Cut and Run


Written Mar. 12 4:05 pm


   A recent poll in this nation found that a surprising amount of the woke crowd would rather run than fight. It is a sad day in America. I will say this and heed it. It is not if we will get attacked, but when as your leaders have sold you out. You will not have a time frame, but it is sooner than you think. You were told Ukraine would be invaded while your leaders almost guaranteed diplomacy would prevail. They were wrong and they will be wrong in the future. The Russian attack is meant to seem like Ukraine has a chance by design, as when Putin wants to invade the EU. Arrogant leaders like Macron and Scholz will be caught off guard. Russian equipment looks old and suspect, but it just seems that way.

   We have heard the general population of Europe when the New Madrid Fault breaks, many are fleeing towards Russia, really into the arms of death. No they will flood the Alps and move south towards Italy and Greece. You are led to believe the EU wants Russia, how? Putin just needs to hit a couple of EU cities with nukes game over. The US would not back a Russian invasion. The truth they would let Europe fall rather than risk WW3 and let diplomacy prevail instead of article 5. Biden is a coward and in this case a welcome trait.

   China will provide Putin with whatever money he needs for world domination while Xi condemns the invasion in the Western media and wants a false diplomacy. This is their plan. The leaders of this world are on the same page. A divided world is to be ruled and unified by one and the leaders promised absolute control IN their areas. The new world order lies to its pawns, the leaders of your world. They will be killed and the population that chooses to cut and run eliminated. This is what, you do not realize. There is no mercy with the dark one. It is misery, death and you sell your soul for a temporary peace. This is his plan.

   When the shores of America are attacked, invaded from the west and missiles in the east, where are you going to run? You will surrender and then taken to an internment camp. The Uighurs incarceration will look like the Boy Scouts camps even though alleged perverts roam. Children and elderly will disappear, along with all that do not accept communism. The good looking women will be given a choice, service the men sexually or die. Trust me, death will be better. The one thing you forget liberals, if or when the United States is under attack, there will be no war crimes for the world to see. There is only death and compliance of the fittest. Prisoners of useless eaters, will face elimination, as no one is watching.

   You ask, why would not God step in. He has told you so many times and you ignored the warnings. So, as you were told in the Bible, the Chastisements and war will assault your world due to sin. The dark one was given the right to do what he pleases with you in the End Times, which is occurring now. This is how far you as the human race has sunk.

   So many religions promise Heaven, only Jesus judges and grants entrance. Jesus, the Son of God started one religion, which replaced His Fatherís. There are no flaws only the opinions of men. God the Father still cares, but silent for the children of God.

   Presently for your world you were told the path is narrow, yet you ignore these Words. Wake up call, presently including the past, only 1 in 17 souls pass through the gates of Peter. This is the Truth. Heed it. You were told, call out His Name and even with your last breath to Jesus, and you shall be forgiven. Do not let pride and arrogance stop you from saving your ass. Hell is real, but few believe. Change this and you can change your world one soul at a time. Look around, exactly who do you think your leaders are listening to, the dark one or God?


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