Written Oct. 18 1 am EST


   Few of you have challenged, why they have enforced Critical Race Theory on education systems and corporate America. First, those who have promoted this as the foremost avenue to reduce racism in America, are making massive amount of money, as it spreads nationwide by design. So is this the best path for a divided America?

   Do not be fooled. CRT only divides this nation. When you specifically target a race for past offenses, then why are you leading this nation? Yes, you picked former side chick Kamala for VP to heal America, but she makes no decisions and hides. It did not work. No one in the Black community wants white people to shame themselves for the past, they have no part of. The slave owners are dead, do you get this? They want to be treated equally, but burning down cities, looting and killing your own certainly is not helping the cause. Few in this nation have any to connection to slave owners, but some of your Democratic leaders do. Go after the source the Colonial Empire, Great Britain, and the House of Lords, but you will not. This is how the elite plays America, as you point to another.

   Teaching kids to hate another, is not our Lord Jesus Christís plan. But you took it upon your selves to judge. Again, it seems you are exempt, as a leader to provide the best interest of Black people? So let me get this straight. You are going to tell white people to hate them selves for the sins of their ancestors? And you really think, they are going to listen to you, just because you say so? A racists does not change their spots, because of your words. It only hardens their position of hate now under cover. But, as an inept administration, you do not see this.

   A reversal to racism is education. A reversal to racism is to provide single family homes to hard working Americans regardless of color. A reversal to racism is to eliminate obesity to children of color below the age of 18. But you can not do this. No child needs to be below reading and math skills in the inner city. You and the teachers are failing. And de Blasio eliminating Stuyvesant, Bronx High of Science and Brooklyn Tech in the New York City Education system. Look at the history of awards. Look at how nerds flourish blossom without the threat of bullies, I was one. Look at a program that works, as it excels to the top of our education system and you want to change this? Are you insane? So the best of the best of the city, will now compete with those who have few skills? How does that work? New world order will not protect the incompetent, you are one of them. This is how we judge progress, and nothing has changed since the sixties, and in fact, it is worse.

   The Biden Administration is promoting hate in America under the guise CRT. If you are white, it is your fault for the current situation, even though your ancestors were not born here. That is racism, in its worst form, as its happens today not 200 years ago. You have just labeled all as one. This is the problem with CRT. You are idiots, as the elites put this in place. Some their policies are to dumb down the general population with poor education for the poor. Promote fast foods to increase obesity and poor health. Make them financial slaves as to go into debt to buy goods they think they need. This is place today and most of you are none the wiser. It may seem you win, but change will never comes as opinions harden. This is the plan. The clueless Administration is continuing with the plan, but quietly, they do not see how things will change in the short term with the current plan, as the mid terms are now in play. They are lemmings and all will follow those in command off the cliff.

   All in this nation knows most that come across the border are seeking financial gain instead of legal asylum. All Democrats assume all new comers will vote for them years down the road, but ignore the turnoff with Independents and moderate Democrats. All in this nation are aware it takes money to support a family. But with a tab of 250K to support migrant families flowing into this country, how do you feel with the average American family of 4 near 60 K? They are wasting your money and their friends control the corporation and small family businesses that house and feed migrants. They get rich on affordable housing, humanitarianism. Check it.

   You speak of affordable housing, but allow those already in place about the inner cities to decay by crime, rodents and roaches. Your solution instead of stopping the problem, is to demolish the buildings. exactly what construction company backs your campaign? There is so much waste. Now you expect us to trust your new bill? It enriches your donors, but nothing changes in the inner cities. 60 years and it still is the same old sh.t.

   CRT does not account for the millions of Blacks, who does not trust the vaccine. You can continue the cases here and there, but you have lied in the past and now you expect trust? You want to change things, then develop a test for immunity and exempt them from the vaccine, then we can talk. Otherwise, you lie like the devil, as for the Almighty, He states there will be consequences.


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