Climate Change Conference




Written Dec 15 12:30pm EST


   You have been warned so many times, yet the Almighty’s Words fall upon deaf ears. So be it. Leaders of this world, why do you lie to the world’s population as if climate change aka “earth changes” is within your control by limiting carbon emissions and halting the rise of global temperature beyond your established base point. Is this a joke?

   You have many, technological advancements. All are hidden within your black projects, truly a couple of hundred years in advance of present technology that comes so close to free energy and you sit on it, due to greed from the elite. But some have said, God bless their souls, as when they have nothing to fear but death, they state, it will take an act of God to release that information.

    God allows the free will of mankind to make that choice. To help the world or embrace profits. You my friend and associates have chosen the latter. Go ahead and say I am lying as this will be a final mistake. All look to the oil industry and lowering gas mileage in an automobile is just a diversion. Don’t even say,

‘you can reveal it” again this is a lie a you take pleasure in crushing my website and spreading disinformation. The mechanics of gravity and repulsion were released and crushed yet ranks number 1 in all search engines over the last 15 years. The atomic structure revealed again crushed. The secret of interstellar travel crushed again as you promote your lackey Lazar who knows nothing? The Truth is in your actions.

   Your weak words come in the form of hope, as the best chance to save the planet, a landmark event, the world to change offering a safer future for our children, when you know our days are numbered. For once, in most of your pathetic leadership roles as you know what is at stake, will you ever tell the truth? You are being told that it is your lack of action that is furthering the cause of the new world order. This is the Truth. You may profess to not be one of them, you’re your actions makes you one by proxy. May God have mercy on your soul?

   I want to ask you President Obama and Secretary Kerry, do you really think this charade will help our country, as most will be unprepared and worse the Russian and Chinese are just waiting to attack. Israel refuses to recognize the Son of God who came under their watch and the earthquake in Crete soon to come sweeping many away as it assaults the shores of the Middle East. This is just the start until you are on your knees and realize your ancestors murdered the Son of God. Jews recognize your Savior the Son of God, Jesus.

   Know this; you have been told an unexpected EMP pulse that blinds your electronic defense systems. This is the Truth. This is game over. As this is why your defensive blimps will not protect the West Coast when an army and navy arrives instead of stealth cruise missiles. Only missiles will assault the East Coast with selected cities in the south  and one in the northeast being vaporized. One thing is for sure, your administration will fall into disarray as the weather goes crazy, which is months away not years this time. Again I say, now what?

   The agreement among world leaders was forced, where words promoted in the media are not a treaty by design, but to skirt Congressional approval in these United States. Mechanisms are put in place to promote compliance, really Kerry, but few details. Oh such the deceit. The leaders of the world and the media know the Truth and they see you as lying. There is no trust and you must still think the public is stupid as they will watch and see events unfold. You are willing to let your own die as many will not read between the lines and shall be caught off guard.

   Most Americans live week to week, hoping they still have a job and you expect them to interpret a covert warning and more important spend needed money on preparation that you cannot admit exists? No supplies, money or fortified bunker will guarantee your future as this will be a dead planet. Make peace with God as he is the Creator. Again I am telling if you make a choice, you cannot stand on 2 chairs or you will fall between.

   Your sat data will not give you a clue as to the time this earth will die. As the earth rises above the ecliptic and the distance of the 12th planet, outbound closes due to its magnetic grip that will draw the earth closer and in turn towards the Sun. That orbit anomaly will burn crops and accelerate drought as the prophesized famine becomes reality. Again you will run to your bunkers premature as your protection again is a false alarm and lose more. You have a choice promote this as a spiritual event aka “ascension” or a pole shift that no one on this earth in its present form will survive.  Heed these words.

   You have been told of these times and again I stress, they were halted to allow the innocent and informed to make choices and that time is up. The children will be taken in order to protect them, as you will abandon them in a life and death encounter or embrace in lust.

   The up tick in intensity and frequency of storms, murder, war, pestilence, and earth changes will accelerate beyond all of your scientists’ predictions. Then what, another lie? The year 2016 starting in late Dec 2015 will bring a great change to your world and 2017 shall bring the Great Chastisements as many defy the Word of God by choice aligning with another prophesized in Revelations. Drop the politics, the status quo and tell the Truth, otherwise the dark one will claim many souls on this world and for some to most of you, yours. The Almighty will hold you accountable for your in actions when warned. The excuse that I am unconventional will not fly for you know my words ring true no matter the delay. A hero rises to lead against conventional wisdom, which of you will rise or fall. That choice is now.


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