China Cyber Attacks



Written Sept 29


   The leaders of this nation and China meet in private and then addressed the media. The Cyber attacks that come from China would be halted. The truth is that Obama apologized for the bad press to Xi, but this was not to go public. As the NSA and the State Department knows the source of the hacks were the work of the new world order. But they would never reveal this. This is the Truth no matter how our government spins its lies in the media. The eliteís goal is to continue polarize the populations of the earth. Increase hate in the US as their personal information, media copyrights, which they did steal and jobs displaced the American worker a choice by corporate America. Pride as China was seen as breaking US cyber security.

   Again no foreign government has access to breach cyber security unless given the technology as what is revealed to the market and that point has not come yet. There are some nations on earth that has technology at least 100 years in advance. What you see on earth is by design. Ever wonder how the upgrades come along to drive consumer spending? So you see, those with the information to breach any protective firewall are pretending to be the Chinese by redirecting the IP address that leads to those aligned with China. It is a lie.

   Yes the Chinese steal copyrighted media. Yes the Chinese have taken your jobs due to the greed of cheap labor of our own and with the money at the top is buying America and university spots. Yes the Chinese for years played as subordinates in the eyes of the world. A new dawn will rise, as the world that is asleep, will see the dragon awaken as foretold in the Bible. Your lives in the nation that has never seen a foreign war on itís own soil for over a century will be torn apart as your leaders, spineless will run for the bunkers after the election. My Advice to Obama stay strong as your only obligation is to protect this nation. F..k the status quo for they only mean to destroy you and from where I stand they have done their job. Stand up for America no matter how you are viewed, for the truth will be revealed and set you free as the only one you answer to like me is God. Either you are for us or against us as being politically correct is dead, choose like Boehner did.


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