Condoms and Nuclear Weapons




Written Dec. 23 1am EST


   Let’s address the Catholic Church on condoms. The Almighty states that a union between a man and a wife is blessed by the Sacrament of Marriage shall not use any birth control. This is true, as the creation of one flesh from two in sacred union would impede the propagation of the human race. This has been taken out of context. If you are a sex slave, then there is no union blessed by the Sacrament of Marriage as this comes from another, know the difference. Condoms prevent disease and a child due to profitable rape, thus a loss of a soul in despair. This is the Truth. Anyone that takes this stance is aligning with the dark one.

   Let’s move briefly to our nuclear weapons. The Bible foretold a prophesy written to warn you of these coming times, there will be another war and that Russia is hiding weapons among their former states. Russia is bragging they are now more powerful than any adversary. Ask Why? The clue here is disabling our satellites, then an EMP pulse to take down all computer systems although shielded will be forced the reboot 3 minutes later. When the situation is accessed many will take caution by design as traitors are among you to the bogies as anomalies in the confusion as planned. When confirmed another 3 minutes later and then 2 minutes to authorize the launch codes from Trump they will 4 minutes outside of multiple targets. They have sensors for incoming threats and will destruct prematurely to achieve the desired result instead of being destroyed. Good luck in mobilizing your defenses unless you are prepared. This is the Truth.


Update Dec 24 3pm EST


   The UN Resolution was meant to send a message to Israel, but it is too little too late for the world. The US that protects those who are oppressed, yet for decades looked away from the Palestine land grab. Yes the United States supports her, but will not continue the looking away from settlements started in a territory that is not theirs. God gave you a territory after WW2, and you expand on it with wars. What happen to the Almighty’s law delivered by Moses, thou shall steal. This all of a sudden is not your concern? This is why the Almighty has not spoke to you in 2,000 years. Who are the Jews behind this? Are they are backed by the Almighty? No. By the way some of you should say Merry Christmas for Jesus who was crucified by your ancestor’s hands in ignorance. He died for our sins. Review yours as you the chosen slayed the Messiah to fore fill the prophecy.

   The Banking concerns and those behind the land grabs are not listening to the Almighty, nor do the recognized their Savior Jesus as they answer to another. The UN resolution will do nothing as to stopping the settlements, but it is designed to allow the world to polarize against Israel. When the antichrist is in power no one will challenge him and he will crush the Jews. The Almighty has given you approximately 2 thousand years to recognize, His Son. Have you? Earthquakes will reduce most of Israel to rubble. Broken infrastructure, lack of water, and incessant heat will crush the Jews, as they in the Almighty’s eyes you His chosen are so arrogant and only when facing extinction will they come home. This is written. This is the plan.


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