The Colonial Pipeline Disruption


Written May 12 9:59 pm EST


   Much has been made about the pipeline disruption, as you are led to believe hackers impeded the flow. The NSA monitors all connectivity to all critical infrastructure in this country, and you are to believe the main pipeline to the east coast, was compromised and the knowledge of this, was made public? That is your first clue. No country would reveal this, system error, break in the pipeline, anything but a foreign breach in software. The southeast of course went into panic mode and pricing allowed to rise out of control. Now what I do not understand, is how the northeast is still up and the southeast down? They are first on the pipeline? Something stinks.  

   We hear, this was a cover for the upcoming New Madrid fault break, but there is an absence of seismic activity in the lower Mississippi valley. Yes there was a crack in the I 40 bridge, but that does not mean shut a major pipeline down under a ruse. Do you not have the technology of expandable joints for small movements? The common man has to depend on information from the USGS for the truth, but they have been lying for over decades. Was there an increased tectonic plate stretch in that zone, leading to a critical break? You will never know. The point, they panicked with a designed pipeline shutdown and your cover story, and the elite capitalized by gouging the consumer.

   Look at the facts, anyone can say a hacker did it. Did you not hear this before in 2016? There will be no proof, as they would be dead by now, if true, and the pipeline up and running. The coming disasters offer those, who are good and evil to exploit. This lesson exposed those who want to separate you from your money, and the Biden Administration and the media, are none the wiser. The event was created by design and you the common man rolled over and excepted the explanation. No critical energy system can be hacked in this nation, they are lying to you. More important, you pay the price. Inflation will crush you in ways, you can not imagine. Remember, you voted for this, with your free will.


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