Cancel Culture




Written Apr. 26 11:59 pm EST


   Mankind in order to find the truth, has shifted to consider the unthinkable. As to who to blame for an entire race of woes afflicting present society? Need I remind you, it the British empire that enslaved Africa, and sold millions captured by natives. Then sold them to the farmers of the American South to propagate the cotton industry, based in England, as a raw material source. It was the past governments of the EU that exploited Central and South America killing hundreds of millions of Amerindians. The British killed at least 7 million of the Cherokee nation alone, yet you over look this. White America escaped this, The south was bonded by financial slavery due to debt to England. Check it.

   You forget that hundreds of thousands of White Americans under Lincoln and Grant, who died and fought for your sorry asses in the Civil War. If not, you would been slaves for another generation, and the world could not give a f..k. Jim Crow was perpetuated by the same party, you are memorized by, is using you. That is your reality, not cancel culture. Are you going to cancel Europe? What about Cambodia and Rwanda millions over 10 million died in those regions. And the Jews in the forties, those in north Africa today, you just write them off.

   You with little real world education, as you regurgitate what you are told via your leaders and media, have no right to pick and choose, what stands in our history books. They gave their lives for freedom, as you wait around for a hand out. That is the difference. You kill your own, in dilapidated cities with no regard to age in drive bys, and you stand up, for what would have been a felon, as she tried to stab another? The result, grave injury to the teenager in pink or death. Lets put your ass in her place. Would the opinion be the same? Once stabbed, they would have to take down the one assaulting, resulting maybe in the loss of both. Not one of you could have talk that situation down. Taser would have taken too long to neutralize the assault, due to weight. This is common sense. Stop protecting those who are guilty for the one, as you are starting to sound like some aspects of a union, who turns a blind eye, when they should have been let go for the greater good.

   As for Floyd, he was handcuffed, and was little of a threat in his state of mind. Here is where you call the social workers to diffuse, as nothing was gained by applying pressure on his neck. Sending social workers into a domestic dispute is suicide, and you know it. Get real. I want to thank Representative Valdez Venita Demings of Florida for keeping it real on the Bryant tragic event. She was a cop on the beat and rose to be a leader. If you do not take her advice, then what? When are you others going to speak the truth? Back her.

   I want to address the whole Cancel Culture movement, you are being taken advantage of and used, but you do not see it. You are blinded, by what they allow you to have, but look deeper. You were allowed to loot stores, some on the high end by design. No manager leaves expensive product for the taking on impending riots. He would have no job, unless it was by design. How easy would it have been to removed the product under guard? You are the blame for burning of the cities under the leadership of BLM. Antifa paid, just inflames the situation. Now after the sympathy of corporate world, as they have no spine, they throw money, as if this is absolution for their crimes. The leaders of BLM who were caught spending millions on personal homes and goods. You were played, as they are the same, who oppress you. The difference, they get paid and you don‘t, your life never changes. They are sell outs.

   Let’s look at the Chauvin trail. The media and BLM were hoping for a mixed verdict. As this would have inflamed those, who ready planned to burn and loot, coupled with a media frenzy of injustice in the judicial system. You can not loot the dollar store, prepared, as that is what is left. What they will not tell you, is that, no matter the evidence, all jurors were afraid of public backlash, if not guilty on all charges. They are in it for the book deals and media appearances. As for sentencing, soft, they riot, hard, it shuts down their cause. This is your system.

   Thousands die in your cities every year by your own, and you point the finger at cops for a triple dozen? Poor education and housing and your Democratic leaders have been at the helm of power for a half a century? Now either they are inept or corrupt, you choose. Nothing has changed, I wonder why? Anyone trying to change this, is attacked. Again, I wonder why?

   There is collusion between all leaders of this world, to keep the general population of all nations in place (coastlines) and disarmed by design, look deeper. All is not what it seems.


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