What is Best for the Country

The State of the Union Address



Written Mar. 7 4:59 pm EST

   In which not favor one party or another, as the true voter must choose their future due to free will. If one was to raise the corporate tax rate, yes their will be more money to provide services to those in need, but at what cost? Now if one was mimic the current proposal of the Biden administration at the State of the Union Address, the idea would holds positive options to potential voters. As this is the point in an election year. Did you think about the repercussions? Those tax increases would be enacted after the election is won. One would ask why? You are essentially doubling the tax rate ( 15% to 28% for most) on the profit margins and what would that do to Wall Street estimates of meeting revue streams in the future? All current estimates would fall short, setting up a bearish trend in the future stock market. Now the policy can be tempered and given time for corporations to adjust, thus preventing a market free fall, where the connected get rich short selling from inside political knowledge. Graduate the tax increases over time, increase efficiencies in government spending where waste becomes a non factor. Then this may be a fair solution. If the stock market crashes, pension funds and individual 401 K funds incur huge losses all directed at the Middle Class.

   Ukraine will fall, as this nation can not sustain its present spending for a war, that has no end, as members of NATO just watch or offer minimal spending. All can see this. Those orchestrating this for the industrial complex are either in denial or worse. The days of freeloading are over. You say Russia expands, really then it is war and NATO means nothing. If change is needed everybody contributes, not just the few. In Israel you can continue to seek out Hamas, but the covert mission of destroying all buildings and infrastructure, which basically deters the return of Palestinians to what is left of their homeland, is not authorized by God the Father the Almighty. He speaks, “Change this plan where you can seek out the enemy, but protect the essence of life, which I created. They are now also My Children.” Remember when you go to the polls in November, as the media is controlled and talk divides this nation. We are one nation under God, start acting like it.

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