Current State of the Nation

Time to Change the Landscape


Written Oct. 13 7:45 pm EST

Update Oct. 15 12:30 am EST


   On the international scene events in the world has taken a turn. North Korea and the Saudis have chosen. They do not care about what the West thinks, especially what the United States is going to do against them. Starting with North Korea that launches missiles over Japan, their response has been to stand down. Computers analyze the trajectory and do not activate any missile defense system. But, this approach is now flawed. You ask how? Because the Chinese through the Russians have given North Korea the technology to change a missile’s flight path on a dime. There will be no time to react. What are you going to do? Hit a few military targets, because you can not nuke them in close proximity to South Korea and China with radiation fallout and they know this. Now what?

   With the Saudis, they now hate the United States behind closed doors and they know you need them, but they do not need you. China has already negotiated a protection plan again you know this, but you do not have the balls to tell the American people. The journalist was a spy and killed, so lets not play games. Go ahead and stop arms sales and they will give all avionics technology to the Russians and Chinese. You lose in oil, what was an ally and technology. So play your bluff.

   The Middle East will suffer shortly in the up coming earth changes and their oil reserves will sink deeper into the earth’s crust and shift locations. It is about now getting the highest price for the least amount of oil sent to the market. This is capitalism, not your spin on a political retribution. The Saudis are about greed now and they could not give a f..k about Biden’s arrogance, wet paper tiger and the political situation in the upcoming American election mid-terms.

   The EU (new world order) is considering a new member, good luck, as you should wonder why the UK ran away. Control of the globe has been going on for centuries, as this is why so few see the slow process in place. First by controlling the monetary systems of free governments, aka “Federal Reserve”, which is owned by the Bank of England. Then financial slavery through the International Monetary fund Again this was why Kennedy was assassinated for wanting to remove foreign powers from our banking system and then pin the crime on a lackey, Oswald. At the classified autopsy the skull had multiple entry and exit points that could have only come from ground level precisely timed to support one shooter. Not one entered through the top of the skull that would support a six story shooting position. Want to check it, exhume the body and do DNA tests, but you won’t. This is the new world order. Second, by controlling the media through proxy shares in the company. Now moving on to Domestic issues.

   Some times we need to step back and look at the big picture with your eyes and discount the noisy media. Many leaders at the top, all vaccinated got infected repeatedly. Vaccines stops the spread of Covid. They lied. We are a nation who can afford to take in millions, but certain cites where a few 10 of thousands entered, are near financial collapse. Think about the effect of over 2 million per year in this nation. They lie. Social Security shows a 8.7 increase, but this is not a problem for the average American. The ability to travel by car, heat your home and feed your family is multiple times above that number. They lie. Again look around at the state of America and ask, is this the place you are proud to live? It is about the vote, but more important, those you send need to reflect your wishes and values. If not, we as a nation lose. I ask, if Russia nukes Ukraine, which sells 40% of what we give to them on the black market worth WW3? That was once part of Russia.

   Trans have no place in our children’s classrooms. In the case of abortion, if the life of the mother is at risk, do it. If not both die, idiots. If a inflation reduction acts cost money then it is a lie, no matter how you spin. Because, in America we have a difference of opinion and no one is right all the time. Remember that and grow up. If you vote different, it is a vote, not the death of the country or friendships. This is what makes America great. Stop listening to those who chose to divide this nation and then drives it towards the new world order by design.


Update Oct. 15 12:30 am EST


   The current policy of the US under Biden, backed by the new world order EU (NATO) is using Ukraine as a proxy to advance war and steal US tax dollars. It is not about peace, as this is about the elimination of useless eaters, but you do not get this. You have received the warnings and you know they tell you, Putin will not attack, just like Ukraine. They tell you, they will hit military targets first to delay a response. This is a lie. You do not target interior military bases that already has fired their missiles and staff is in protected in bunkers, just like your cowardly leaders. They will hit the cities. Thus forcing Biden to make a decision and surrender to the new world order by design to save lives. No better incentive than 50 million dead Americans. The nukes will not be low yield, but vary from 1 megaton to 20. Trump can not come back, first civil war, second he will destroy the elite bunkers of the new world order or reveal their locations. Thus letting the angry mobs execute justice. Heed the warning.

   The new world order has infiltrated all levels of your churches, industry and politicians. They have agreed to which cities shall be destroyed. On the West coast Los Angeles, Phoenix and San Francisco to prevent reinforcements to the deep port of San Diego. Portland and Seattle left as a new base of operations for the Chinese. On the East coast it is Miami, Atlanta and Philadelphia. New York is slated for something special that can not be revealed yet. In Central America a base of operations and a supply line is already in Nicaragua.

   The earth changes will shortly take out the Saudis oil infrastructure, India and the EU to start, as this current situation cannot continue. Oil nation do you really think you can make threats, back the Russians on the side and not pay a price? We are not the Biden Administration and you have time to change. Or lose it all, with no revenue and have to pay for water and food. We will see what the new world order and your politicians you elected shall do next.


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