The Crossroads:

Great Change will shortly Encompass the World


Written Oct 2


    The war between good and evil on earth is about to break into the public eye. As much that was hidden from the general population will now surface. Leaders on this world have bickered back and forth on allowing you access to information so that you can plan the future or make peace with your family and friends. Those in control, the elite are backing the NWO and have staunchly supported no knowledge is to be given to the public. Let them die unprepared and allow fear to rule their lives as the master they serve wants to harvest all to his kingdom. This was the position of the Bush administration and certain leaders in Congress.

   Very shortly in the latter half of December of 2012 and beyond there will be a great change of the surface of the earth and an increase of spirituality with its focus on God, Jesus and family, the essence of love. But anger and despair will spring as those with the power to help are tied up in disputes on where and how much aid should go first. This is why the Super Pacs were backing Romney. As the new administration in a crisis will be listening to the experienced neo cons from the Bush era. Same plan is brought back, but there are new faces. Switching to the scientific explanation as to what is occurring lets proceed.

   As the magnetic particle flow shifts from the North Magnetic Pole exit point as the source of projecting earthís magnetic field to the focus of the South Magnetic Pole as the primary point of intake for the flow of magnetic sub atomic particles. This last magnetic trimester has weaken the links between the plates boundaries that hold them in place, but the change position affecting the wobble of the earth will finally release the plates for extreme movement never seen in mankindís history on earth. This is not the pole shift as that is still some years out. But it is close enough that almost all living today will be affected. So do not rush to the stores buying up everything only to be subjected to price gouging.

  Your eyes will not believe the amount of destruction as quake after quake levels mankindís civilization. The resultant tsunamis will then wash away the rest that is dieing. The floods will pour forth from the heavens like the tears of our Lord who still suffers. Their will be miracles and signs in the sky showing you, there is a God guiding the faithful home. This is not the end of the world, but the cleansing has started where all that is evil in the end will be swept away. This is a glorious future for mankind, but it will be your choice on where you stand. Understand this; it is Jesus who judges mankind and those who are service to other, there is no 50% in the love for God and His Son. It is all or nothing if you are to walk about the new world.

   The scientists brought forth are clueless as their textbooks cannot explain anything, so why listen. They are paid spokesmen to deliver the message of the elite to maintain control. Do not let fear coax you for they cannot save you and in most cases offer little help when a disaster hits as you will be just another location on a long list and they will be cowering in the bunkers.

   Will there be a warning given to the public soon? This is unknown as those who want Romney as president are delaying it for any excuse until after the election or the signs in the sky leave no doubt in the minds of the public. When it is determined that knowledge of this event will not change the outcome of the race, it may be made shocking all to their very core. Many will ask how long, but they will have no answer as all of the elite who will be hiding are hoping shortly. This is so the weak and the poor will not last through the winter with little food and shelter. Remember this was their plan as they have been prepping since the Fifties.

   The future after the shift for armed militias will be despondency due to the incessant rain, gloom and lack of supplies. All left except Godís chosen there to help others through will have horrific sores left over from the plagues, so sex due to lust and rape will self abort due to the excruciating pain from the act, dropping to the point it just does not happen. The beautiful will scream at their puddle reflections only to be caste aside for someone who works. The thin and fit will shift to skeleton like looks. The obese will shrink with grotesque excess layers of skin flapping about their bodies. When your usefulness has expired, those that you thought were harboring you in safety will execute you in cruel animalistic games. This is your future with the few elite that survive the wrath of God.

   Know this; it was the republicans that started the Iraqi war to steal their oil. Your soldiers died for greed. When the truth comes out you will all know 911 was an inside job that provided the false flag for war. It will now make sense as to why the mortgage crisis was allowed. It transferred wealth from you to them and the stability of this country was put at risk. All controlling this have enough money, the point you will have little resources to relocate, acquire the essentials to help your family through hard times. This was the covert point.

   All this occurred before your disbelieving eyes as many of you are still in denial. If Romney wins, know that secret agreements will let foreign powers control parts of US soil under the guise of being a humanitarian, valuable life giving resources will be diverted to the wealthy. Infrastructure will be restored for the rich first as you see your family die around through lack of care and military protection. Again if he wins it will be that vote some of you delivered in hate that will seal your fate. If he loses then when the earth changes hit you will know before Obama, the leaders of this great nation wrote you off.

   It is not for you to take revenge, and then you will become one of them. It is to let see how far corruption has gone. A political system where each and every one of you created through apathy and listening to the spin instead of sitting back and quieting observing the truth. Oh so how easily you were deceived. Look at your lives based on greed and for some hate and anger. This is the power of the dark side. Most of you want it all, but few stand up for justice, God and your fellow man. Where is your courage? We hear the words come out of want to be leaders, but scratch below their shallow surface and the same filth rises like puss. Cowards!

   If the earth changes and Jesus were not to come, almost all of us would find our new home after death in hell. Know this; they have a plan as the best and worst of mankind will come to a pinnacle and then diverge. This is to be revealed in The Message, coming shortly.


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