The CIA Report

Russian Hacking




Written Jan. 7 4am EST


   The report from the director of Intelligence was a joke. The Russians did not know who would win the Republican primary in advance as there was many in play. Trump was the under dog and crushed in the media as with Hillary in the election so why back someone predicted to lose? This is the lie.

   In order to trace a hack and its perpetrators, the link must be real time for the trace back to a real ip address. Now ask, if the info is real time, why did it take so long to produce the report seen on Friday? Do you ask why were the leaks allowed to continue and the access point not cut? The CIA assessed this as a temporary setback as the goal to elevate Hillary to power would be accomplished if Trump was connected to Putin. This backfired, so the narrative changed to the hacks after Hillary’s shocking loss.

   The leaks occurred due to the back door access put in place by the major software companies by design to allow the NSA to monitor the US population (Windows 10 is on a new level). This is how the hacks occurred and the door if closed closes for all, so it will stay open with new tweaks to select those who enter. The leaks were allowed to happen by patriots and then transferred to various outlets, but Wikileaks was the most effective. What they did not expect was Comey reopening the email investigation for a second look days before voting took place. Yes, Hillary it was a knife in your back and with a twist, game over.

   This was outside of the control of the Russians and those linked to the new world order. Hillary’s hope was painting Trump’s fear. This will now backfire on the Democrats. Trump key is to rid the waste and remove those inept appointed to power due to contributions or political backing. This will change the direction of America as disposable income rises and not low paying jobs to deceive the population as change is here. Ask, why was the Russians prepping their population for a nuclear attack? Why was the C 130 with detention equipment circling New York? All is not what it seems.

   Hillary lost because the emails released showed the truth. It was all about power and that she would do anything to attain it. Cheat at the debates, hide health issues, stop Bernie at the polls with deceit and then use him when the nominee only to discard in the end. Embrace black lives matter just for the vote. This is why she failed or you can continue in denial.

   Putin is preparing for war as your leaders still obsess over emails. This is a joke. A leader gives an order only when the objective is known, all of you wrote off Trump as did Putin. Do you really think Russia cares if Hillary or Trump won? Both Putin and Hillary work for the same team, the new world order and they were arranging a war where millions would die in order to sculpt the world’s population going into the End Times. The CIA is looking for the domestic leak to shut it down quietly, only then will this stop. As another leak will discredit the CIA as they say they know the source, but they lie.  Trump will smile and pretend, but he knows the enemy. It is you the media that is playing the fool. Let the games begin. Again go after God’s workers and face His wrath.


Update 9:30pm EST


   After reading the classified version of Intel report, Trump sticks to his version of election events. Again you ask why, but the truth is that he saw through the BS. This has polarized and forces of light against those that are dark. Why would McCain and Graham and side with the report that they did not see? They answer to the one and the media is being pressured to support this narrative. You are being told that if you are against the report, then you are against the intelligence community, which is un-American. Let me make this very clear, the intelligence community is supported, but its findings are politically slanted in this instance. Few are always right. They do not connect the dots and almost all see that Democrats want the loser label now stamped on their heads removed to the Russians. This is their plan.

  Trump discounts the importance of the Russian connection to our election process of our president. If the voting machines were not tampered with, there is no influence. The information leaked contained in personal emails was the truth and that has set us free. You were fed lies backed by the media. The Russian connection was suppose to hurt Trump by design as he praised Putin and Hillary pushed this, not the hacks allegedly known by the CIA, but he won and now they say it hurt Hillary.

   The Clintons lie and cheat and their foundation provides little help around the globe in comparison to its contribution, just ask Haiti. Know this; when the earth changes start shortly the media and traitors of both parties will fall. As for Obama your legacy will be tainted as you failed to warn the common man of what is coming and almost allowed Hillary to invoke war as a pawn of the new world order. At the warning all will know the Truth. The earth will be cleansed. I ask; where do you stand? I stand with the Almighty and His Son Jesus.


   A warning to the news shows stop with the lead on an interviews with "do you agree". This slants or intimidates the response you feel in is true.


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