The Chastisements or Earth Changes

Where do we Stand?



Written May 26

Update June 4


   Events have finally moved to a point for those in the know are now concerned while the general population still sees the changes on earth as a limited extreme of the norm. The Earth Changes are now fully embedded on the North American continent. You were told the floods would come with rain measured in feet instead of inches. It is here as it is the intensity of the storm that is different as some rivers rose an unheard of 21 ft. in a hour in Texas. In China wind so intense forced rain through windows and then flipped a cruise ship on a river killing hundreds. You were told the key to the increase in earthquakes hinged on the quakes lifting the Himalayas. Now Nevada is rocking without fracking. It is here. You were told famine would ravage the world it is coming this summer and it is here in California. All of you will be caught by surprise+.

   The deluge switched suddenly from severe drought and California and Texas will reverse roles again. It is this that will confuse scientists and create doubt when the earth changes are debated and the powers to be already have answers in place to lead the public away from thee truth. What this world is unprepared for, is the quantum leap in earthquakes and storms increasing and escalating exponentially after late August 2015. Again you were told the floods on the North American continent would affect that which displeases the Almighty and He escalated in Bush country, the Republican heartland. Let it be noted. Let it be told. Take notice corporations for your headquarters will now be targeted with severe lightning strikes to change your path. You were warned let not the lesson be brought home.

   All of you see the quakes in unusual places like England and now France. You see how the media states storm of the century or 500 years, but it gets worse. This is your clue. Murder brought to a new savage level is out of control. Wars against the innocent are unchecked. Christians are being persecuted and executed. Islands disappear beneath the waves. It is here and denial will only bring pain and death as those in the know taking everything away from you including your lives.

   In order to change the future you must accept the Truth. Every day in denial are a loss of thousands of lives unreported in the media, but you are so close to a descending veil of deceit to which many of your politicians have signed on to, a new world order dictatorship to where many shall believe is their best option as the media, stars and the choice of incompetent governments seduces them. This is what you face short term, but it will be sudden and all will be stunned on how fast it spreads.


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