Bridging the Similarities Between Science, the Bible, and the Spiritual Aspects of Life

   I am about to embark on a duel path, the first was to present new ideas in the field of science, second and most important is to find that link that will bind science and the concept of God into a unified relationship without compromising known scientific theories and established proven ideas. This will be my most difficult task. I will examine such theories such as evolution, the spark of life, the Bible and the dinosaurs, the meaning of life and why the concept of God and science must be united for us to evolve to the next step. Now I know the scientific and religious groups barely agree on any issue, but I am choosing to bridge that almost impossible gap to where both parties may start to consider each others side and eventually join as one.   

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What Proof is There that God Exists?

How is the Story of Genesis and Scientific Fact Related?

What part did Creationism play in the Origin of the Species?

Why does Grant try to Incorporate God into his Science?

God's Wrath

God thru His Infinite Wisdom has Chosen to Destroy Large Portions of Earth's Life in the End Times, How is this Good?

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