The Covid Debate



Written Jul. 13 1 AM EST


   As the Covid debate heats up, as to who shall be vaccinated. The door to door policy is an intrusion in to your personal rights. More than one has died to a second shot. What do you say to them? A tear in the fabric of American Democracy has emerged. None of you at the CDC and Media with absolute certainty, can pinpoint the origin of the source, but many in the general public speculate, against the lies. None of you can proclaim the variants, were not genetically engineered. If so, you would not be here. None of you can not explain why, some of the employees at the CDC, have not received the vaccine, even if it is just one, but it is many more, as Fauci does not seek the true number. You may ask why? Do they know something, we donít? This is not speculation, but the actions of those who are part of the CDC.

   The CDC has examined the Covid 19 original virus and its variants. Many factors of the genome seems to be engineered or could not occur naturally as a genetic mutation. You will not hear of this, but those who work there do. Those in the CDC are bound by secrecy, but have chosen to alert the wise by refusing the vaccine to this date. Fauci has a choice, back down from mandatory vaccines, which has to start at the CDC, as an example for the nation to follow. They will refuse, knowing the horrors to come that are time released. Test the India variant, against its resistance to Hydroxychloroquine, but you wonít.

   Covid was created to sculpt the general population and remove hundreds of millions useless eaters. It did not work, by the actions of God the Father Almighty, who controls all life. Not a weak creation of His, mankind, guided by the dark one, as his time is now.

   You create a vaccine that is over 92% effective including variants, and now you push a booster, due to a study in Israel? Now we know, it is about the money, but is this the trigger for Covid infect humans 6 months to years later on a slow release, as it looks natural? When something is forced by the government, beware of the mark of the beast. You were looking for a chip, what if it is this vaccine? I am just saying.

   Harris is a picture into your flawed future. She states voter ID will hurt the count in rural areas for minorities. Harris, rural areas are Trump country, as most minorities live in the cities. Need everyone say, youíre an IdÖ. This could be your future weak president. The Odds in China state, start a nuclear war, and the west will seek peace rather than fight. They sold you out, and all Minorities will march like the Jews in WW2 when the new order rules. Heed this.


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