Clarification of the Word from the Almighty


Written Jun. 7 11:59 pm EST


When God created the Universe, He stated let there be light. He was the light, this is why it is stated, there is no beginning or no end. He has always existed, but your minds, you can not comprehend this concept. In order to be the Creator, you have to be here always again the thought explodes your minds. The passage of time was created for the animals and you as what exist forever needs not the passage of time. Time exists only for you, which varies upon, which level of the universe and the will of the Almighty. This is what is meant as the pages turn faster during the End Times.

The physical universe was created by mere thought, all integral parts work seamlessly together, yet allows for chaos all by design, as part of God‘s Plan.. In the universe and all of its physical levels, parts of it collapses and renews just as you see physical events on earth. There is a pattern. There was no Big Bang, as your scientists theorize just a renewal in this sector of the universe. The Black hole at the center of all galaxies ingests all available matter over time, compresses then explodes. This is the universal galactic reset.

   You were told mass can not be created or destroyed once in place, but choose to ignore this rule when you need to bend the rules for your ideas of how the universe works to fit. Gravity according to your vision of the universe is between two masses, so how does that work with a singularity? It doesn’t. What created the singularity? A collapse on itself how and with what force?

   You were told the Almighty created the animals and man that resides on earth, but this was not Adam and Eve. They were instilled with life spirit, the life that only comes from God the Father Almighty and lived on an universal plane similar to Heaven. So what does this mean?

   The Universe is teeming with creatures some intelligent, many others without the ability of self awareness. So why does the Word say there is no life in the universe, yet it is a fact. Are there beings of intelligence alive on other worlds in this vast universe? The answer is yes. The Almighty only considers the life force, which is part of Him given only to Adam and Eve as life. All other creations are just that, as the essence of what is Him was gifted only to this world. This is why there are vast amounts of advanced life in the universe watching, as they do not have, what is the essence of God, as part of their life force. How is this?

   The creation of animals and ancient man has existed on earth for millions of years with ancient man going back even further than fossils reveal. What about Darwin Theories? Yes there is evolution, but life did not spontaneous appear, it was planted and then evolved. The Dinosaurs existed only that earth’s orbit was closer to the Sun, which had a greater mass and what is now the asteroid belt had intact planets. When our moon hit the earth, Pangaea was pushed up and as the continents separated the landscape on earth creating shallow swamps between the plates expanding and the amount of land above water, than present day. This created a greater plant mass and warmer temperatures than present today. Thus allowing a biosphere to support animals of far greater mass.

   It was just in the past several past millennium that a temporary spiritual bridge between Heaven and earth was created for the sole purpose to expel Adam and Eve, which existed for a very short time. The Garden of Eden never existed on earth, but the exit point of that bridge was in the Middle East.

   You asked if Adam had 2 male children how did they procreate? They mingled with the general population of earth, which was already here. They were exiled to a cruel world for their greatest sin. Rumors of long life was true, but as each Jewish generation mated, longevity the gift of Eden was diluted until they lived as common men and women. You want to calculated the time to their arrival? Then go backwards 40 generations from Jesus.

   That which is life only comes from the Almighty and is a rare gift in the universe. You think, it is we that seeks to merge with advanced races, for they are only creations of God not the essence of God himself contained within your life force. This is what they seek, which only those on earth have. This is the basis for the hybrid program, access to the soul that has been given by God. This is their only access.

   Their abilities mean nothing once you cross over. The dark one is seeking this, as you give this up for lust, money and power. It is just an infinitesimal period of time you occupy a body of destructible flesh on earth and then move to a spirit that spans time that has no end. The lessons given by the Word is a guide, as nothing on earth, satan or offerings from another world can replace what is promised by Jesus, Son of the Almighty and true God. Heed this.

   So many are asking about the Trinity, but mankind cannot truly understand the concept of three distinct Gods, yet act or seen as one?

   I have introduced that each and everyone of your souls or life force was given to you by God the Father Almighty. The soul is a small infinitesimal part of God, He infuses into the cellular matter you call the fertilized egg. Thus attaches to the growing brain stem and heart over the birth of a child. The soul does not depend upon the size of the mass, as it is spiritual. Once detached from God, the soul has free will and its own identity. This why you are told He is in you and you are within Him. Your life is a test where you choose to return or answer to another. So with that said, let’s address the Holy Spirit and Jesus.

   Jesus and the Holy Spirit created by the Father were given massive amounts of that which composed the Almighty. Each has the power of God, but when separated has its own free will, but is joined to the Father Almighty by choice. Three separate massive God entities of pure souls, but all linked, as they share the power of God. This is the concept of the Trinity. Know this. Respect the Holy Spirit, as to go against the God the Spirit, is total damnation that even Jesus cannot forgive.


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