Covid - 19

Designed Marshall Law


Written Dec. 23 1 am EST


   Again mankind is being herded, as the deep state has politicians, hospital administrators and the media in their back pocket. Covid is a threat, and its origination was China, yet it is politically incorrect to state this, why? The greatest weapon is the one you do not see coming. Slow to achieve its purpose, yet the enemy does not consider its source. One that slowly divides the enemy among itself, yet forces certain segments population to lose faith in their leadership. One where budgets are shifted away from the military to social services, rampant with fraud. One where the population is forced into despair, as industries are shut down to protect lives in theory. This is the plan forged by the deep state and its allies China and Russia. It is a repeat plan, the new world order used to gain control of the US through the private bank, the Federal Reserve. 100 of trillions siphoned off over time, masked as the prime rate. Now many of your corporations are under their control by proxy. You ask, why would they take down everything? Because, when it is all over they are still at the top without a driveling public demanding justice and rights. This is how they see it, but God has other plans.


You have been told, that many of the infected patients with Covid or another severe health issue, were put on ventilators, when not needed, and then died. The reason was a higher payout to the hospital. You were told, many deaths were labeled Covid Maybe to increase death count by design, and again higher pay outs. You were told, Covid was being spread strategically to public surfaces to increase infection rates, not to mention infected patients sent back to nursing homes. Not one of you interviewed the frontline workers or loved ones of those lost in secret for the truth. You never question, how the United States has nearly 20% of the deaths and infections with the most advanced medical systems in place, all the while comprising less than 5% of the world population?

   These lock downs are in place because, a fate far worse than Covid and Climate Change is about to reveal itself, and the elite do not want the common man running for the hills. Where they will demand to be protected. They are hoping many along our eastern seaboard and western Europe will die from the floods, as Tsunamis assault our coasts due tectonic plates ripping and sinking, tens of millions shall be lost. With Covid they can lock down any talk of migration, sealing the fate of the poor.

   Look around, there is a vaccine, but now a new strain. Is this by design? The smart thing is to inoculate all above 70, health care front line workers only, and dispense to those who test positive first. This would stop over 2/3 of all deaths to start. Remove the fraud in the death counts and the pay to label a death as Covid. Then return the country to normal, but no. Leadership has no clue. The destruction for many of the common man and his jobs will be complete, as you wait to open back up. It will be too late. Your nation will lose homes & cars ownership, and for some their families through divorce. I told you all is not what it seems.

   Covid is real, but the elite has taken advantage of this opportunity to enact a stranglehold on the common man. Many businesses with deep pockets and bankers will shed jobs, but survive. You will not on the most part. They will tell this for safety. Is this the rule in China where this started? No because they are not interested in eliminating their population, but they are planning to conquer yours in your weakness. You say your leaders will fight, did they fight against the rioters that destroyed their cities or fold?


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