The Climate Change Lie


Written Jan 22


   The leaders in government, industry and media in the world is now realizing climate change will threaten the world shortly as the storms assaulting the world overseas in the last years are now here in the United States and the frequency has those in the know worried. You have been told storms will assault areas of the world God is displeased with and will change the landscape beyond human recollection. This is the Truth. Changes will escalate exponentially from a variable start point near March 2012 when the 1st seal was opened by God Almighty as the world is being kept from the Truth. Jesus revealed to the world around Dec 22 2012 His time is now. Again this is the Truth. It is true the weather has changed and all of you see the signs, but not for the reason the leader of this country tells you. It is a lie and that it will be said this is just another conspiracy theory. But this is not going to fly as soon the storms start to rage for weeks at a time. All will notice. All will be affected by someone who has lost their home. All will seek answers, then what?

   Remember all of you as leaders have a responsibility to those you govern and if in your weakness you choose to steer souls away from the Truth for any reason, for any purpose, for any hidden agenda, it is you, that will held accountable for the loss of souls. There is no room for cowards in the Kingdom of God. Speak the Truth or hold your tongue, this is your only choice as all will be revealed.

   The leader of this country cannot tell you the world as you know it will not exist shortly in its present form. Change will affect everyone and in every country and all will choose between God and the forces of darkness. For many sadly, you will choose the wrong side as you believe what is bad is good and that which is good is seen as bad. This is now being seen in the government of the United States and will expand to the EU and the Vatican.

   Many of you have reservations on vaccinations again, this is true, but here in the United States all presently are now screened for inert toxins, although this will change shortly after Obama is rendered impotent as insiders turn against him. This is the plan. As the disasters are now here, the secret goal is to let nature maximize death rates among a population that may turn on their governments when they realize the Truth. The WHO will slowly first dispense tainted vaccines among the poor to accelerate death of the unwanted as to not raise red flags. Those who have no choice under the guise of saviors as floods inundate their lands and the plagues spread through infected fleas. You now ask why the WHO? When the United Nations was formed, it was presented to the world to solve war, hunger and strife but after over 60 years this is not the Truth. What has occurred is a network that is trusted among nations and when the new world order needs to rise, the infrastructure is in place guised as a humanitarian organization, but for the astute little in this world has been changed by the UN.

   With turmoil in the world escalating, the immediate future of your family is on the line. Covert control of the media, few will care of rumors of massive die offs, as you cannot handle the Truth. This is the plan. Doubt these words; then research slain WHO workers in Africa over the last decade and why it occurred. Those aligned with the new world order which spans all nations, all essential corporations and all religions that have hid in the shadows, are now emerging. They have no fear. As he who guides them will shortly crush mankind and especially those aligned with God, the Almighty, temporarily.

   For many, you have no real power as those of you who vote for, candidates are now hand picked behind closed meetings to carry out a pre destined agenda via PAC money. Not that this is a change from the past, but it will be the norm.

   Some have been alarmed by the quake swarms in surrounding Dallas, Nevada, Oklahoma and Connecticut. Media sellouts (pre arranged agreements with the shadow government in return for a raised form of fame on the science channels) which you were warned about years ago, offer explanations that you are suppose to believe again, they are lying as to the true source. Drilling has been in place for over a century why now? Why not in the Middle East? Look at the largest utility corporations and the pattern of buying and selling of assets being sold as they are lowering their risk as they are in the know for decades. To maintain a rural area with little to no marginal growth will be abandon, review the sales of telecom companies assets over the last decade and those now. The cities concentrated in the northeast when hit relentless storms will be back by the government as being essential to the security of this nation. This is the plan. Earthquakes and storms have a footprint start there.

   You were told the tipping point of the first half of the General Chastisements was passed in September 2014; this is true, approximately 2.5 years passed the start point. You fear the storms that ravaged the Pacific last year with wind speeds varying between 180 to 200 mph on the conservative side. Quake swarms under reported by executive orders and reduced by the USGS as all have seen the many quakes reported at a certain Richter then downgrade consistently in the media. The orders come from the top. All of you in Government that hides this and you keep hoping it will go away. But it is getting worse. If I were you I would retire. Obama tell the Truth, but connect to God. You want to change the world; then change it. Words mean nothing.

   So again letís reveal a timetable of events that are variable, but remember no man knows a date as all events all determined by the will of Father, the Almighty. Use an exponential scale from March 2012 out to seven years out and you will know approximately what is to come, but not when Jesus shall come. I pray that God will forgive you for your sins, but I need help. Who out there will stand up for the Army of God, the Greatest Amy in the universe, and be part of us where the supreme leader is Jesus and rise in the Greatest Battle of good and evil? You serve your nations to protect freedom under men that die and lie, but you are being asked to serve in the Remnant Army and save this world under God. You make that choice.

   You ask, why is the earth being chastised? Deceit infiltrates all aspects of your lives. It is only when most of you are faced with death, do you suddenly remember what is important. Love, the touch of your wife, the soft unconditional kiss from your child is now so important. When faced with death, nothing you did in the financial world gathering wealth means anything as all around you is destroyed. When faced with death, the only choice is love, family and how you spread this concept on earth. Takeovers, mergers, wars in the name of freedom now are insignificant as you face your maker, which you will even if you do not believe. Ignorance does not change your fate. You ask; where is the guidance? The pope when asked by a child, why do children suffer? He had no answer, so sad. The Truth is the sins of mankind, which the pope cannot admit too. As he will in the near future shall dismiss sin. Sacred servants take notice.

   You ask; then if the chastisements are the Truth, where are we on a scale of 1 to 10 as other sources have us between 7 and 8? The position can be approximated using an exponential graph use this. This is not about a pole shift and survival; this is again is a lie. It is about accepting our inheritance from God Almighty as His children through the mercy of Jesus Christ. Now before you throw away what you do not know, it is better to say nothing and just watch. You have nothing to lose. But your soul, which many of you think, does not exist, shall reveal answers in the near future.

   You are being asked not to accept the presented future and the continuing raised bar and the excuses. You have your own mind look around and stop listening to the words of officials who hope all do not question what they soon will all face in the coming years. I ask: why does it take millions to die before you realize change is upon you?


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