Pope Francis

Christmas is a Charade



Written Nov 30 11:59pm


   Pope Francis, you said a week ago, “We are close to Christmas. There will be lights, there will be parties, bright trees, even Nativity scenes, all decked out, while the world continues to wage war.” Let’s look closely at his partial statement.

   First, Jesus is livid at how you presented this statement to the world as you masquerade as His pope. Using the pagan version of Christmas to validate your opinion knowing that some Catholics will only hear Christmas is a Charade or as some quote a farce. Christmas is about a celebration of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, God incarnated as a man to save our asses from the scourge of sin. How dare you group the Nativity scene with lights and parties as you have mocked the Lord and His anger is great false prophet.

 War is a by product of mankind’s sins. And you are not helping matters, pope with your year of false mercy. God the Father Almighty did not give you authority to change the Sacrament of Marriage. Nor did He give the authority to consider a marriage between the same sexes. You were told of these times when sin would become rampant and you are true to form as you deceive the world. Know this; all that displeases the Father will be called out for all to see and at some point after many souls have fallen to the deceit of human wants to the Laws of the Almighty. The world will know the Truth. Yes you want peace between the Christians and Muslims, but this infuriates the West who only wants their destruction. You will see violence and war escalate to where the world screams for peace and it is here your master will invoke the one world religion and order as a free choice. War, famine, the gap between rich and poor, the financial strangle hold of interest rates are just some of the many tentacles of the Illuminati, again as both of you serve the same master. There will be no mercy for your soul as hundreds of millions will be lost by your guidance and your unholy alliance with the dark trinity of evil the antichrist, the false prophet and the spirit of evil. Oh I forgot you have no fear since the present spirit overwhelming your body has been bound for eons and is out on holiday from Hell roaming the earth during the last days. The sad part is that, you will use science to dismiss that which is unseen, for they do not have a clue. Nor will have answers for the earth changes.

   The Almighty will send a warning, but what follows as most of the earth disbelieves will be, the Ball of Redemption. It is here that ¾ quarters of what is left on earth will be purified and billions lost with more to come as the Chastisements escalate.

   You see the signs as nations cannot control a band of terrorist who train in the sand in full view of the satellites. Not even a cloud blocks its view and the West has control of all communications. Turkey now has the nerve to shoot down a Russian fighter something the US and Israel would never have the balls to do in peace time. And your leaders are now patting themselves on the back in solidarity with France at the climate conference COP21. They say, “Never have the stakes been so high.” Concerns masked by lies, this is what your world faces. All of which will fall apart after the next major terrorist attack.

   Climate change with over a 150 world leaders in solidarity in front of the cameras, but they are all lying. As they were all sworn in collusion behind a closed door meeting not to tell the Truth. This was the primary purpose of the meeting. You discussed to hold your resolve in secret. You discussed that the Truth would destroy the banking system of the world. You discussed that we will tell the world climate change must be addressed. All are lies. Is money so important that you are willing to see millions die? They are fearful and should be, as events will quickly escalate. Signs in the Sun and Moon will spur discussion among scientists who will have no clue. No cuts in carbon footprints of nations will stop the earth changes and your silence will cause millions to perish as oceans rise and roll across lowlands just as a start.

   Know this; Obama, you do not get a pass here for the time has come for you to choose sides, the Almighty or the dark one and the Illuminati. The Almighty will allow you a very short time for an answer. Tell the Truth even though your opponents may crush you and Hillary, which is God sent as she answers to another. This is about the people you serve. It is your job to save those who will prepare. It is your job to state the end times is spiritual event instead of cosmic. It is job to know who put in a position to lead this nation, so lead.

   Ok, I understand your reservations, but you were given the gifts as you stated to the Almighty if given the chance you would change this world. Do you remember this? Yes you do and now you must keep your word. How many times have you wondered what I would say next? Your concerns were answered as if I knew what was in your mind and this was not by accident, but your choice. I have to ask you, tell me this is not true on the Fox ticker, 51 billion to fight Climate change in poorer nations when you know it is a lie? Future generations will not exist. They will for the most part be destroyed during the earth changes, spend your money wisely, like emergency funds for those displaced in America.

   It is not important how the world sees you, if you take certain steps. You will have the protection of Heaven as the controversy will be only temporary. For after the warning you will be seen as one of the greatest leaders for this world as all will know the Truth. You have never been led astray by my words inspired by the Jesus and it is so important for you to take that step. The Vatican crushed the warning from Mary the Mother of God given to the children of Fatima and you know this. The world will doubt at first, but the body language from key people will tell the astute you are telling the Truth. This will allow the public denial. You need to only provide certain details as a clue so the many will pick up on it. Yet you should allow those who would collapse the system to have doubt in order to minimize risk to society.

   The Illuminati wants the general population to die in fear so that their leader grasps desperate souls. Let the Almighty take care of the antichrist. This is your challenge and the clock is ticking. Most important it is time to stand up for the Almighty, I do and you still can’t believe I am still alive with the mounting failed rouge hits as if I was not there. This is the faith I stand by everyday to where I believe becomes I know. Arrogance is about self, I work for Jesus, how about you?

   Know this; Illuminati all of you who have pledged allegiance to the antichrist will be taken first and then those who move up that take your place. It is those that are firm in their choice, which will be harvested from earth first as it is cleansed of evil. You can count on this like your money. Ask why the Fed is cutting off funds to failing companies when so many have been saved?


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