CIA Torture



Written Dec. 9


   The world has just been told; the CIA lied about interrogation processes. Why throw them under the bus now? The new world order hopes to create division in this government, first with Obama and now the intelligence agency. To the public, the perception is that they all lie and the executive branch is inept. Plant the seeds and natural events thus directed or “pushed in a certain direction” will accelerate the point to which the world will accept anything with promise other than what is at home.

   For once Cheney is right, the Democrats on the Intelligence committee knew and were fully briefed as to what the CIA was doing 5 years ago. All orders came from the top. As always when caught, they invoke deniability as if we Americans are stupid. Know this; however you try and spin it, you were wrong as you wasted a valuable resource, American lives that followed your orders without question. This is your sin for which you will pay dearly. All knew about the earth changes and hoped to capitalize on wealth as the world goes through the predicted pole shift. It was all about the money.

   The new world order sees politicians as pawns and now they are playing them. Expose corruption to create mistrust in the government and point to new leaders, but they were part of the scheme. Again, create the problem then offer a solution pre-designed. This is what you are up against, wakeup, new world order class 201!


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