Temporary Darkness

The Break in the Niribu Cover-up




Written Aug. 19 5pm EST


   Again the earth changes ramp up, but no one is aware of the changes coming that will change your lives forever. Your earth will never look the same. Most events have occurred away from America. India is getting crushed with extreme Monsoon flooding within a week not seen since the British started keeping records. This will expand and intensify. Earthquakes are occurring in the Pacific and Central America far greater in intensity than what is being reported as to keep you in the dark. So events now will now occur that cannot be explained by your scientists and false religions as only the Roman Catholic faith established by Jesus with Peter as His rock is the only true one established by the New Covenant. So what will break the Niribu Cover-up?

   Your government has been hiding the increase in quakes and intensity with Richter measurements well below the true values. I have told you look at the destruction to gauge. The quakes and storms are now occurring at high profile sites like Lombok-Bali and now Fiji for the world to see the lies. This will spread quickly to Greece and Italy as you are still not listening. And you will still not fear the warnings as you see this as only a trend that can be explained by your scientists. So be it.

   You say why not just show us the double suns you promised as a sign years ago? I did tell you of the double suns, but I also told you they will appear shortly before the warning giving this world little time to repent before the comet strike. Many souls would be lost in this scenario.

   The ramp up in earth changes is to change your ways. I told you abortion and homosexuality is against the Laws of God as you cling to your humanistic ways and any leader that promotes this is working for the dark one. You as humans, Godís creation do not have the right to change His Laws as you are influenced by another. You ask what about the truth coming out about Cardinal Wuerl protecting pedophiles that have preyed upon the young for decades? The Almighty represents the Truth and not the actions of a Cardinal and the priests he allowed to take advantage of His children. Again they answer to another just like His fallen angels. They have committed grave sins of the flesh and will be punished if they do not repent with atonement. Some will many wonít. When the earth changes come you will know why and how to change. Continue to listen to those who lead you and you will perish.

   As we move towards Fall and the Winter Solstice our North Pole will shift 23.5 degrees away from the sun due to its inherent tilt. So what does this mean now? The earth wobble now starting to become extreme will push the pole away at random spots about the globe and days to where day will become night as their relative position will shift above the Artic circle. There will be silence from the scientific community as they are under death threats if they reveal anything. Will Trump address the nation on this? Unknown as Obama failed to tell you the truth as he was a coward in respect of saving the world. Could the earth flip and the sun rise in the west before the three days of darkness, maybe as this is in the hands of mankind. The tighter your Illuminati grip you place upon His children the greater the signs and your frequency of removal from earth. This is a promise for the new world order and your political pawns as what you think you shall rule will not exist.


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