Current Tactics for the Illuminati



Written Jan. 27 11:59 pm EST


   Many of you have a clear picture of things to come, as you have been blessed by the wisdom and or discernment by the Almighty. It is not that you know future events, but more important the words written here are an insight to the Truth of what is to come. For some of you this is your current mission. It is not for you to question, but to adhere and not waver to the plan using the information here to advance the salvation of mankind. You work for God first, then your governments.

   You have been told that the Illuminati have many tentacles, and they have infiltrated all aspects of present day human existence primarily through banking, education, wars and now twisting democratic elections in this country to a directed predestined winner to solidify control of this nation. This is now occurring here in the United States. They have created by problems through selected leaks that time allowed for the public to see as natural.

   Hillary, present front runner is and has been compromised as scandals of email shall expose national security breaches, abuse of power and influence to where she may be forced to withdraw, kicking and screaming or will be bought and paid for.

   Bush as elements of the Iraqi war, W win in Florida orchestrated by oppressing the vote by Jebís manipulation as governor of Florida on how the votes were tallied or just went missing, and the 911 Bush - Cheney connection will crush him. You have the Donald, now letís focus on another diversion, the Cubans Cruz and Rubio.

   The constitution states you have to be born within the United States to be president. This is a fact. Did not you the Republican Party call out Obama as illegitimate if born to an American mother in another country? Yet some of you apply this exception to Cruz? Oh I see born in Canada is good, born in Kenya?  Kenya is a lie unless Hawaii is a foreign country. Did not both graduate from Harvard?

   Rubio is seen as part of the problem that cannot be trusted as migrants flow north from Mexico and Central & South America and the EU migrant problem has gone south. This will only intensified during the earth changes. His backing of immigration bills in the Senate is for then against. His family, are immigrants. You do not sell out your own. If he does and he has, then he will sell you out for power.

   You hear about another state today 1/27 that an uneducated voting population is dangerous. Are not the Republicans cutting education? Do you not flood the media to twist the opinion of the many? Are not the polls selected for results to herd opinion? All of these have worked in the past, but now Trump has changed the landscape, you bring attention to what you have abused in the past. Carson you are nothing, but a hypocrite pretending to build America, but your vision will destroy it by your ties. Just what did you sign up for to part of the national process? You will withdraw shortly as the Illuminati no longer needs you.

   The migrants have captured the news, as I told you they were allowed to push into the EU. Fleeing from war is what the world is told; if it was poverty then again you have been told a lie. There is money to leave a country with bribes. There is money to hire a boat transport. There is money for the border guards at EU check points to look the other way. You are told they are disenfranchised. Yet, they have enough money to buy an EU girl for sex. America need not welcome most for any reason, which destroying Europe. Help them, but they stay at home. If they run as cowards from their homelands, then why do you think they have our interests, when they abandon their own?  A dollar will go a long way in a third world country to support them. This is our only solution. As the new world order preys on compassion, incites turmoil, and then divides. Again, this is what you face.

   Iran has been accepted back into main stream society by the UN as they give up a nuclear agenda put in place to exploit demands from the West. If truly a threat Iran may hit a few cities, but their nation would be encapsulated by a sheet of glass. They had no bargaining power, but your nation led you to believe this. Who sold them the centrifuges? It was EU nations. Who sold them Uranium Cake? It was not the east.

   What you fail to realize it is all about the oil and how they will spend their billions. The elite do not care if they crush their own companies as long as they control what is new. The workers lose. The markets have crashed as falling oil prices destabilize the stock markets globally. What about the US shale oil industry and North Dakota? Again the common man will suffer as 401s tank and trillions loss when the stock market turns south, but realize your money changes hands in an engineered short position.

  The leaks to the media about the Zika virus spread by a mosquito borne virus are a cover story. It states will spread to the United States as the maps show the infection is already in Mexico. How could this happen? If the primary transport of the virus out of the jungles is by air travel as some stories suggest, why only two continents? What about land transmission? Can mosquitoes can transverse the Mexico landscape in a wind swept desert living only days with little stagnant water pools to reproduce? This is a lie. Mosquitoes avoid wind and need a moist landscape. This is a fact. The Illuminati are covertly spreading and releasing infected mosquitoes hoping the infection spreads and other pestilences not yet seen. This is their plan. Your clue will be an accelerated expansion that is not natural to the determinant of time and natural containment.

   Letís take a closer look at Flint, Mi. The demise of most cities in Michigan was due to the engineered mortgage bubble that popped. This allowed non elected officials to control the fate of its citizens, primarily the poor who they wanted to eliminate by unseen health issues surfacing decades later. The Illuminati just follow orders and could have filtered the alternative water supply controlling the taste and color, allowing the lead to infect the population, which it has, but undetected. The city controlled the water testing sites and fudged the data under orders from the top, check it. Had they filtered for taste and color they would not have been caught. On that note, I would check other cities with independent tests and you will find a common source of control hidden by many layers.

   Lately the media has informed you on a serious increase of severe birth defects and this is the Truth. The earth changes have released a sub atomic particle flow from within the earth that your governments are trying to hide, again this is the Truth. Only when the numbers scream at you will you demand answers, again your governments will lie to you.

   Now we will move to politics. Trump out in front does not need the Thursday 1/28 debate. This calculated move inflicts pain on Foxís bottom line advertising dollars. With Trump out all advertisers can cancel or renegotiate for pennies on the dollar. The calculated move to back Kelly has backfired. I told you when he entered the race; you are out of your league for now.

    Hillary has pressing problems as her and Jeb the preferred candidates to further the agenda of the new world order are failing. Bush would need serious media backing, poll manipulation, shear luck and Hillary may have to dodge Federal indictments. If this plays out then who will lead this nation? Again create a series of events and narrow the selection of the president by design. This is what you face.

  The question, can the office of the Presidency change the course of mankind or is it business as usual? Once a president gets into office especially an outsider like Obama and Bernie who was informed today, there is a rude awakening. You cannot do this. You cannot change that. You have parameters of change that can occur. His change was nixed. Collusion within all of the Republican Party and many Democrats backs this as our nation through the legislation did not passed real change, but you donít see this. This is the power of the Illuminati.

   So exactly who is going to further the Illuminati agenda in this election? Many promises and many takers 70% of the candidates have signed on covertly to lead this nation towards destruction. But in their mindset, they think they are in control and the agreement has a limited risk. The new world order among those who are corrupt never loses. I will never reveal the names outside of Jeb and Hillary, but for some, their actions will give a clue.

   Finally, the worse plan is about the city of New York. I have told you that the Black Project scientists are at least 200 years in front of what this world perceives as present day technology. There is a new element on the just updated Periodic table that is far more dangerous than the isotopes of hydrogen responsible for fusion bombs. What has been hidden even from your best scientists in this nation is an elemental that goes critical, but you cannot be detected as emission source on sub atomic level where the traditional particles that decay are detected by your many monitors in place. What is so sad is that this nation paid for the research and the discovery was removed and you have a pseudo replacement worth nothing.

   What is in place, is a just in case terrorist plot, that if this election goes south and a new world order presidential choice does not deliver this nation, like soon to be the former EU will move the vote. Again you were told create the problem like the migrant crisis; now offer alternative solutions to the current power structure. If division is created by what seems right, then it is a ruse to divide. Help starts at home.

   This new element to the periodic table, a heavy isotope has a unique property in that it absorbs sub atomic particles to stabilize. Once absorption is complete the stable element has a critical mass, which can be joined by merging several non critical sources as one. There will be a release of energy transcending to what you will see as a nuclear explosion without poisoning the land, by merging the two masses that goes critical. It kills people levels he land, but no radioactive residue. As this is a natural timer that needs to be in place for a significant amount of time, but not yet complete at present time is detectable if you know what to look for. Yes, it is in the subway tunnels beneath Manhattan and now that you know, it cannot be removed without exposure to those involved or scapegoats.

   Reverse your detectors to reveal sub atomic particle absorption. The clue will be a dip in the general energy field of power transmission, subtle, but still there. The Almighty has given permission in this case only to execute all involved in the most painful way as the decision to betray this nation was final. Also remove all wealth from the families and let them fend as a common man. This is the mission for the proud, the patriots of this country, those who stand behind God, true justice and the American way.


PS a clue for MH370


   You were told that the Airline of flight MH370 did not subscribe to a satellite trace program tract the location of their planes. What you have to realize all planes are tracked, but in order for you to get that information, you have to pay and then they turn on the data flow already stored for the customer. All information is known by the company that tracks planes. The technology is place on all plane is a matter of turning on the information for those that pay. Look at your cable TV systems do not all have access to all content? But it is a filter that allows access. They know the Truth and you donít. What is worse you governments wasted millions of dollars of tax payer money when what happened is known. They decided the public could not handle the Truth so the search continues.


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