The Collapse in Miami



Written Jun. 26 11:59 pm EST


   We have heard, through the controlled media, which we can not trust, that the foundation was weak. Some engineering firms predicted an eminent collapse. This is true, but the city and other engineering firms, shot it down. This is why the building was occupied with city permits for occupancy. We were told of falling concrete and cracks in the foundation pillars before the collapse. There are people reaching out on the fringe, stating the building was imploded by design, yet, it was rattling and shifting, not muffled explosions that witnesses stated that preceded the collapse. So where is the truth?

   Yes there is a slow creep of sinking of land along the coastline (2 millimeters per year) and a small rise in sea water encroachment, due an overall temperature rise in the ocean, as it expands in volume. This was expected, when the building was built, like all the others in close proximity. The city signed off on the building permits, yet the media does not speak of this. There are yearly building inspections, and why was this was not caught? Would not the inspectors see the cracks in the foundation and pillars? Yes, they did, but approved the building as safe. Now the Governor is examining the closure of the rest of the complex, if poor construction was the cause? Did you consider, the complex is uniform when constructed? Could the buildings have been imploded by design, as the key point. The foundation is weak in certain areas, as the building falls in that direction. All buildings do not pancake. This is a clue

   It was not a breach of building codes, as inspection would have deem, the location as unlivable and condemned it for demolition. It was not, a sinking foundation, as other areas seem to be firm for now. Your government leaders are lying, so what can you do? In reality, if you choose to move, the wrath of your family, will descend upon you. They will ask, how do you know? This is your quagmire?

   As we move toward certain earth changes, not yet revealed to the general public, there is a process in place. This is about the harvest of souls, so events are designed, not to turn people to the dark side, satan. So the few that warn others, look like idiots until the end. We accepted his for the greater good.

   The Atlantic is now expanding at an exponential rate and the North American east coast will drop by design. The greatest in Florida and the rate decreases as you approach Nova Scotia. It is a warning, but your government, will not give you one. That building is the first of many that fall along the east coast, and loss of life will rise. The media will say, it is global warming and rising sea levels. They do not expect you to compare other areas of the globe, as sea levels are uniform. Tides do affect, check the history, if this is applied. They will lie, as that is there only excuse.

   Sea water will flood areas of the east coast, as certain areas levitation just drops. Limestone failure, as salt water floods the area? What happens when the shoreline is hard rock? Do not fall for the lies. You ask, why can not they tell us the truth?

   They lied about the aliens with the recent report, whom one local race, built the pyramids. The lied about the current release of UFOs, as they work with them in D.U.M.B. bases, at the lowest level. They are lying about the East coast salt water incursion, as how do the say, it is time to move? Heed the warning.


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