The America Faces a Choice


Written Jan12 4pm EST

Nothing seems to awake the common man in America, as you are soooo fixated by the media and events that molds your opinion. I have told you are being herded to shape your opinion. For once step back, and look at where you are. China, Russia and the US are preparing for war and Trump increased the military budget, opposed to new world order Obama who cut it., and is moving forces to where they will needed, not Syria. I have repeated that Trump is not a racist, talent is a commodity to him Black, Latin, Asian or White, as the true racists remain hidden in the north by putting in place glass ceilings and making sure few escape government assistance, not like in the south where you are told to your face and know where you stand.

Nothing has changed since the sixties as all advocates after MLK were given a choice, shift to the background with their own foundations, all excepted (Jesse Jackson). This is the greatest manipulation of people by the media that I have seen today, so successful. The point, you think we need no borders, yet our system allows for an orderly application for “all” to come to this country where assimilation holds the fabric of this nation to be intact, but allows subtle not dramatic changes to the nation. Immigration is meant to enhance this nation, not change it to where those who are here lose to protect those who jump, a wall or as your Democrats want, no wall. If that was stopped this would be racism. Your Democratics leaders are selling this nation out to the new world order as their plan worked in the EU and you see the results.

I have told you, that all who opposed the border wall, supported it in the past, but again what has changed.? Trump, not exactly what could be the best representative for this nation, but for now can not be compromised by the new world order as all that preceded him except Carter after 64‘. It is he that the Almighty choose to be the top point political man against the elite. It is not racism, to build a wall, as port of entries are open. It is not racism to separate children from adults as not all, but some will be exploited or saved. It is not racism, if groups exploit an opportunity to close down the abuses of illegal immigration that you pay 250 billion a year to support. It is not in the best interest of this nation to promote thousands to move towards the border, when pennies on the dollar to keep them home by eliminating gang violence. Send in a team and take them out thus stabilizing the country. This is common sense.

You ask why would the Almighty allow the presidency to Trump vs. Hillary? The elite never saw that coming as it delayed their agenda. You have been warned in the Bible and here that the red dragon (China) and the bear (Russia) are the true tools of the new world order and the EU will fall as the antichrist will rule in force for 40 days on earth. Many souls will be claimed. Yes, it will be the same amount of days Jesus wandered in the desert tempted by the devil. You have not listened. China expands in the seas with forward bases and Russia mounts submarine forces off the US east coast while you sing Kumbaya. You are idiots.

I told you that most leaders of governments are aligned with the global elite, but you, the common man do not see this until it will be too late. Look back as you are told to hold your investments in the stock market as each time, they take a percentage on the drop (short positions). Yes it rises, but on any decline there is a transfer of funds with your money. The elite give you a choice to join them and this takes investment, but few win. The stock market is controlled by the elite, the Federal Reserve (Bank of England) uses lowering interest rates to expand the economy, then raises to stop inflation. Inflation has been stable, but rates are rising, why?

Shortly as the earth changes crush this world. You will realize you have been duped by your leaders. Trump will go to war with Russia and vaporize China, this is his plan. Hillary and Pence have agreed to allow a war to proceed killing millions, but offer peace under one world government. America will be enslaved in many areas and most women or young children raped or killed, traitors. Is this what you want? It will happen, but it will be short. Never give into the dark side. This is what many in your leadership have signed on to. Incoming to Congress will be shocked to the choice, all will agree to be compliant, and screw you. To die in your physical body is to save your soul and you will live on forever in the glory of God.

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