Update Chastisements

As Year 5 Begins



Written Feb 20 6pm EST


   It has been 4 years sine Jesus opened the First Seal on Feb. 22 2012 so what changes are occurring to give you clues as mankind continues to past off these times of great change as part of normal cycles.

   You were told years ago that Syria was the key to Armageddon and the Russians supported by the Chinese in the Mediterranean are now in place. War would increase all over, it has in Africa, Middle East, Ukraine, Korean Peninsula, with Chinese forward bases being built in the South China Sea and the world is asleep. The brilliant part of the long term plan is that almost all of US technical products are produced in China along with trillions in bond holdings thus putting a leash on any response from the US in an act of aggression. When it comes, the decision of any Government official will be too late as doubt clouds their minds. They will slaughter civilians with no regard for life. For the patriots who don’t want this to happen remove anyone who exhibits caution when the signs are clear for they may be agents of the new world order who has already infiltrated your government, military, banks, and media.

   You were told murder would increase and it has in America, but it is how vicious it has become, that is the key. This like war is only starting to ramp up as it has got your attention. The key here again is brilliant as to introduce destabilization under humanitarian efforts is the method of choice and again your leaders are like the blind leading the blind.

   I told you the migration of under reported millions of Middle Eastern people was by design. As the world in their stupidity would rather resettle and integrate new populations with their own rather then solve the problem that forced them to flee. Crime will increase as there is little work. Forced change to established communities resented by the locals after time. Depressed wages as corporations and business take advantage of an over supply of workers. Higher taxes as you the people have to pay for you leaders decisions that will take almost decade to get a handle on. Western dressed woman will be targets as media glorifies the sexual revolution as their own are covered head to toe. Like babes in the candy store they will be out of control. And some of your leaders want to bring this here. Hillary and others needs to reconsider this insane idea.

   This is what you face and you see the backlash now occurring and you have few solutions. The EU will topple as the earthquakes now swarming off Gibraltar, Greece, Crete and Turkey explode, catching the world by surprise. Your populations will revolt as shortages and crime increase. The scapegoats, the migrants will be killed as the world watches. In this weakness the Iron Curtain of communism again will fall upon all of a stunned EU this time as prophesied in the Bible. This your future as many who read this will act too late to stop it.

   Here in the United States Obama knows Central America and Mexico will be crushed. Trump tells you wall will be built and Mexico will pay for it, so what does he know? Mexico elite want to survive and will sell out their people to do it. The pope bringing attention to Trump is a diversion as he knows what is about to befall this earth as he has read the third letter of Fatima. An open border would destabilize the southwest as tens of millions flee, then what? What about shelter, water, food, protection and sewage? Mexico will pay totally for the wall under the guise of a joint project for the promise of safety in the United States. It is the people’s money they are stealing and the earth changes will cover their tracks. This is the Truth.

   The persecution of Christians will continue to increase, as many that have been butchered out of the sight of the cameras and media reports. Clues as to the false prophet continue as the pope does little things to anger God the Father. The washing of the feet represents Jesus’ Apostles they are men and you do not have the authority to change this under the guise of inclusion. The Word of God does not change for any reason, for any purpose and by any man.

   Pestilence and Famine will shortly affect millions as the weather now wild you were told would alternate between drought and now floods. The Artic now in the dead of winter is as high as 13 degrees above normal without sunlight how is that? What your scientists failed to tell you is they deep under water sensors measure the rate heat leaving the crust under the oceans. This has increased at an alarming rate but hidden from you until now. The Artic is the shallowest of all the oceans the first to respond a temperature change with the increase of heat from the core of the earth. As the 12th planet closes distance with earth, this will only increase. Melting of the ice cap will increase exponentially and coastal cities will soon flood, but more because of wobble that it pronounced with the jet stream now moving to noticeable by the common man. Tidal sloshing will devastate coastlines.

   The ocean currents will weaken as warm and cold currents start to equalize in temperature. The water vapor will explode as melting increases into the atmosphere, carrying capacity will move to an extreme creating the great floods that will wash away crops on a vast scale. Millions will succumb to starvation and Europe will start to loose the warm gulf stream that influences their weather. As the temperature of the oceans rise so will the air temperature and the storms like the typhoons in the Pacific with winds near 225mph will common place around the world. Coastal cities and low lying areas will eventually become uninhabitable.

   Pestilence has started as diseases not known publicly will rise. All sorts of explanations will be pushed to an anxious population, the goal to minimize panic and the promise of a cure and millions drop around you. There will come a point most will just want to survive and do anything to achieve this. Again it is mankind that is giving into the dark side. You have a choice as to not be influence by those around you who have solidified a decision aligned with satan, so there are taken. Again this is the Truth.

   The earthquake swarms in Oklahoma, Puerto Rico, Columbia, and Chile are going to rise to such a level the USGS (you fund them with your tax dollars and they lie to you to keep you in the dark and shortly this will cost American lives) can no longer fudge the numbers like they did in the Taiwan quake which was vastly downgraded to hide change. The damage of toppled buildings with the injection of cans hidden in poured concrete to suggest shoddy construction did not match the Richter rating as will continue in future quakes. So we are to believe tin cans with no concrete in them were inserted within columns, right. They are lying. Yet to come the big quake in Crete, and the back to back quakes in Russia and China as a warning to the world, prepare.

   Lately in the news certain lying Republicans Cruz, Bush, Huckabee, Santorum have stated that we are at risk from an EMP terrorist attack again why is that? You have been told as the 12th planet aka Planet X or Niribu closes in on the earth’ magnetic field will unify increase in strength as the night sky will go crazy will auroras and where breaks in the crust occurs surges of EMP streams knocking out electronic equipment and shutting down the grid. This is known and intermittently happens now. The elite wants you the public to be none the wiser so the have their puppet spokesmen bought and paid for with the promise of safety when the s..t hits the fan. So they are pushing this lie in advance as a cover to the truth to you and you wanted them as your leader?

   It is in the news that Russia is diverting some its missiles for incoming asteroids they are preparing, so what is Obama doing?

   Obama has submarine hunting drones to track and lessen an attack on US coastal cities. The blimp was placed outside of Washington DC to detect cruise missiles was dislodged by a rogue source this has been neutralized. He is behind US oil independence as the Middle East gets crushed with earthquakes. Yet you will not here this from a Republican as the plan classified was made to look like expansion in the oil industry. Remember it was drill baby drill, not frack.

   The Saudis are pawns of the new world order trying to crush the fracking industry here. They are now our economic enemy. The media in lock step stating that low oil prices is a curse to our economy, just how? He is behind moving the grid into independent sectors despite the media knowledge of one interconnected grid that is hackable. You have public safety messages warning you to have an emergency plan in place as this is all the elite will allow for now. There is a plan of mini houses for the displaced. But with all this much more could have been in place if it was not for the Republicans and those who control them threatening him of disgrace if reveal the 12th planet is a real threat.

   The Republicans, many Democrats, the Bushes and the Clintons have conspired to hold the Truth from the public killing all with verifiable evidence that attempts to talk. They are now tracking the tail of the 12th planet as it wafts towards earth. In it, there are billions of asteroids that will shortly be captured by earth’s gravity and assault the earth. You will know fear as asteroids scream through your skies and impact homes, cities and infrastructure. It will be just like the days WW2 when the axis powers where bombing Britain and they hid. No place to hide this time. The magnetic field now in distress will shift its influence from alignment with the Sun to the 12th planet, back and forth until the earth wobbles like a drunk. Besides the tidal waves, rogue waves now assaulting cruise ships, the wobble on earth will increase creating whirlpools as ships just disappear. In the air, thunderstorms will spawn an unprecedented amount of tornadoes destroying lives and property.

   The Almighty states that my estimate of events will happen sooner and be shorter than I think, which a far difference from my idea of events when I first published early this century happening later than I thought. Just Remember the Warning is coming and it will be just around the corner when the 12th planet is visible in the skies of earth as a second sun, billions will be taken mostly in 3rd world countries prepare. There will be a short period for mankind to reflect as they slip back to their old ways and the Great Chastisements will start to purify the earth eliminating all that is evil. This is how your future shall unfold.

   When leadership of this nation is needed that affects lives on a planetary level the last candidates I want leading this nation is alien Cruz, too soft Carson, puppet Rubio and the traitors J Bush and Lady in the pocket Clinton. The rest will have to prove themselves or some one new should enter the race.


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