The Common Sense Truth



Written Nov. 18


   With the French attacks, confusion is everywhere from our State Dept., to the Russians, the French government and more important the media as the population of this world continues to believe what they are told for now. You in the media have been told that any news of a certain planet is taboo with threats of dismissal. So if an event is real among the lies of scientists and politicians, then do you not think this event would not used to further another agenda, global conquest as predicted in the Bible as if God would lie? Now I am not going to go tit for tat as events unfold or as a counter move, but I will bring forth the Truth.

   In this world the truth is first ridiculed and in my case labeled as pseudo science. When the 12th planet (aka Niribu & Planet X only changed in the last several years to throw off the search engines) appears in yours skies. This will rewrite all of the laws of physics and astronomy. The worst mistake the general population can make is to continue to listen to those who were wrong as they now are the best to analyze the new information that has been here from the start. They will feed you more lies.

   The second phase is a harden rejection, which is occurring now. Example after example put forth as your common sense sees what you are told does not make sense; no matter how they spin it with their details. And it is in the details where you need to look, but be careful that this will not bring you the investigator down. So letís examine some recent world in events. As then the real Truth is revealed.  

   We will start with the Russian airliner that crashed. Today (11/18 7pm EST) we see a bomb in a soda can. Fear as the flight attendants serve soda all of you wonder is there a bomb on board? You were told the Russians were left out of the investigation along with Egypt. Some how the Brits knew it was a bomb before our FAA investigating the crash. Now the Russians have debris imbedded with a TNT signature that brought down the plane over a week later, but no western nation is commenting. No location of the bomb on the plane given and ISIS now taking claim eludes the bomb was in the cabin. This crude bomb evaded x-ray screening and the sniffers in the waiting areas. This states no employees in the baggage area were part of the security breach, yet the passengers were clean when processed for terrorist connections. Now letís look at the technicals.

   There were rumors of the plane contacting air traffic control of a problem, media do your research. The blast was seen from space, but soda bomb that is not a shaped charge would expand into an area of the least resistance back into the cabin. Any flash would have been muted to the side as the fuel at first would not have been impacted. Vital protected electronic circuits would have continued for a time to feed the data recorder, but as you know this feed stopped suddenly. This does not make sense. So who is lying, the Russians or ISIS? I say both.

   The electromagnetic surge that brought this plane will shortly affect the United States. Watch as land and takeoff approaches are changed for questionable reasons along the east coast and in LA. As the planes drop from the skies the excuse of crazy pilots, ISIS, and bombs will have run there course and it is here you will know with anger your governments all in collusion have lied to you. As your life means nothing to them when business continues as normal. They should give you a choice, but they refuse to reveal the Truth, cowards.

   Again letís look at the French raids 11/17 10pm EST. The initial attacks were dark with no information. Now when the pressure is on the mastermind (as they call it, I say pawn) was sighted and not one of you thought if he is there and feels safe get a positive ID on the target? You tell us there was no chatter and now those who were so disciplined  now used a cell phone so you can find them. You always knew where they were, but now you were given the go ahead to take them out.

   What about the 5 Syrians in Central America with fake Greek Passports? They had to leave Greece and were screened, what does that say for Western Security as Honduras found them. Are they a threat, no? They paid good money to escape the turmoil in Europe and those who took the brides used them as patsies for more payoffs from the new world order. They are a convenient example to raise fear for the media.

   Last, I told you that the number of dead at the concert was being dumb down and after that release CNN report 3 more of the critical succumbed to death and the toll was raised to 132. This was quickly omitted and the toll remains at 129. All of you the media saw this and you think that France is telling you the Truth? It is partial.

   Yes those that were found yesterday were true terrorists, but those that carried out the attack were not. The mission contained a few that led French intelligence in the wrong direction; this is standard CIA tactics although as it was not them. Only those at the highest levels know this and the rest of France is working hard to protect their nation. The attack allowed the French to invade all suspected sites with impunity sooner or later something will shake out. This is what you saw.

   Know this; if the tactics change, then there is a new threat and it is this menace you need to fear. For no nation is safe against the new world order.

   I will not see this nation use our openness to provide homes for Syrian Refugees leaving turmoil because they rather flee than fight. This is the home of the Brave. This is the method of infiltration as if you can contain spies. This is not about you speaking of democracy when you would not allow released felons to teach your children or in your homes as workers. Your friendly nations have spies who deceived you. As leaders of this nation your primary duty is to protect this nation from all enemies foreign or domestic. I do not care about whom needs help in this world if you do not protect home first. This is job; now do it. For if one American, just one, for your inept decisions dies, then you will have hell to pay. This is a promise for all of you in control of this nation.


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