The Clinton Policies

How does this affect Middle Class America



Written Oct 3 10:30pm EST


   Letsí address Hillaryís current policy, that is suppose to increase jobs in America. Since, the media is so preoccupied, in covering their news of name calling and tweets. Her plan is based on raising taxes on the rich, but like Trump, they write off losses and contributions to funds like Clinton Foundation to avoid them. Nothing will change, but will increase burden in the new upper middle class stifling new investment as write-offs are few and far between. These are the true innovators. When you do raise these taxes, it isnít until late 2018 can you use the new revenue if any as GDP continues to shrink and the deficit rises. Your hundred day plan is a ruse as any change is years out if any.

   You ask what about Trump? He you used the tax laws established by your politicians with the intent to protect the rich, never expecting to be called out. You speak about the small guy being screwed, yes this is true, but like Trump, they also wrote off their losses as the same laws protect them if they chose to use them. This is a choice and more important knowledge of the tax code. All is not what it seems.

   Hillary has no plan to curb the flight of our businesses overseas as she signed the trade pact the enables this and her husband another. I have told you any agreement that bleeds trillions for trade, sells your jobs and then they come back and buy your nation. But more important her expected revenue will be moved to off shore tax havens, which she will refuse to close. She will not bite the hand that feeds her. This is the Truth. You have been betrayed.

   Hillary offers no change to curb the inefficiencies in our government agencies, ingrained over decades due to political appointees that are unqualified and you pay for this. If you contribute hundreds of thousands to 3 million you get appointed to lead an agency, skills do not count, contributions do. This is the Truth. Then if you contribute over 4 million now ambassador appointments are arranged. This is the Truth. Look back at Obama top contributors over 3.5 million.

   Hillary backs the influx of refugees that are not vetted, but you will pay the bill for their freedom as they ran rather than fight for their nation, cowards for the men only. With government waste a family of 4 will cost nearly 80 thousand per year minimum and 85,000/4 times 80 K, do the math. The real problem is the few jobs available for the Latino and Black communities as some go to them. Another problem is a rise in rent for the hard working American as availability in selected inner cities constricts due to the lack of availability in those cities. School systems are over whelmed. This is the Truth.

   She will not address the fraud on Wall Street. 15% taxation on leeching hedge funds as any loss in derivatives can be written off. You allow these traders to do naked short sales crushing the market and America lost 40 percent of their wealth as you watch and you preach hold. This is why Bernie has supporters, and this is why you were caught demeaning them and your words are light as to your thoughts as the Almighty knows what is in your heart.

   Black Lives Matter, know this; the new homes, the aid and jobs will go to the refugees. She lied to you, get use to it. The Arabs contribute millions and you are the fools, as you are to deliver a guaranteed votes when issues are not asked, the tough questions never addressed as robots, Black people just drop the levers without thought along the Democratic line, pathetic. What is so sad is that most only know Hillaryís name, but donít have a clue of her policies except word of mouth and the media. This is why you get lip service and a few appointees. This needs to change.

   As polarization increases by design, unrest will increase. It will be the elite that will be protected as the inner cities will have to fend for themselves. You will be told of food shortages, contaminated water, a lack of medical supplies, but the elite so quiet as they are protected and stocked at your expense. As the earth changes crush your neighborhoods do not expect relocation. Your venom for all to see changes nothing, but few will welcome a move into their area no matter your plight. This is on you as you were warned. Race riots during Marshall Law, you will die.

   When you realize the media, your scientists, and your leaders, the cowards, that they are not going to tell you what is to shortly befall the earth. Obama has punked out. When betrayed, turn to God. Your Bible told of these times. Your Bible told you that abortion is against the laws of God. Hillary states womanís rights transcends that of God. Hillary states, we should welcome our LGBT community; our Lord destroyed a city due to this behavior. The Laws of God never change for any reason. Anything promoting this does not come from Him. Choose.

   This election is about giving you a fighting chance. Hillary has lied too you and has agreed to let this nation join the new world order after a national emergency planned to bend minds, yet to happen. Again create the problem, and then offer the solution. Trump is not on board with the new world order as of now. This is why he is supported. If he crosses, it is over and the world will be cleansed in a manner all of you will beg for mercy. The pope has stated, vote your conscience instead of standing up for the Word of God, great job, false prophet. You are being asked to stand for the Almighty, if you are to spare your world.

   Hillary is human and you have seen her stumble. This was ignored by the majority. You have seen her cheat at the debate by being wired, again the majority ignored. Yet most of you will place your future in the hands of this woman.  Again you have been told, what seems right will be wrong and what seems wrong will be right. Were you not told the last will be first, but few listen. By the way, Moscow has scrapped the nuke treaty your Administration has signed for tons of Plutonium. This is a true problem.


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