The Common Link



Written Aug 24


   Wall Street watched as the connected went short using the sell off in China and other world markets as an excuse, although the blind do not see this. It is to project uncertainty, collusion of buying and or selling subtle on the surface or a lack of herds the common investor to shift one way or another. Again there was a precipitous drop a hoping the general public would follow as only the sharks were in the water. The NYSE down over thousand points shortly on the morning of Aug. 24 after opening; you have seen this game before, yet few learn. Are you afraid China will not buy more bonds increasing our debt? Are you afraid the Chinese laborer will no longer produce our products like cars, I phones, and manufactured goods taking American jobs. Are so afraid of a second class economy taking what is America. They are scape goats. If their economy was crushed, and that is highly unlikely since they own trillions of dollars in bonds and they buy little from us so exactly why did US markets collapse?

   The super rich are divesting themselves of all paper wealth including the US Dollar and Euro as the British Pound will take front in center and used China as an excuse. So exactly what were the tactics used on the NYSE and NASDAQ to facilitate the transfer of wealth and why? All of the major players were already short during the previous week as the world though the bullish markets would continue. It was the sense of confidence that trigger the positions held in secret, doubt was used to destabilize world markets. Traders follow like the myth of lemmings.

  These small markets are easy to influence with rumors from the West, positions taken short into the rising markets, unsophisticated, it was like taking candy from babies. The elite held all buy orders and reduced the volume with a slight tip towards selling and once initiated all sell stops were destroyed and the markets collapsed. With the same tactic used in the US markets they knew there would be a delay but our markets linked over reacted by design.

   The problem arose when the public did not continue to sell and the shorts covered. This was a win-win because had the public panicked they would have gone short again, but the market regained some of the losses. The public will be told this is a correction so that they remain invested while the super rich bail. The mutual funds have been told they have to buy with public money in order to support markets and hold public trust until the end. I will address the why later now to politics.

   It is time to examine the politics of the Democratic Party and the recent conferences of Joe Bidden, Warren and Clinton. Exactly why would they all come together when Clinton crushed the hopes of these two potential candidates through influence going all the way to the top? All are aware that there is a danger that the earth changes will reveal the Clinton-Bush connection in keeping the common man in America in the dark. Millions of lives are at risk in the Mississippi valley, coastlines, and the Western United States due to quakes, tsunamis, wild fires and infrastructure collapse. The current feeling is that Clinton along with Bush may be doomed and there has to be a viable replacement for the voters to shift to by design. Their problem is if the act to soon Hillary loses a given. If they wait it is Bernie against the Republicans. Oh how to hedge your bets, but you will never get the timing as all will be revealed. This is what they are discussing behind closed doors and Obama strategically has kept his distance again by design. This mess was created before he was even a senator.

   The elite are well aware that their leader, the dark one is about to rise as all expected August 23. This has been delayed by only days, but their plans are seen in the manipulation of the world stock markets. Take notice in the media and sacred servants as both the Chinese leader and the pope converge this month in America to discuss the future of this world. The false prophet has yet to be incarnated as the antichrist comes first. When it happens, changes to this world will spiral downward quickly. Since when is food and water needed to move past a financial correction or is there something the leaders of this world have not told you? Trust me, when they do, it will be full of half truths. Heed these words.


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