Cyber Attacks



Written Jun 5


   The Cyber Attacks now occurring in the US are only the tip of the problem as many other sensitive agencies had their files breached, but that information is classified. You were told there is a new sheriff in town that is now pulling the strings of the puppet master who controls most of the banking systems on earth. He is in control of most multi-national corporations by the power of proxy through hidden stock ownership and deals not known to the public. You were told as owner in many cases he is privy to all advanced technology including that which has been acquired by US Black Projects and DARPA. All of which has provided him a back door into all cyber systems that cannot be stopped or blocked unless all systems are shut down, which is certain doom. Did the Chinese hack the office of Personnel Management, no, agents of the new world order did and the finger of blame pointed towards a false target with the usual evidence like the North Koreans. As the battle for this world heats up the Russians and Chinese will be given what ever it takes to bring down the Western world until they all bow before one.


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