from the workers. You can only carve so much from diminishing returns. The problem is that no really talks to each other. Management, in some cases, are yes men or worse cheerleaders and those who oppose, when presenting a good idea or bad are sent away, thus sending a message to anyone challenging the status quo.

   No one has all the ideas. No one is always right. No one, due to executive power should shut down an idea of another that may benefit the company, because it is not theirs. Ingenuity creates profits. Ideas outside of the box create profits. A better product creates profits. All successful companies were founded on risk and now it is about preserving the status quo through a philosophical structure of expected numbers that only change as they are reactionary not forward thinking. The only number that counts is a happy customer no matter how you spin your surveys. A happy customer does not need to tell you, they tell their friends as they come back for more. No crafty words, no sale that is temporary, it is about a good deal. Have you in corporate lost this as you analyze more numbers when it is the customer that counts? The world will not stand by as you will soon see passing the needs of many by. You need to get away from the worker slave mentality and move to make your worker the best he or she can be. This is what a manager does you if you are to compete in the new world order shortly.

   The super rich do all in their power to hide their assets from taxes and you think they are going to invest their money to empower the worker? If so, you are not only lying, but a joke to the honor of America. It is your duty in Congress to raise the Capital Gains tax and close loop holes. It is not about wealth transfer as this is a myth like many organizations that provide help to the world with their “fees” as only 5% of the money gets to where it suppose to. Stop the lies and for once do what is right for this country. You do not have much time to make things right.


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