The Iranian Presidential Helicopter Crash



Written May 22 3:30 pm EST


   What happen in Iran defies all logic, when explanations were presented to the media. First there was all was safe, as the team protecting the President had satellite phones. 2 helicopters on both sides riding point and they make it.The crash site was always known. The Helicopters has a pinging device activated upon a crash. But all is not what it seems. A certain website, which has sourced information from both sides, states this was an organized plot carried out by the Israelis, by jamming the GPS guidance of the helicopters. Lets examine this statement.

   Yes the Israelis did disrupt the local GPS system around Tel Aviv in their country, as a operational test, which confuses targeting systems on incoming drones and missiles, but are not able to project this high energy jamming blockage within a specific zone in Iran along the path of the presidents helicopters, which is blocked by mountains. This would have been detected by its neighbors and reported. The GPS system has many points of redundancy and jamming a local field would not affect the guidance of the Iranian helicopter fleet, which had redundant backup systems. They had forward looking radar and ground elevation alert systems. Which were all operational and contact monitoring with air traffic controllers in Tabriz. Iran contacted the United States for help. Why, unless there was something unusual about the event.

   The Presidential helicopter was one of the safest, otherwise they would have used the latest Chinese version. Reports of alive then dead and the deep state then points the finger at Israel, furthering the world to move towards the new world order. For once this was not by the Israeli hands. It was the Almighty (Allah) who created the fog and weather conditions and interfered with electrical systems with an EMP pulse. He sent a warning to the Israeli Defense Minister, as his car flipped. For the Iranians, who are hard lined dark souls, they were just eliminated. Some ask why not the Khamenei? An accident with the longtime leader of Iran would have upset the world stage and increased fear around the world. The president and foreign minister are not known to the general public, so they just brush it off as a maintenance accident, but it gutted their leadership.

   Khamenei’s days are numbered, as he soon will be taken under natural causes, but at a date controlled by the Almighty. To the western nations, do not consider this an opportunity control Iran and its oil under the guise of expanding democracy. Let their people choose, what is best for their future without outside influence. World leaders have taken notice of these “accidents” and should. A side note, just because to step down from a position of power, it does not change your fate. Release the plight which holds down the common man. This will continue and escalate until events on earth change.

Update May 24 2 am EST

   Now issuing a warning to the Ayatollah Khamenei, did your advisors reveal to you what was written? You can change, as this is your choice. Allah your God just eliminated your top 2 leaders and in your ignorance you invite a Hamas leader and state we will eliminate Israel, which was promised by God. On earth God and Satan speaks, but few can discern the difference. So you think, that Allah is going to kill His children in the name of your cause over land? Your two top leaders have been taken out by Allah aka God Almighty and you think you have options? Just who are you listening to? It is not Allah. Those in France and Germany take heed.

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