The Chinese North Korean Connection





Written Apr. 24 10:15pm EST


   The North Korean tension is not what it seems. You being told they are a major threat to deliver a nuclear weapon to the West Coast of the United States. If a missile hits and it wonít be one of its own, it will be Russian made and delivered to North Korea as a gift. Their missiles blow up and fall in the Sea of Japan. Exercises to protect Japan as all of you look here. The Chinese moved over a hundred thousand troops to its border. Manipulation of its currency now suppressed as if there is a new cooperation with the US. Yet China provides almost all power and critical food stuffs to the North Korean nation. Your news lies. So what is the true goal of the North Korean Chinese relationship?

   The push back of coal deliveries was a ruse as the movement of troops to the border. The Chinese are pushing peace to the general public as your leaders donít have the balls to tell you the Truth. North Korea is banking on a series of threats and judging from the US Senate meeting with the White House it is working. You hear of a nuclear sub on the way when a few are in place already. Trump tells you he does not telegraph his moves, but the carrier group and sub was announced. They are hoping to provoke a strike by the US thus justifying a nuclear blast controlled and detonated by proximity radar for incoming. They are tunneling as a backup, which has been in place for decades beyond detection of ground piercing radar. The key is not to destroy Seoul, but to make it uninhabitable due to radiation. The blast will take out millions dependant upon penetration in this two prong event, but the key is the Russian dirty component already in place. They hope to crush the financial markets of Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, The Philippines and South Korea and a transfer of wealth by shorting the markets. This is their plan.

   They know the US cannot respond with nuclear weapons as the westerly winds will poison all of South Korea. They know the US can only target military targets without a declaration of war that will not come from Congress, but civilians are now trained to mix. The Chinese will allow the assassination of Kim as the fall guy and the West will be sent one of many death blows as their cover story is in place. Trump this is what you are up against, prepare. As you look at the diversions the true threat gets stronger.


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