Current Politics and Policies in the U.S. Dec. 2011

Written Dec. 1 2011

   America was founded as an escape from the elite and religious oppression of the general population in England. Taxes taken in the Colonies without a fair voice in Parliament, where the movement of a tea party was a true cause in Boston for change. Has this same tradition continued as we fast forward to 2009 and beyond with this new movement, just who's representation are they fighting for?

   When all seemed hopeless, the New World was a refuge as God always opens another door when one closes and this will be repeated a final time on Earth for all. Our Founding Fathers put in place a set documents that protected the rights of the people and outlined the power of government by the Constitution from offenses that they ran from. Risking their lives for anything that was better than what home offered.

   Sadly, America has allowed many of their elected leaders to be influenced by campaign financing, the voice of apathy and lack of research. Where the media spins the opinion, creates the herd mentality and is guided by orchestrated polls, everyone wants to be a winner. The vote was given to change what is wrong to what is right. A vote puts a person in power to deliver a voice for the rights the people who support the government through their taxes. Now your vote empowers others to tell you what is good for you and some listen.  When they do, all play the game of musical chairs as if you believe you because you agree are part of the crowd. As time goes on another chair is removed and another group disenfranchised. Eventually the is one chair and that will belong to the elites, fools.

  America became great when the many voices were heard and responded too in the best interest of the people. Why do some of you believe everything you are told or why an event happened? Are there not many events in history allowed to happen to force a change in the population to rally around a cause? You are human with a mind that can think, not moldable sheep. Maybe I am wrong and the elite pegged many of you right. Although I hope not. So again, do your own research.

  In the real world, that has past most by, it is not about your a good guy, it is about the return on investment when lobbyists are involved as funds exceed millions of dollars. This is big business where millions to billions of personal income are affected by every decision. If people steal do you not think influence is beyond corruption? Enough of the obvious, which few dare to change.

   Obama came to Washington to change and offer compromise, but was shocked at the resistance from within his own party as opposition from Republicans was expected, but not a stone wall. Change created rigid positions, where the party voted as a block indifferent to personal choices or those of the people who voted them in. Compromise was seen as weakness, yet the savvy elite use this same tactic to expand control where opponents just open the door unknowing. Excuses are many, change is slow, we are working on it, only to realize those slowing the process was bought and paid for by the elite, which controls both sides. Former President Carter has stated, he has learned to go to the people, but a little late. But, Obama has chosen the right path.

   There is no comprise on principles when all is lost it is better to be the best one termed president and make America stronger, than be compromised hoping to serve 2 terms of mediocrity, lately it seems you have made that change. All will see you for what you are and in that voting booth all will consult their conscience who is the best and flip the lever. Take that chance.

   As a political leader, polls should mean nothing. Romney when you destroyed those companies for profit and yes jobs increased, but you failed to state they were not here, did you poll the workers here and follow their opinion? No, because you lead with an agenda, reduce costs, return profitability for the corporation. I sure you were not hired to please both sides, were you? Oops, I forgot if your in the boardroom you may state, the workers are scum, but addressing the labor union for a compromise these are most valuable asset in the corporation is that how it went flip or flop?

  Again as a leader, it is your job to anticipate the needs of the nation. Streamline spending by eliminating that which is a drain and shift funds that spurs the economy. Polls are reactive and samples are taken until the desired results are gathered, do they know the truth? No, and you base your policy on their flip flopping according to a media spin. When you are a leader your decisions are focused, where your actions are to help the people, but preserve their way of life. It is not to waver a wide path as special interest present another case to deviate that walk of the straight and narrow.

   Lets use an example that everyone can understand. Suppose you have a family with a 100 thousand dollars of disposable income saving 10,000 per year. You spend on home security out of fear lack of oversight allow the equity in the home to collapse 40%. Still have to pay the bills and debt rises. The husband leaves due to mismanagement and a new dad takes over. He is in the hole for tens of thousands, savings gone, disposable income 60% of what it was, but the debt crushing and bills still paid by previous actions still building. What to do? As a family do you pay your bills and do not invest in that college education for your kids?

   Do you stop living and cut all spending within the household to contain future debt? Would you allow the household to crumble through lack of investment, let technology past you by as the world moves forward. Or do you borrow to pay for the kids to go to college, so they will earn more down the road as a competitive entrant to the labor force and the debt becomes irrelevant or work for 8 to 10 dollars per hr? Few households would follow the same policies some in our partisan government is willing to take, in fact the politicians would be hard pressed to practice what they preach. Education, investment and infrastructure is what corporations borrow for. Growth is about using other peoples money on an investment, this is capitalism, on the other hand fear of contraction until all the bill are paid means you have no faith your education or rebuilding, which may yield nothing. In the history of mankind those that expand and that the chance are the leaders. As the engine of the economy easily pays the debt, which at first seemed so overwhelming. Those that contract pass the torch like Spain to England, like England to America, America do you want to pass the torch?

   What America needs to realize there was massive debt in place, a contraction of disposal income as home equity evaporated. Most of all, consumer spending, which crashed as jobs were loss and equity loans froze fueling consumer spending is responsible for over 67% of the economy, halted. Like dominos State and Local government toppled as property taxes disintegrated as a result. All in place as Republicans left office. Would a Republican have turned the economy around by this date with the past abuses in place? No. How could they, when consumer spending propped up by over inflated housing prices and family spending out of control as most lived beyond their means? How are you doing with your household debt did it go away or are bring it down slowly, but no one at home is happy as they see no result, because you are still in the negative. America, welcome to the real world.

    Why are the Republicans so behind the idea of reduce the taxes of the rich and corporations. First always look beyond the facade as many long term Democrats are in the same bed secretly as this is what is behind the backstabbing in the Obama Administration.

   We hear of the flat tax plan where the various candidates propose a spread between 9 to 20 plus percent, but have they approached Boehner and Mitch for Republican party support? What may be presented before the election for votes, may not have support when the election is sealed. Have you considered deductions both corporate and those used by the rich, now with a lower threshold, could they still be paying no taxes? Where are the specifics so America can see who benefits and why? You do not have a guarantee.

   Now lets address Cain as he just could not help himself by saying God told him to run. Really, lets give you, Cain a few seconds to contemplate that thought. Yes, God does inspire to bring together and help people. Is that theme of your backers, the Koch Brothers? I think not! You don't even know that you are being used, Perry did an injustice and media (Fox and Rush) blamed you for being insensitive, something just isn't right. Now to show you are loyal to the cause you made statements. For one, black people are brain washed? I bet you want to take that back. Many have to work 2 jobs at or just above minimum wage to make ends meet with teenage children, because expenses are too high? Supervision scant, due responsibility, work and little help to educate due to constraints of time and little in the way of disposable income. Walk in their shoes now as in the past many had a chance and then try and then talk the talk, and you won't. Cain, if you lie it will come out and it has, don't lose what is your good foundation in a false pursuit. Do you not realize, you was a tool to promote Newt, your past was known. Each piece brought out in sequence where you could deny, trapped by your own words until a final blow no one could run from. Where are the Koch brothers now? If you sleep with dogs expect to get fleas in your case they put a rattle snake in the your bed. In America you are toast and you are the last to recognize this. You were used. All along you knew it was not about bringing change to America as your empty words may state and your mind grasps little on the complex issues and relationships involving government. The goal is to stall and prolong gridlock for the present power structure. For the current wisdom is, America will want change again. How does it feel to be tool and not know it until presented with insight? You need to ask yourself, who really is pulling the strings and is this my best option, unless it is all about the money? Take the money and run.

   So now its Newt turn to rise, but will he fall? Just how will you connect with the moral majority as your life style shows who you are by yours actions. Maybe you have truly changed, that is good, but also maybe you will continue to just lie. This is your decision and it will come out. Currently it seems the bankers may have back you as an unexplained rise in polls to shape the voters and the coordinated bashing of Romney on Fox.

   As for Romney, he hides behind what ever is favorable in the polls, thank God for video tape. If you lie and change positions to get elected and you vote for him, expect worse if elected from him when in control. So how is that going to work in a national emergency? No time to canvass the Republican public, now you really have to make a decision that is your own. As for candidates showing a complete lapse of world events, it not important for them to control world events that is in the hands of their masters who are hidden behind the many promoters seeking attention.

   You as a Republican should notice presidential politics just isn't sitting right in your gut. How is it that candidates move from single digits to front runner? Since when to the people change their views a candidate almost over night that they took the time to examine and back before single contest is decided? Is this trend exposing how shallow the decisions made are or have the polls been manipulated to shape leadership? How is it that the press considered some as a real threats to the present administration? Is this what you really want for America? What is sad, is that the present leadership of Republicans are somewhat quiet. No comment on the flat tax plan is there.

   The media have presented the front runners to America as viable alternates to solving the problems that have plagued the country since a Democrat has been in office, what have we observed? When truly considered, getting pass the media facade, coached responses and the look, all fall short when it comes the the many varied needs in America. What you as a citizen need to do, is to get past party loyalty. It is about who offers the best for all.  We all are Americans and all live in this same country rich and poor. In order to move forward, we must start over. The goal for the poor is to move them forward so they through education and opportunity instead of hand outs meant for temporary support, they contribute to society as most want too. All who want to change just need a fair chance. The current concept of welfare must end. As there will be no rewards by making the same mistake again. Welfare is a safety net for the anyone, not just the poor, but for those who have lost resources, which unexpectedly happens, a lift for family to move forward when needed. It is to help in a time of need and will not be exploited as a way of life. Will you give it to them America, while revising the system so it works by clearing the waste and abuses?

   For the middle class, the point is more than a fair wage, but reversing increasing trend of the loss of disposable income. What good is a wage increase, if those gains are absorbed by higher health & energy costs and hidden inflation as products sizes packaging shrink? Old money does not offer opportunity to the middle class to expand, the goal is to gain financial debt share and create dependency. But you allow through your votes to be enraged and manipulated for a cause, as those on the bottom, who are different are taking yours. Would you like to trade places, just how much support is offered to families earning 20 to 30 thousand per year? Yet your politicians protect the wealthy with trillions in disposal income by maintaining reduced rates, yes the norm was 39%. When you say no new taxes, it really means Bush Jr. gave us a tax cut and under him we created little in the way of jobs. You need to check the labor statistics for proof.

   Consider when the threats of job creation would slow if we return to normal tax rates is presented, but the innovative would step in. No expansion may suppress the bottom line, how will that go over with the stock holders. One thing would be assured the budget would be balanced. Then jobs in the public sector refused to be provided, for partisan reasons, will be given a chance to advance and rebuild our infrastructure through the Military. How long are you as voter are going to be intoxicated by the rhetoric, it is your choice by a vote to create a job or provide safety from a terrorist. The USSR went bankrupt to protect itself from the West. When they fell, were they destroyed in their weaken state? Hindsight, was the money well spent or the threat elevated for military profits for both sides? Now back to illegal immigrants, are you truly afraid of someone taking your job paying below minimum wage for backbreaking work in the sun? Really, but when looking for a bargain landscape company, cook, or nanny, you don't hesitate to hire them to save a buck, do you?

   Many of your friends have lost their homes and jobs. If not, how is your 401 doing? House worth little in comparison to the perceived investment, prospects for a job with that degree thin? Many caught look past the abuses of the mortgage fraud and exploitation of those entering the market as most saw the value of their homes increase. Almost all tried to capitalize, additions to increase values even more. All for a profit in a market that has ups and downs, and few considered a bubble and its downside. Life offers no foundation where the growth of an investment is involved. All you have learned in business finance courses on the concept of a bubble, yet few heeded the signs. The result, many were lost in complacency, as those with little opportunity saw their homes as a ATMs, as secondary mortgages taken out would pay for themselves as prices rose or so it was hoped. Now many are over extended, and have a debt greater than the value of the home and are trapped. Your investment is not guaranteed the market determines it, not government. You took the risk and none wanted to admit the financials of the mortgage market was shady while you were winning. Now with a monetary lost you are upset, looking for help, still think you are associated as a Republican, but you are looking for a handout. This is in your mind, for they do not consider you as one of them, for you have no assets of real wealth. So you point the finger to the present administration for your problem that you caused with a lack of insight as greed fog your decisions and the abuses of the past administration. The first step is to move past denial.  Boehner knows what you need, but current policy for business is unsure and you need pay for a little more so that the risk for the rich and business nears zero. The last time a businesses had those guarantees, the labor force were considered like slaves. At one time a slave, physical or financial was define as a person that was owned by debt that had to turn over at least 50% of their earnings, Hummmm?

   Corporations are in business to make money and labor is now an indiscriminate a line under costs. In this world, the economy is global where skills, education, benefits, environmental concerns are balanced by shipping and the location of plants to domestic costs and long term benefits. You can walk away from a country, but you cannot just walk away from the American worker without risks. Ford and GE moved overseas recently a decision that affects the bottom line for a decade or more. A decision made without concern to who wins the Whitehouse in 2012. In late Dec. 2011 they will know they have made a bad decision due to Earth changes. As a leader you do not wait for a date when all may right for your party to win a majority, which by the way you have now in the House. You need to act now with legislation solving the problems for America, not the party or do you have your priorities backwards? Tell America now who you are working for by your actions. Boehner is your party still reactive like Bush. Waiting for the waters to calm to help America? You seem think if you do what is right for America, Obama may get a little credit. So, it is all about you. Wrong, America sent you Washington to solve its many problems you and your party created. Again, can you do that for America Boehner or have you lost your focus fearing Obama?

Some Solutions


   Politicians in America refuse to address the root cause that accelerates the flow of  illegal immigration. The need for cheap labor within the United States as some jobs cannot be moved overseas. With infrared satellites over the over the clear skies of the Mexican desert, heart beat monitors that can scan any vehicle, so just how do millions cross a border when the US is trying to prevent infiltration of its borders to terrorism? So if a terror suspect, who wants to enter America just change head gear from a turban to a sombrero and just cross the border.  Washington just who do you think you are fooling, yourselves, as Bush policies are still in place? Airport scanners worth billions in contracts, security alerts so common during the Bush years, yet most common Mexicans and South Americans can just be transported to the border and just walk to America to escape poverty.

   In vast land that surrounds Area 51, the Military can hear a foot steps up to 30 miles away and entry stopped for all without question in minutes if not seconds. You are naive, as the threat real or created supports a vast military complex, which you pay for. Now enough of the obvious, what do we do to correct this problem?

   The underground economy drains all hard working middle class Americans as they are cheated out of revenues by off the books earnings. Those who exploit the workers, corporations, farms, the rich and their own kind that pay substandard wages, but illegal residency in this nation allows many to take part in social services. The counter side is that the immigrants although illegal have contributed to building this country as laborers of the rich. A balance must be struck, where the needs of this nation for labor are meet, but the cost of social services are covered by the migrant workers and employers. Where we open the door to our neighbors as an opportunity, but do not transfer the cost of their stay on the backs of working Americans as a continuing burden.

   The numbers of illegal immigrants within this country far exceeds current estimates, now that this country has certain economic factors that would almost be compared to a depression in some areas and industries, changes must be made. The illegal immigrant has reduced ambient cost of labor and healthcare in many industries and in small businesses, many operate off the books, but this was ignored. Under the condition that those paid wages far greater than their home country, when work concluded, they would return back home to live a better life. What many saw, was a greater opportunity to achieve a better life in America and what it would mean for their children, so they stayed. This drained school systems of resources applied towards the overall individual student, property taxes diminished as many families shared homes to cut expenses so that all would benefit. Hospitals overwhelmed as the uninsured under emergency situations must be cared for. Did the industries that attracted the help consider this? No, the expected the taxpayer to pick up the added costs as few were paying attention. How little things change over time.

   Those business owners that hired the migrants, turned a good profit on their backs of the laborers, but this was a personal choice, which was better than home. So we have owners taking advantage of the illegal worker. The worker doing a job an American would not do, thus providing a needed service. Although, relative to their past, it is far greater than home. The truth, all gained, the worker and employer, but the American tax payer lost. Some wages off the books, most social services provided with a negative cash flow. The debate wages, is it right to provide a job provide that no one else would do when social services are now outweighing the benefits they provide to industry as cheap labor?

   So again, now what? A group of people from many nations on Earth are here, no matter how they got here, now are intertwined in our society. Would it be right to send those home who have lived here for years in fear and have contributed, no matter how small, to escape poverty? Again, no. This is American a land of opportunity for all. We need a solution and lets start here with these directives.

   The Checks

         1. All will register with the Immigration Service, criminals expelled by arbitration instead of costly trials.

        2. All will pay their fair share in taxes.

        3. Social Services are earned, not given because you are here.

        4. The law is rigid and defined, illegal is illegal, as to offer a service, which you are paid for exempts no one.

        5. Reduction of exploitation, illegal entry does not mean those involved have their human rights compromised.

        6. Border security, once given amnesty the flow stops, advanced military technology and a redeployment of our troops.

        7. Sponsorship for those who are a burden to American society, where local community support builds until the person is self sufficient.

        8. If not self sufficient within an establish time period determined by economic conditions, they will be returned to country of origin.

        8a. Although, some expelled will be given a fast tract to immigration of weeks, if circumstances change along established guide lines.

        9. Those who continue to skirt the system, when found will never immigrate, but serve time, hard labor in Alaska.

        10. Businesses on US soil that hire illegally, known or unknown will be subject to progressive fines removing the profit incentive.

        11. Citizen births here are determined by status permanent residency, self sufficiency, although not citizens, then the baby is a American.

        12. The migrant worker is a visitor and should not be here when pregnant after 30 weeks. This will be law.

        12a. The baby is registered to the country of origin of the parents.

        14. The baby upon reaching the age of 18 will be given a fast track of immigration if chooses the leave the parents, but must be self sufficient.

        15. Set time period to come forward, afterwards no appeals except extreme cases settled by arbitration.

        16. Lawyers that use the fear of immigration to exploit those who come for protection will be disbarred and fined.

        16a. Standard fees for all processes of the law will be made public throughout the Latino community to avoid fraud.


The Balances

        1. All parents will produce a valid social security card for school registration validating tax contribution for the local school district.

        2. All healthcare institutions will require a valid social security, if not, pay the bill up front without disclosure or facing immigration.

        2a. In life threatening situation care will be provided until stabilized then returned to country of origin.

        3. Those involved in providing false identity of this land, will face hard labor of 25 years, appeals granted where deceit is involved.

        4. Those that orchestrated the deceit will finish the term of the falsely accused plus any additional new charges.

        5. Agreement with Mexico to set up a buffer zone in low population areas of  no activity, which will be monitored.

        6. Simple fencing will work in conjunction of a buffer zone. Reinforced in high density population areas.

        7. The US military is to be used here along all borders, not Iraq or countries that cannot pay their way.

        8. America does not protect the world if we cannot protect our economy.

   Immigration from Mexico and South America is a destabilizing condition for the lives of Americans living in the border states and this needs to change now. They are here and not going home. Close the open border, then incorporate all those here who want to build America as citizens. The Immigrant has built America in the past and they will again. Don't you think there was illegal immigration here from Europe and Asia in the early 20th century and before. Ships just dumped their human cargo off unpopulated shores. The difference then was that nobody cared then, but they do now.


   We have heard the all Republicans and some closet Democrats loud and clear, no new taxation on the rich. No matter what the condition of the country is in. Don't bite the hand that feeds America, more important politicians reelection coffers. We have seen by their tactics and no real headway can be made until after the elections of 2012 if at all. With that said, it is time to turn the tables.

   When revenue is needed, there is always a source or another way and it is up to you Obama to tap it. It is legal, approval from Congress is not needed and pays for it self more than ten times over. It is time to use what you have already, the "Executive Order" and go after the tax cheaters. Concentrating where the revenue gained has the greatest return, the elite with a sampling of the middle class just to keep thing honest. Hire Federal IRS agents fresh out of accounting school to crunch the numbers. Use the savvy agents to choose where to go for the biggest bang. If any member of Congress uses their influence to shift or lessen scrutiny in an investigation of any person or corporation, send it to Eric first, then the ethics committee. Send a strong message, if you are playing by the rules, you have nothing to fear. But, if you cry you are taxed enough and then cheat, your confiscated funds and fines will help reduce the deficit. In some cases, you will be removed to jail just in time for the Earth changes. How is that future looking for you?

   For the Republicans and some Democrats, you will not win this battle. It is the right of the IRS to audit, it is not harassment. Targeting the rich is unfair, what so we should audit the poor and collect what? Make sense, it is about return on investment. I am sure you Republican can relate to that. When audited most will sail through as honest and those that don't are the same ones that are pushing you to shut this down. Go ahead stand by them. This is a job creation package that America can stand behind.


  Control what you can and let go of what you cannot control, the Republicans. You are commander in chief of the military and have your labor force that is already paid. For supplies, just get rid of the many Republican pet military pork projects. Shut them down and put America to work! Let them come against construction jobs for our military when they come from overseas and the benefits of infrastructure improvement. Base most of your decisions on the needs of emergency routes and geological stable areas to support future population increases. This is key to America's future as nothing beats being prepared.

The State Department

   In this changing world there now an intense focus to repair America. The future of many countries are hanging in the balance and many cannot be saved. Their hope is the influence and connections cemented over the years in the State Dept. Obama is correct to reduce ties with the world knowing what's coming and turn inward to help America first. Only then when we are stable shall and more important, can help others. The elite from other countries are only interested in safe refuge and care little about the people of their country. Many will head here under the guise of extended vacations. The present preferred location, Australia will succumb to severe dust storms, flooding in the west and northern sectors coupled with the constant treat of earthquakes leveling most of the countries cities and leaving underground bunkers unusable as the continent shifts down and to the west.

The Future

   What America needs to know, is that Obama has had it with the Republicans, his wife told him, they are not your friends. You should have listened, sorry no disrespect meant. For the most part this is true and to the lesser extent, even in his own party deep routed hatreds still exist. At first he did not believe it and try to work things out where compromise would mean America would move forward and now, we are are here, 3 years later. Obama is and has been using executive orders to benefit you and soon many will thank him. Bush with the same knowledge made no preparations. His cronies, big oil and Halliburton made billions on a useless war. Are you safer a trillion dollars later? No, but you complain as you may be violated during screening and waste time passing through airport security. Fear increases profits for those that provide a false sense of security. Remember as as events unfold the Republicans choose to kept silent and reduce government. When you need help, will it be there, as you need to back to the source, first with God, because in Him we trust and then with the present administration as long as its actions are for the people. If today's sacrifices is shifted to you and you depend on the rich to provide jobs and they lied, your children's future will be the least of your worries. A politician promises the future to get elected and then when elected rarely follows through. All the backers are looked after first, reelection is always just around the corner. Then you the voter, if anything is left in the government coffers, they throw you a bone.

What we do not Need

   A military that protects other countries and corporate interest at the expense of the needs of this country. Restriction of freedom and loss of rights for a perceived sense of safety. Never give your freedom away for what could happen. The solution is not spend to protect the whole country, because you eventually can't when the money is transferred to the elite for services. Use a fraction of the expense to eliminate the threat and punish severely those that harbor. Is this not how we handle criminals? What you thought was advice totally to protect us from terrorist, which is a true threat, in part, some aspects were fueled by profit. Exploit a real threat although in most cases are small, then globalize it through fear. You just spent trillions to find several thousand in terror groups, who do you think was duped? No oil, infrastructure rebuilt, power grid or peace in Iraq. So where did the money go? America needs to come out of denial, do not allow those that have deceived most Americans over the pass decade fool you again, as there will be no second chance. What about 911 and they attack us killing thousands of Americans on our soil. So do criminals, but the tally is far greater and more destructive to our way of life. Do you put more importance on a single event over the greater total, every life counts?

   Most of allowed the patriotic theme to taint your common sense, so we went to war in Iraq based on an alleged threat manufactured in the Bush office. Money well spent in the name of freedom on the surface. Below the surface, money funneled to Halliburton and other defense contractors for extreme profits are the alleged agenda and you believe the story they found the missing 6 billions dollars, because it is printed in black and white. Deceit.

   Almost all was caught up in the housing bubble inflate prices, create a demand from marginal credit worthy people trying to capture a piece of America and let it collapse on the derivatives markets, the plan. We (elite) win on the short side with CMOs and the resulting decline in the economy and transfer the wealth of retirement 401 funds, will be the bonus. Since we were not able to convince (lobby) Congress of letting social security funds enter the stock market. Deceit. Partisan politics, ask yourself are you rich or just hoping to be? It is this hope that is waved in front of the weak, temptation to extract favors. In a business model, the cost of labor if not cheap becomes a line item to provide a substantial profit, so it is outsourced. It is about the bottom line and America needs to know this. Will you work for the same salary as an overseas worker who sees a fraction of your salary as a God sent? No. For you will not survive. The Republican promise of jobs are near minimum wage where the cost of delivery off sets the gain of sub par wages offered to disenfranchised Americans. Again, deceit.

   We as a nation need to learn, this is a battle between what is good for the country and what is not. We as a nation need to look beyond the words that divide us, for in the end those you love will have lost on both sides. We as a nation need to consider what is important in our lives and universally it is love. Don't let me hear you state while in self inflicted fear as those you trusted betrayed it. You voted for them.  Can we start over and bring back what was lost. Where was the we when you where on top, but now in need?  You were warned and for many, greed was more important than the legitimate needs of this nation. For those that turned their backs on the people of America for a perceive worth of paper, your a sellout to all that depended upon you for wisdom, because they judged you by your success. How many of you "successful", would like you family to know, how you made it? How many lives were destroyed as you trampled forward in the name of success? Just your dirty secret, only the fittest survive in the jungle (cheat steal backstab lie), great traits, when you swing alone without the support of your money and power, then what? 


   Terrorism has affected millions in this country, it is a crime, no different than what occurs in any neighborhood every day just on a larger scale, but not like the mob. Would you spend a billion dollars to find a crack dealer that enslaves a neighborhood through fear, kills dozens including the police? How many are murdered in the United States every year? But we allow our economy to collapse to capture the few a greater loss. Instead, the current plan is to cut police protection to close revenue gaps. Not much money to be made producing an arsenal for the police. Halliburton knows how to tap the money through subtle promotion of fear by lobbyist. So was is a wise idea spend a trillions to find a few?

   What was sad about our previous leaders is that Obama executed in months what trillions, nearly a decade and most important thousand of lives lost. It is time to create a smart military, equipped with black project advanced weaponry with bio self destruct, lethal, feared, invisible and it gets the job done on the first strike. The mop up, the elimination of those hidden that created the mess for all to see. This will be our deterrent, instead scanners and a occupying force. This will not be shared with any ally for any reason. Yet hate has built up so much tension many of don't even realize you are being lead to the pasture by lies, anything but the truth, Obama was right. That is what makes some in America pathetic and you want to be labeled as one. Many, especially those from the bible belt were told in the time of extreme distress you would be deceived and few would know. That many may turn to another as events some real, some engineered events for a desired result. Throughout history we have seen certain events change the direction of the people of a nation. All are not privy to the reasons or can prove any injustice. If an event or direction a nation takes makes you feel uncomfortable ask why?

   No need to target the soldiers if those that fund it, organize it, shelter it and plan it for what ever agenda are smoked out and brought to justice. A real effort here will stop these vile acts against all humanity. What many do not know, it is monetary gain and financial indebt ness of nations that is the hidden goal behind most acts terrorism as the elite on both sides use the weak looking to change the world as a scapegoat to direct the flow government and loss of rights in exchange for safety. Look to the recent past as international bankers did the same thing to third world countries with crushing debt giving the few extreme influence and exploitation of resources. Some now say lies, so lets lift the veil of denial. Go research the puts and short positions on the NYSE placed on certain airline stocks just before 911. Don't get too excited for the money trail will go cold.

Moral Majority

   The good news is that all of you believe in God and fear him. So where can you improve as a person of faith? What is so sad is that many in this country, pay little to no attention to what you have read and believe in. Are the words in the Bible just words that you discuss and analyze as if that is what is most important, but do you apply these same words to your daily life to all that cross your path, treating others as yourself? Jesus died not just you the believer, but all of mankind including those have little concern for their fellow man. Do you accept all with no preconditions if they truly want to belong? You were told Jesus takes pride in bringing back those that are lost, do you? Do you judge, they are not of our religion. They do not have our values and faith. They do not look like us. Are these qualities that you would be proud of especially since all are of spirit during judgment? Review your life now and if you cannot present this in front God, then it is time to take steps toward change. It is about an effort to start. Can you do this?

   With change at some point, all feel abandonment, just know, Jesus suffered injustices as his crew abandoned him in his time of need in the garden. That was pain to Him. Why are you so obsessed in unraveling the interpretations of the past as if you have the ability to unveil the knowledge of Christ,  your Savior. The Bible was inspired by the Almighty to be a simple to guide to the straight and narrow path scribed by humans. How many ways are going to interpret the golden rules for all of mankind. Respect and believe in Almighty and Treat others as you would treat yourself. Many profess they believe in these rules with words, but the lesser act by them.

   So lets review, are the churches losing  membership, check. Your your rights being taking away as you seek a false protection leading to control? Big check. Finances near depression levels through no fault of the citizen as debt, which have a strangle hold on the commoner. Check! Over time the plan is to remove all hope in small steps some to improve life, then to take away as all is random and not planned, but the over all trend is downward, only to introduce a unified solution. This is the goal. This is what you must at all cost avoid.

The Plan

   We all have heard the rumors. We are now seeing the signs that are undeniable on Earth. As December passes to the New Year, those in the know looking for confirmation will have an answer, for others that suspect their eyes will open, but still allow denial. We all have read the prophecies in Revelations, now many are quietly uneasy, could it be true? You have heard the lies, this will past. It is minor, if it is, then why is Southeast Asia in Panic? Where are all of their populations going to go as evacuations start? Do I hear, my country will provide a safe haven from those who made the promises in the smoke filled backrooms at cover conferences or just crickets?

   All were told, it would be a time of distress when the floods come as all would be stripped from the many. What you did not realize, all thought in the halls of power, the passage or shift would surprise most on Earth and you would come out of the bunkers to save America and rule the world. The hell with the dead, they were useless anyway, more space and resources for us. Anyway, knowledge is power and it is not our fault if a disaster wiped them out, what could we have done, cause panic?

   Such were the stakes of the 2000 Presidential and the alleged voter fraud and tampering in Florida and other key states. Was control of Mid East oil an agenda with well place military and timing? Those looking to steal with inside knowledge of an event would be in the right place and time to take ownership of a resource as the event would have wipeout most witnesses with the rest just killed, sorry Arab allies. This was the alleged plan of Cheney and Bush. You loss homes, 401s, jobs, in the designed mortgage fraud. Trillions lost in the markets did not disappear, they changed hands. Cutbacks in your rights and most important many families living paycheck to paycheck. Many that have faith and pray for change, see little. The good news is if not for those efforts world events would be worse, so keep it up.

   In order to achieve one world government a process of breaking down families must occur to start dissent, divide and conquer. Chip away at morals as that what was vile is now normal and this was easy through pop culture and various media outlets. Create financial bubbles in order to transfer the wealth the people to the elite as the market collapses and the savvy are on the short side. Break down all world currencies through wars and financial manipulation of derivatives until repayment on interest approach the GDP of the country. With mounting unemployment, loss of disposable income and reserves shrinking, any calamity would push scores of the population to the brink. Until rioting populations will except anything that brings change to relieve misery and this will be the promoted packaged theme, country by country.

   This is point where those hidden from society looking for total control will enter and be accepted by many, as you none the wiser, gave them the key. When this was a plan, centuries in the making. Fools, as you were warned. So caught up in this world of material needs, none dared or wanted to look beyond the veil of deceit. Do you not see this in the world today? Blinded, as if you would be part of the group only to find yourself out with involved now smaller and the process repeats again until there is one. There is still time to stop this as I am here to plant the seed, but it will be your choice as events move forward and have to occur.

For the People

Mitt just tell the American people, I am the frosty flavor of the month, you cannot pin me on the wrong side of American opinion, but when the political heat rises, I just melt. No answers here.

Newt just tell the American people you can believe in me, just like his last two wives. Do we really want to bring back a political ghost from the past?

Cain you don't have to tell the American people anything, your actions speak for themselves, campaign now toast, but he can make a pizza.

  America use your minds, government is for the people and voted by the people. But most of you are being thrown under the bus to when it comes to job creation, on hold until as some see it with one party until a Republican wins the White House, if not you will wait 4 more years. Job loss cuts across all party lines, just ask Republicans marching in OWS. Now you are being called lazy, when it was those you believe in, supposedly that had your interests at heart, destroyed your life. Bad decisions, fraud, lies and it still continues today. Now on the outside you cannot believe you did not see this coming, not me, I am a Republican. So you are and now that you are unemployed most through no fault of your own you are labeled by the elite a lazy Republican and part of that shameful 99%.

  They chose to break your unions for the fiscal mistakes of government, a key goal for corporate backers. How are those no bid contracts working for the people? Recall vote volunteers in the land of the free given alleged death threats, why, if America backs you, Scott? Redistricting, ID at the polls, Republicans are you that fearful that preventing the true vote the people is a means that you as a party choose to maintain power? Just who do you answer to, the American vote or something else?

   Ignorance is no excuse when the fate of America and your family is on the line. What happened to research, gut feelings, and most important trust in God? Media spin, campaign rhetoric and just plain lies is no substitute for the truth. In the game of life, the American people are faced with new challenges and decisions. The Republicans and some Democrats give you the illusion that you are part of that which makes America work. Now you find out, all along this is a game of musical chairs as another group loses until there is one. OWS has Republicans, Independents and Democrats all with a common thread, Wall Street has cheated them out of a part of their lives. Stand up for what you believe in, and for me, I believe in God.

Grant out

All Rights Reserved: Copyright 2011