Elections have Consequences

You have choices to fight back




Written Jan 13 1 pm EST


   America is a melting pot. This is what this nation was built upon in the past and continues today. We are all immigrants except Native Americans, but there is a process in place, as this is not 1900. If we give reparations to the descendants of slaves, then how much to the Native Americans? You killed tens of millions and stole their land. You did not consider this. When any segment of the population forces its will upon another segment, it is called slavery.

   The Democratic process gives you the right to vote for any one you want. When wrong, your choice loses and we move on and assimilate. This year is different. You may lose your job, be ostracized, frowned upon for a vote. No one has control over you, whether economic, social or control of physical bodies. With that said, how low have we sunk. I say we, as we allowed an outside force to have the nation point fingers in a great divide. You do not destroy a nation over racism spun out of control by the media by design. Was it worth burning cities to the ground and attacking the Capitol when you could have just talked? What is odd, the people revolt against racism, but was promoted or they looked the other way by their own Democratics leaders, and then the media pasted the racist target on Trumpís back, true or not true. You are such fools. He is the fall guy for the new world order, as he did not sell out this nation to the global plan.

   I watched cities controlled by Democrats talk about systemic racism in their police forces. But they were the Administration that hired them, and continued to look the other way when Black lives were snuffed out. Nothing has changed with Black on Black crime. They could not control a drug induced George and when out of control, a personal vendetta took his life unjustly. This culture was allowed to happen under Democratic leadership, but now they are the solution. The Democratic Party was Jim Crow, as your Black ancestors hung from trees, but again they are the solution. Now the Republican Party shuffles money to the elite, as they fold, and you are screwed in the middle.

   The tech companies wealth is based upon advertising hits on their websites. Is there collusion, yes. Alexa, smart TVs, all cell phones listen and track your every move and words. If you hit a site on Facebook, Google, the web due to web searches or your voice inquiring on a product, is listen to by your cell in your pocket, algorithms pick it up. So what is the plan?

   When you are interested in a product instead of a direct Amazon buy or side adds seek out the seller directly. Click the ads with repetitive hits and use the recycle arrow. Companies pay by the hits they receive on Google search engines. Soon they will get bills from the tech giants that donot translate into sales, and drop out forcing Google to drop ad rates. This is what you spread.. As revenue falls short, those Wall Street analysts forecasts will devastate stock prices, this is the magic bullet.

   The tech industry is attempting to shut down your voices. They already control your search engine rankings by what you see first by design. Next they censor the Right and when the truth unfolds then the Left. No one should have he power to crush the will of people on either side as the Good separates from evil. No one has the right to crush the voice of opposition. No one has to right to use outside sources to shut down communication for the opposition. Only time allows suppression or opposition to rise to the top. Only openness allows the truth to flow. Remember, big tech and corporations are controlled by the elite. They are not fighting for you. Your rights are being taken and you are giving them away freely, as designed events unfold. Yet in your country, you allow this to continue. What is their plan? Allow armed marches to be seen, infiltrate and create violence, then let anger push the laws to remove the right to bare arms. Only the criminals will have weapons. Is this what you want? So what do you as a concerned citizen do?

   Set up an old school network using cell phone text messaging. Maybe some of you will actually talk to each other. Text is impersonal as the weak hide behind this. It is private and can not be shut down or censored. Power can only be taken from the people, when you roll over. There is 74 million+ of you, do any of you have balls and I include women as a pseudo term? Now Trump definitely had his faults, but was allowed the position, because he would not sell out to the deep state. Remember Jesus used the tax collector. This was the greater good, but your bought and paid for media had this nation focused somewhere else. The powers to be want this nation under the control of one world government. If that happens millions will be eliminated here as useless eaters. But few of you believe this will happen under absolute power. The primary goal of the new world order is one government, one church, and a select world population of 150 million. Somehow I donít think many Americans are in that number. You were warned of these times and it is here.

   The power of the pen always beats violence in a free society. Many of your politicians on both sides of the isle are corrupt, as the new world order has dirt on them. Yes, held by the deep state and is being used to point your countryĎs direction. I told you politicians have the gift of gab, but ask some to solve a problem, you will hear crickets. Do not descent to the level of the elites or you will join them in hell.

   Many of you ask about Q, just like the Z site, there are elements of truth as to not tip the balance on earth. So some elements are mixed with the truth, it is up to you to discern. But your own can ravage your society. Is there a satanic cult that sacrifices children in the name of satan, thus empowerment of wealth and power on earth, yes. What is not proven is the extent of the elite purged in the clean up. They lie. It is his (satan) time to reign and you forget this.


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