The Danger You Fail to See


Written Jan. 19 4:30 pm EST


   You have been given so many chances, as the Almighty is so forgiving and slow to anger. With all this, you have managed to move America towards a one party police state by design. Look around and see what you created. Letís give some time to reflect on what faces this nation. Take a 3 minute break to review current events and where it will lead this nation and the world.

   Like children you focus on the short term instead of being an adult, which when given so many signs, you failed to see your future. You as a nation, let those now in power stand by and let your cities burn, because it was a symbol for injustice. Adults letting children burn down parts of their own home, because they are angry. You turned your world upside down, as a personal issue with Floyd, became national. Racism, Biden hung with the KKK and a governor wears its hood. Yes police of all races have their prejudices, but it is not systemic across all, as the media and politicians lead you to believe. Many protests were peaceful, some were infiltrated as they broke windows, started fires, placed bricks, incited violence, looted, and beat people down. There is no excuse for this.

   On the sixth of January some citizens of this nation attacked the Capitol, as this was an off shoot of peaceful protests in the nationís capital DC. Was it planned, yes as they had help and maps. What you fail to realize, it is the same paid insurgents that pushed the riots in your cities and the attack on the Capitol.

   You spoke that if Black people entered the Capitol, they would have been treated different. Today this administration instead of spouting the words defund the police, reversed their position. BLM need not question, as they were used. The squad can talk of change, but it falls on deaf ears of the Democratic leadership. They have no power. Know one thing as the National Guard descends upon DC, they have been given orders to shoot to kill. This was not done in the riots as some looted, stole, burned, and attacked law enforcement. This is the turning point. And the incoming administration cannot trust the Guard, as they may or are infiltrated. Letís see how this unfolds.

   Your vote cancels your job. Your speech bans you from social media. Your vote shuns you from what you called friends. This is what this nation has morph to. You have been told so, so many times, when there is no free choice in some aspects, as there will be when Biden gets in, the scale has tipped. Only God will protect you.

   The deep state has bought your politicians and media. They allowed you to choose to go against each other, but not one of questioned why. Both with the idea they would win and the other side, f..k them. This is where you stand today and now what?

   No side will compromise. This has seen those leaving the Trump administration shunned in the work place, as all in the past leaving government gets rich. What has changed?

   The new world order did all they could to derail Trump, with a little help from his mouth. He was not onboard with one government for the world and definitely not bowing to a false god. Biden was allegedly bribed through his son, as Hillary through her foundation, now defunct. There is two facts believed, the Democrats assume Trump and all associated with him is evil. The right thinks that Biden will sell out to the new world order and illegals. Only one is true at this point.

   The key point, the new world order divided this nation, no matter who is right or wrong. That was the goal and it has been achieved, as you are none the wiser. What is next, destroy faith in your government as inept, promote mass migrations to destabilize the Southern border, tank the stock markets, crush the middle class with tax increases & Covid lock downs, and increase the divide through the media. As a low point is hit, start a war to where all will seek another to lead and bring peace. This is the present plan.


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