Written Mar. 5 1 pm EST


   I really have to say I am so disappointed on how you fell into that trap. You were told, that nursing home facilities would be in control the spread of Covid, before you understood its true potential descent of all those who came in contact with the infected. You were lied too. Yes, you and other governors were given the same directive, but the media is silent in most cases. Did not the governor of Michigan follow the same covert order? So why you?

   The leak provided here, pinpointed the abuse early as to why send infected into nursing homes when you had a choice. Gretchen did not have the same alternate resources to bring her down, but followed the same directive, you allegedly were given. You and her were given a choice to join the new world order and both refused, thank God, others took a different path. Gretchen was snubbed to a position in the Biden Administration, but was seen as a potential vice president candidate. A squad sent to assassinate caught, was to send a message. Why did that change?

   What the world sees is the timing of the sexual abuses once your exposure of the nursing scandal was public. It was by design. Was your behavior worse than Bidenís with women? Not even. Grabbing a womanís face in public with a picture for memories while smiling is not sexual abuse. If it is, then Biden would be under the jail. Asking a woman questions about her preferences when you can walk away, is not sexual abuse, unless there is a threat of retaliation for refusal. Uncomfortable, then walk into any bar as men pat your ass, brush up against or feel your breast and tell you come with me, I do not care if you have a boyfriend or husband. Donít believe it, then ask your eligible daughters. You are out of touch. Now sexual abuse in the work place is rampant and many need to go to jail, yet you pick and choose who to punish. Like holding back the secretly recorded tapes from Epsteinís island that would bring down many powerful men and some women, that are being blackmailed. This is the crime. Many of your leaders have pushed the envelope and are still in power, as you look away. Step away from the agenda, then you pay a price, this is how it works.

   Now did Cuomo push the envelope? Yes to some extent on state employees, but they are women and he is a single man asking. Their jobs were not on the line, only egos this time. The new world order dug deep to assure Cuomo would not reveal those who asked him to place Covid patients in nursing home, but the media does not see this. I told you to follow the money. Cuomo you need to have your brother look further into the whys before forging an opinion that affects millions. The new world order turned on you, as I you told, all the top will fall, sorry you was one of the first, but you have a choice. Let not another suffer your same fate.


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