Climate Change

A Pack of Lies



Written June 19


   As you lie to the American Public on climate change, just how do explain that you will tell the truth to the public in ďan announcementĒ? You who have led this world and now you need to soul search. I, Grant have watched your strength to build this nation, but now have concerns. The Almighty has expressed you are wavering to me, your faith is weak. Tell me this is not so?

   A warrior when facing the NWO does not flinch in fear. You have been told of the Russian agenda as Putin is led by the antichrist. No meeting will change this. No offer of peace will change this. For it is written.

   Several sites have stated that you will inform the public of the coming changes, and with all your power this has failed trough a series of set backs outside of your control? Does this tell you something? Who are we kidding as every day that passes we lose souls? You have been compromised? When it is all over, your words will be useless as no one will trust you. Tell the Truth, before they do. All secrets will be known and you are protected, not like that reporter. The numbers will continue to fall as scandals come out.

   You were told TWA 800 was an accident years ago here. Now the brave are coming forward telling you this was a lie and an outside explosion cause it, but no details. This information was classified so who is leaking it, a power above yours?

   Letís review the case. The US Military was executing war games off of Long Island. They launched a drone as a target in a restricted area with a minimum flight level for commercial flights. The SM2 missile was fired off a naval ship at the drone which relied on ship radar until close proximity. TWA 800 was flying below that minimum and when the missile switched to its internal guidance it honed in on the greatest radar signature by accident. Thus the plane was hit and the CIA planted the cover story after the CEO of TWA was called to a Democratic White House the same day and told the truth. Now it leaks today as to undermine this administration. Radar tapes disappeared, witnesses silenced, researchers dismissed, this is the Truth. Now the CIA and FBI will do damage control to deflect the leaks. Current tactics are to coerce well placed sources backing the original findings. Family members of the diseased now pushed, are supportive as if they were privy to the facts, really. Do not play the game.

   You as leader of the world have a choice; it is not global warming that is causing the changes and you know this, so why promote the lie? As this contradicts, the fact that it is you that wants to release a planetary threat to the world with its countless delays. Tell the truth, it is not about survival. It is not about a life outside of earth as saviors. It is about connecting with our Creator and our inheritance. If you have the nerve to tell the world, then tell the truth no matter the consequences. You answer to God alone, not a man, make that choice. When you join Godís army there are no cowards, do you hear my words? Ask for guidance in a quiet prayer and it will be answered. Jesus loves you and I respect you as always, now stand up and make me proud. For this world awaits your decision.


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