Climate Change

The Absence of the Truth



Written June 2


   Now that the President is moving against Climate Change through the power of the EPA and legislation, you may ask why now and what will this mean for the economy? When ever there is a rapid change and the 2014 Mid Terms are right around the corner and key races at stake. This was not the right time for a solution already proposed by Republicans under McCain as the long term goal is 2030. It is here you as Americans should know there is an under lying urgency behind this, greater than what is being presented to the American people.

   The fracking of natural gas resources is being accelerated to where the national infrastructure can transposed into viable local energy hubs in an emergency. Mini portable power plants based on natural gas can be moved and integrated into the power grid to prevent collapse of civilization. Don’t expect this to happen in some middle class communities and the poor will be excluded. The coal plants will be taken offline faster than what the American public is told to natural and the elimination of all nuclear plants along fault lines. The coal industry has been told of the escalating mine cave-ins and massive loss of life to come. They will still whine and put on a front top the public. Just how long do you think you, “public official” will last when you go back to Kentucky mine collapses trap many and you have always known of the risk from the quakes in the New Madrid Region that may become active in mid to late August 2014? The industry now will replace the coal miner systematically with robotics until the mines collapse and are unusable in the near future, but keep the status quo until confirmation of the earth changes. By the way, this is why the Keystone pipeline has been held up. Lives and aquifers come before greed with this President, even when the concept presented seems “unpopular”.

   The Republicans and its media backers will use this again to divide this nation. I ask you personalities in the media, all of you. Every one of you with a major show knows what is coming, but you lie to those that tune you in. You state executive orders; I say quit rather than lead millions astray or stay quiet, but your egos prevent this. Exactly what are you doing, leading the lambs to the slaughter, but you will state when confronted, I was just following orders. I ask you and don’t lie can you use this excuse when you face Jesus? Oh you say what if He does not exist. I say take that chance and I personally will peer down upon you in hell when you realize the Truth. Oh how the mighty shall fall under the will of God. Now this it not what I want, but you do have free will. I hope you use it to help save your sorry asses.

   Events are now evident in the eyes of those who are in the know. Up tick will increase exponentially even though presently a slow drip of events moves to many until few will recognize this earth of today 2 years from now. Climate change is real but what the true cause behind the disasters to come is hidden. Cat 5 storms will be the norm, but shall develop slow at first until they will appear in rapid succession battering the coastlines of an alarmed world. The weak and poor will be taken first to spare their misery of an unjust world.  

  The media has unleashed a number of shows to mold the opinions of common man. Most of it is bulls..t as some truth is infused with mostly fiction. This is a common CIA tactic whose covert budget pays for this media to twist the truth. As people, approach me, they always ask with concern do you believe this theory? The elite will always have there way until Jesus comes as with the high profile show of cosmos in their minds seems to take shape, but only a few nerds care and the rest of nation believes what they are told. This is the Truth. Sagan told you that there was no evidence of life in the universe, but your nation supported through  a search with Seti for life in his name was initiated (a waste of money for that which is already known, but someone made a fortune on the mechanized dish arrays and computers) when he personal saw alien life through the US Military at various D.U.M.B facilities to bring him aboard.

   It was his job to lower concern as a debunker or have you forgot this, and divert attention through hope and introduce vague concepts of the universe that do not correlate to capture imagination. You have no proof nor do the theories make sense. Now Tyson has the same job to divert attention of the curious US from global warming and talk about the universe, as both as are or were paid debunkers. So you think he, Tyson does not lie? Ask why the crescent moon now lies on its back? Ask why the sun changed from yellow to white in the last decade plus? Ask him why the sun is out of place and watch him lie or evade the questions? If you are ahead of the curve then why do wormholes make no sense as a gravitational source attracts from a 360 degree spherical, but you imagine the formation of tubes? How do past the central attraction point to move on? It is your garbage, Tyson that you present to the world as science that you do not understand, yet I not understand why the young mavericks of science in the universities support you for now? This will change shortly.

   Strange unknown spirals appearing in the evening and night skies without explanation from scientists, but records show them scrolled on rocks and cave walls in the not to distant past. Rogue waves will assault the broad side of large cruise ships in the seas and oceans some being flipped over at sea with all lost as reaction time was nil. Tidal waves will assault the coasts in the dead of night with little warning drowning thousands as they sleep. Transformer explosion will increase and power surges will fry electronic equipment to the delight of the retail industry. Particle streams released from compressing and expanding plates will release a new dimension involving the atom, density shifting. Planes will increasingly just disappear, but while still in a transient inter-dimensional state, signals will confuse those on earth as movement in the new transitional dimension with properties the old and new mixed, seemingly erratic when traced in the old. Governments will not explain as only the US has extensive tests and research mostly failed in this area, but has shut down all information and continues the search already knowing the fate of the passengers. This is no different than happened to Flight 19 or the results of the Philadelphia Experiment.

   Allegedly, the CIA has dropped false signal boxes in deep oceans with a short battery life to allow hope as the frequency of the pings are within a narrow range to rule out signal confusion. There is no mistake when a ping is recorded only its source and location. Those involved in the search would be convinced they had a trace the batteries died, so let’s focus here. This is how deep the lies go. They have considered placing a duplicate plane with decomposed bodies to be found, but this event would only repeat itself then what? If bodies are found, to stop fraud have independent family doctors take many samples of the remains in front of victims and isolate and save samples, send various labs under bogus names for authenticity. They will not be able to hide the Truth.

   You say this could not be true. There was no signal sent upon impact, unexplained. Cell phone communication was non existent, yet the pilot was talking, not one passenger talking or texting. Was the communication sat screened or cut and the radio jammed, a few words uttered heard by a few quarantined under threats? All information related to this flight was screened, sanitized, and then screened again which took days leading to delays in press releases to the media. Those that lied cannot shut down the airline industry as billions are at stake lives lost to be minimized, but presently they are scanning the surface of the earth hoping to find the anomaly, thus diverting flight paths to avoid this from happening again. The problem will only escalate and be random. The particle streams now assaulting earth in random exit points about the earth’s surface cannot be pre-detected only its affects in the aftermath. The next time will open eyes of the world and the following shall cause concern as the Truth will come out.

   Climate change is not from human activity as the Republicans have stated. Talk of putting a carbon tax would crush the economy and do nothing to turn the tide of rising seas. The public will be kept in the dark up until almost the end. Where will they relocate? Who will compensate them for the homes left abandon or destroyed by earthquakes and storms as insurance companies fold? As crops fail third world countries will starve and will hold a distain for the western world as their needs ignored.

   Your politicians for the most part have signed on to the new world order. You in the west have much to fear as Russian troops will be the spearhead and the Chinese army and economy with the wealth of the Rothschild’s made over the last 100 years through profits from the Federal Reserve will control this world. America you will wish that Obama whom many of you hate as you talk among yourselves could save you as almost all of “you” have turned. Remember hype is not always the truth, but he does have faults like any human. Judge a person by his fruits towards others over the long term. Short term political gains offer hate, anger, band-aid solutions and does address the route of the problem. Some of you have discernment to see past lies, use it or lose it.

   Tyson heed my words, change soon, for not even I will be able to save your ass. I once sent an email just after the turn of the century as I did to Kaku. I was unknown and at lease Kaku answered, you did not. Kaku's generic response expected, but here we are today. Just maybe you should accept the seed planted in your mind for now. It is a start.


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