Climate Change Update



Written Jan. 31 11:59pm

Update Feb. 1 11:59pm EST


   Your scientists have no clue on the true cause of climate change. Yes, an increase content of a carbon foot print, does create a greenhouse blanket thus trapping heat, but this is not the cause. Now we have amateurs in Congress calling for no fossil fuels in 12 years. Do you really think the rest of the world would follow? Poor countries would use what ever is available. You on the other hand would bankrupt families in this nation and few would be able to shift to new industries at a 1/3 of their pay as demand for jobs outstrips need. The rich will cheat as the middle class pays, all for a false cause. But God will level this planet, all will know you as politicians lied to remain in power to be protected in the bunkers, which I will ask to be crushed. It has been granted.

    Now I know you, newbie, feel empowered, but lets see when the Bronx is under water due the actions of your party of non disclosure of the impending threat of the ocean basin sloshing back and forth. How will you face them as they will know you betrayed them? You will cry, but the lives lostÖ Oh, I guess they put you out there, but they did not fill you in. You need to ask. The patterns make no sense.

   A polar vortex this week pushed south with its core and then shifts to warm weather next week, and you look to the jet stream as your answer? So letís shed light on this deception as you the public have to trust the scientists, as you are none the wiser. They, your leaders, expect you to follow their words and die. Now you do not have to be a scientists to know, it take extreme air temperatures to raise ocean surface temperatures. So lets explain.

   All have heard Trump state that global warming is a farce. He withdrew from the climate change conferences in Europe, why? Trump cannot reveal the presence of Nibiru in our inner solar system to the general public as the left would declare him as unstable and impeach him. You have been told, get a welderís glass #9 and look at the sun at dawn and sunset as its presence is hidden in the glare of the sun. Some will see.

   This is what they fear, not his policies for America trying to avoid the one world government, your politicians are so eager to join. We have ocean ambient temperatures rising faster than the air temperatures. How is that possible, as oceans are a heat sink that takes time. Last year sensors in the dead of winter in a perpetual state of darkness revealed temperatures under artic ice near freezing. How is that? We have soil temperatures along our western coastal mountain range drying out the brush, thus advancing wildfires. Your cover is sparking from transmission lines. It is a lie as they would have to break and then spark on the ground. Where there reported outages, and you are saying the utility sat on this seeing a break with no response. They would have alerted the fire safety group, but there was no alarms. Why? Examine the start points of the fires and the location of the transmission lines to start. Then explain how the fire exploded?

   So letís examine the jet stream. For a polar vortex to move south, there has to be a force pushing it, not a deformation as winds and direction at the poles are almost dormant. Heat is absent as to deform patterns, no sunlight. With rotational spin constant at the arctic at a far less rate than at the equator what would cause an anomaly? If caught, the jet stream would effect the edges, but not move the vortex unless it passed through the center. This is their flaw. At the poles the effect of wind currents are minimized due to the reduced spin at the poles. The cold air tends to stay in place, as it has until recently.

   In the past, an artic blast contained a sliver of cold air that affected a specific region on the North American continent then assimilated with the general air mass thus moderating general climate. Check your weather history. So what would raise ocean temperatures, cause freak storm intensification, rogue waves, drought to flood, extreme cold to extreme heat?

   Your leaders are lying to you as they hope, you are naive, but look around. Dams breaking in Brazil, not due to poor construction, but subtle earth movement. Unexpected tsunamis due to sudden sea floor upheavals. Wobble creating spin in remote area causing freak tornadoes where there is almost none. Clashing as different air mass fronts collide to create sudden and violent storms. Rogue waves slamming ocean ships as the basin sloshes back and forth. All created by earth wobble. Now what is causing it, is only seen by occasionally by disbelieving eyes, but it is the effects that can be proven.

   Track the sun as it moves across the sky and you will see deviations in its path? The Sun does not move in relation to the earth, but conclusions will reveal the earth is. A magnetic pulse from the north pole of the rogue pointed at earth would push the north pole away forcing the air mass over the arctic rapidly south into Canada and northern portion of the United States, when the pressure is relieved, the southern air masses will cling to the surface of the earth and be forced north into the jet stream. The key is temporary as the bounce back would move warm air to the north. This is what you have and will only increase. Where are the pressure gradients that would justify the extreme north south oscillation of the jet stream? Donít believe, now I will bring it up a notch under the authority of the Almighty from which, all that I have comes from, but you already knew this, as you have stated, it will increase and so it shall.

   This shifting would also affect our earthís core causing extreme turbulence. First by deforming the core as an oval away from the flow of magnetic particles from an outside source, The turbulence results with an extreme increase of heat and pressure that rises to the surface of the earth thus transferring that heat to the thin sea beds first, thus the warmer oceans. Only land near subduction zones would see a rise in temperature at first, the result wild fires and volcanic explosions. This is what is happening along our West Coast.

   Look at your Sun, it went from yellow to white around 2001. This is a fact. The moon on your old calendars always shows the dividing north to south. This again is a fact, yet the moon is almost always on its side. Now you can believe your lying politicians or wise up for your future under God. It is your choice as you do not have much time.

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