The Crisis in Ukraine



Written Apr. 8 5 pm EST


   We have the train station hit with Russian missiles this morning and the atrocities that occurred earlier in Bucha. Some in the West is trying so hard to frame the Russians for war crimes and you need to ask why, when both sides are guilty? You need to look deeper into the videos. Now Putin is no angel and the aggression towards Ukraine is unwarranted, but is part of the global plan. There is no true East or West just the new world order and the bankers. The reason I am putting this narrative into the media is that eventually this may be used against you.

   Look at the footage CNN provided to the world this morning at the carnage of the train station. Basically all footage was tight shots. Your clues that all is not what it seems is the low causality rates. If you hit a target, you do not use a low yield warhead, when the intent is to kill civilians. We see pictures of a crowded train station and 2 missiles allegedly hit and only 50+ dead? This is your first red flag. We see the back half of a missile at the site, planted with words painted on it stating children after it landed. No missile that explodes has the back half with inscriptions intact. Where is the embedded dirt on the paint? There is none. They think you are stupid. Look at the surrounding buildings, most of the frontal glass is intact. The attack was staged, the deaths were real. Yes, a missile may have landed, but the damage with a little to no crater was staged. Yes a bomb could have been planted in this false flag event, but you will never know. Civilians deliberately killed to increase the urgency for war supplies, like this has never happened. Ukraine would have more weapons if those at the top would stop selling weapons to the Middle East. All is not what it seems.

   What about Bucha? This event to was even creeper as the Ukrainians forces removed dead bodies from the morgue tied their hands and placed them on the streets for all to see. Were there a few citizens killed by Russians, yes. But you were meant to believe that all were. This is the corruption that surrounds those supported by the West. If you would have checked the bodies there were no bullet puncture wounds, as they never expecting any examination of the bodies to occur except for the few killed by Russians. If questioned they would have been presented and no more questions. Who hatched the scheme to desecrate their dead? It came from the top in Ukraine.

   What you do not know is that covert stealth drone operations have been attacking Russian tanks remotely control by others off base and it is not the Ukrainians, but they fly from their air bases. The drones have classified mini hellfire missiles, and they come in at night under radar surveillance and pick off tanks lined up on the roads. The drone radar and infrared signature is too small to be picked up by long range Russian radar systems and real time satellites. If you were to examine the Russian tanks hit, the angle of attack would align with the roads. This is your clue. These covert actions is what turned the war in the favor of the Ukrainians in some instances not their courage. Putin is now wise to this and has repositioned their tanks and troops to the eastern sector of Ukraine at the extreme edge of their range. His goal is the same annex the Eastern Ukraine and secure almost all land access to the Black Sea. Again Kyiv was a diversion, but you in the media can continue the spin as if it was a Ukraine counter offensive.

   There is a lot at stake in the Ukraine. Foremost the people who are just pawns and suffering needlessly at the expense of Zelenskyy, Biden and Putin, the played. This is a new world order operation on both sides, soon coming to your homes in Western Europe and America. Why, because you do not listen to the Word of God.


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