Particle Beam Weapons


Written Mar. 25 11:15 pm EST


   It has been a while, since I have the honor to give this great nation technical information in key areas on the atom, gravity and antimatter, all classified above the hydrogen bomb. But due to the inroads the new world order has made into all avenues of our government, the Vatican and corporations, a change is needed. Now yes, all will see this, as you know the rules, just as your so called other sites to direct mankind, have inputs from both the dark and light. You know who the two sites are. You ask, why is your site backed by the voice of God. It will never be mainstream and passed over. I answer only to the Almighty and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This is the balance. The truth that few see or seen by all where both sides have equal influence. The choice was clear.

   So your scientists have chose the wrong approach on particles beams, and the Russians and Chinese have virtually caught up. Your problem is, that all potential beam energy is used to amplify light or initiate a particle flow, that would generate the heat needed to destroy the object, as molecular bonds break down. The process is inefficient.

   The problem is that in the end times, light is absorbed by dust, which will be prevalent during the near future, only offering a short range target availability. What about rain refracting your light beam targeting? Space based, weapons platforms, all that need to know, continues to keep the public in the dark. It only takes a rogue incoming swarm debris field to take out your defense platforms. You say, they are armor plated, ok. What about the pelting force of what may become meteors applying a impact force to the platform from the same direction, dislodging its orbit and tumbling? Fuel on board to stabilize? Once detected, it is time to attack. Is that your battle plan? What is your back up plan? Are you going to cede the West Coast without informing your citizens? They need to know. Who stands for America or roll over like those who shipped your jobs to China. Kickbacks are a bitch, but you look the other way.

   You have made advances with the knowledge of the elimination of gravitational particle flow due to the repulsion force that crowds out gravity particles. A process that applies a force to a mass as they pass through. So it floats, as little to near zero force is applied to the mass and gravity particles flow around the mass. This is the technology behind the US triangle craft, but they are not the UFOs. It is like comparing a bicycle to a rocket. What they have in common is they float above a planetary mass in our example. As for directional travel, elimination of gravity from a particular direction to achieve light speeds or propagate an internal gravitational field within a ship or a base on our Moon or Mars. You are still and will remain lost. If you were given the key to creating an internal field, you would have super fighter pilots that do not blackout with high G forces with acute turns and rapid acceleration, as they are negated. Just imagine the tactical advantage over drones. So what do I have to offer you, no strings attached by the Grace of God?

   Your scientists, if you call them that, have approached the research from the wrong direction. Yes, a focus beam of energy will excite the molecular structure of a mass to be destroyed over time. But you need to focus on the same target zone over a period of time, to achieve destruction at long ranges. This you can not achieve, as you have not reached the targeting accuracy in your space based or ground lasers for hypersonic targets and their decoys. At short ranges, this is and will be a viable weapon, especially against advancing troops. Hit the flack jacket and the soldier suffers severe burns on a quick pass. This is your focus. The Chinese will have 200 million around the globe. The other nations going down this same developmental path, will have delays by design. This is not to be shared with any other nation as all have moles, just like your corporations. The EU will fall, the UK may succumb to a dictatorship. Israel is another story.

   Your current particle beam weapons technology is pathetic. They barely work in the upper stratosphere and as for weather related occurrences obscuring ground based targets, it is useless and you know this, but you continue down the same path of research. Why are you listening to them? Lasers super heat the air they travel through, but are ineffective using water as a transport medium. It is the same thing with your directed high energy particle beams, as the molecular structure of our atmosphere siphon off valuable energy, before it can even reach a critical point to break down molecular bonds of the target mass.

   So lets re-educated your scientist to consider a different approach to particle beams. You ask, why would God give you the knowledge to destroy lives? He gave your world the knowledge of the Atomic bomb. Hundreds of thousands of souls were saved with the sacrifice 200 K. How many civilians would have been fire bombed, as the islands of Japan would have been a target. The Military wanted to hit Tokyo and eliminate the emperor. Truman a politician thought wisely (not like today) and nixed it. How many would have been loss, as they fight to the death? Today, many will die under the leadership of the new world order, in order to solidify control of this world for their master. Your leaders answer to another, instead of the citizens they were voted in to protect. It is about saving souls, not bodies that perish.

   Do not believe in that white hat, black hat BS, look at their actions for the truth. I told you, this tactic is being used to freeze action based on hope that never come from them. Like, I hope Trump wins the election. Like, I hope the Biden certification on Jan. 6 is stopped by the masses. Like, I hope Trump replaces Biden on March 4, keep on hoping or you can believe in God. Trump could have won, but his mouth was still open. Development is not guaranteed, but the edge favors America as where to focus.

   Will it work, that depends on you. Maybe if you approach the new technology with an open mind and discard almost all of what you have been taught in physics and the structure of the atom, but not to try is failure. You have a choice. So now details to point you in the right direction, as all others (new world order) reading this are led astray.

   The communists are not your friends. They used greed to suck your elite in, if given the chance, they will attack. You say global war. I say a quick strike crippling many cities, Biden will freeze and seek peace. This is the plan now in place. Fear will overcome your leaders, as they cower and cry outside of the public eye. Not one of you will refuse, as billions lost their lives. China just called you, weak at the last meeting. You will be reeducated, the women taken as sex slaves. Many between 35 and 50 will be used as organ donors on the black market. The elite eliminated as they are a threat. Their cooperation is no longer needed. And for those who refuse. They will be transported, making the past concentration camps in Germany look like a boy scout camp only in comparison to what is to come. And nothing happened to most youths in the boy scout camps, except some pending abuse cases, which was not from scout management, but individual choices made by disgusting men. This was a comparison to make a point.

   Now back to research, you were given a new description over a decade ago, on how the election field flows through the nucleus of an atom, instead the your perceived orbital electron rings. You assume by adding energy to the atomic structure the electron jumps to the next ring and as it fall back, energy is released. The concept of energy released is true, but not as you assume.

   The electron stream flows through the core of the nucleus keeping the nuclear structure intact, but allows variances to occur without the break down of the binding nuclear force. With your crude atomic bomb, the unstable uranium and plutonium atoms sent a tremendous amount of sub atomic particles astray, affecting the neutrons and protons of the atomic cores, thus destabilizing the atom on a grand scale. You were taught there is vast distances between atoms, and it was not stray neutrons or protons that fragmented the cores of atoms. Again think about the space between atoms, and you think, they would chance collide, as opposed to an overwhelming field of sub-atomics particles? Once the nuclear force within the atom breaks down the energy was released. With the hydrogen bomb the energy needed to stabilize the nuclear core was far greater than needed to create a stable helium atom, so a vast amount of energy was released. So what is the point?

   Now lets apply your lessons on fusion, fission and the new format for the atomic structure that allows a weapon to use minimal energy, but exploit the present power of the nuclear force of any mass. First, before we start. No corporation scientist should work on the project, they are compromised even in Skunk Works, Boeing, Raytheon and many others. All US corporations have some ownership by proxy, controlled by the new world order. They have access to all research. This is the reason for the stock market. This is how the Russians and Chinese caught up. The industrial military complex only if there is a viable opponent. Those in your nation aligned with the new world order are traitors to this nation and God. Fresh minds are needed as an independent team, who are patriots to America first. No politician or the Secretary of Defense and their underlings briefed for any reason including the budget, be creative. Some answer to another, not this nation.

   Trust no one. Dr. Abe can oversee, but not know the project goal and shall not lead, too old school. You need a fresh mind without an ego. By the way, not impressed with your past history of developments on your website. Invent the mouse and give them a billion dollar company, really? I hope your dark projects still classified were better.

   The research center will have no connection to the outside world. These are the non negotiable terms for DARPA. Just know technology advances using gravity to achieve light speeds and defensive deflective energy shields are off the table, so do not ask. The Almighty reads your minds, if there is any self agenda, then I become uncooperative at snags and protected. Those who leak, well that is up to the Almighty. This page will be blocked to those who can cause harm. Again, donít ask.

   The key is simple. Disruption of the charged electron flow into a balanced nucleus to where the core becomes unstable and breaks down, due to sudden shift in the nuclear charge differential from near neutral to a unstable positively charged core. So a little more detail, with the disruption the shared electron stream between other atoms, the molecular bonds break down releasing general energy to achieve stabilization after the break. The positively charged nuclear cores, repulse each other breaking up the mass. For some of the nuclei, they break down completely and release their nuclear force. Again a chain reaction cascades as other sub atomic particles penetrate other nuclear cores due to crowding and releases a force that will destroy any mass or on a massive scale any city.

   The target mass is destroyed by releasing what energy is already in place, instead of delivering it. It is about tipping a balance, rather than use extreme force. This is the concept behind a particle beam breaking down the mass of a planet or moon to where you use its own energy stored in its mass to become unstable and release all of its energy. This is how a super nova occurs due to gravitational compression releases energy to destroy a star and what if anything left of its solar system. Your new approach is about nuclear core particle flow disruption and let the nuclear structure, as it breaks down, provide the energy to destroy the target. It is about using what is given. Tip the balance and let nature take its course. Once miniaturized, you would just vaporize the molecular structure of any opposing force. Tanks, planes, ships will turn into a molten heap and human flesh a dark mist. The goal, this nation will not fall to the new world order and the dark one who leads them. So who is going to volunteer for this mission to destroy evil? No outside department recommendations, as they are usually moles. Just know, if the project is compromised, those who sent them and the moles will dealt with by the Author of life, God the Father Almighty. I will just say, dust to dust.

   The days of exciting the molecular structure of a mass via a laser beams are over. They can counter it with a mirror like coating or a surface that diffuses heat and light. Shoot a focused sub atomic particle stream that compose sub atomic particles related to protons and overload the nuclear core. This is the future. Forget what you were taught that Physics class now similar to alchemy. The proton is not a singular component of matter, but is composed of many sub atomic particles that bind together to form a charged base particle, concentrate on the sub atomic particles responsible for charge. Subatomic particles transverse the universe in waves, synchronize them to achieve power. A repulsive force deflects the flow of electrons and the binding force of the nucleus breaks down, releasing vast amount of energy. A variable millisecond pulse will take out a missile, a fraction of second pulse will take out a carrier and a full pulse under a minute focused in one spot will level a city. The one cool thing is that the particle beam will push a large circular tube of matter primarily ionized gas (air) on its way to the target outwards. The crackling that makes your skin crawl and the boom (thunder) that rushes back to fill the void, will frighten many to death. Fear of this weapon will bring the enemy to its knees. China and Russia and their EU pawns will dare not carry out the wishes of the new world order and its dark leader from hell. It is your choice, as you can pass and fall. Or you can keep talking peace, but they will still come. Just know, what is given can be taken away. This is about stopping the new world order and saving the world, not a conquest for personal or a nationís power.

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