Debate Prep




Written Oct 9 5:30pm EST


   As Trump faces the debate many on the team see defeat in the back of their minds as few have real courage and the turn coat Republicans that are in fear abandon ship. The media talks about how we need not go back in time on Clinton when she was a politician or White Water. But we heard words from Trump as a private citizen on an unauthorized hot microphone. Now what Trump said is an on going problem with rich men, as in truth it was not about assault as those who would spin it in the media, but how he could take advantage of what is presented as gold diggers wanting to get on board. This is the Truth. There is no need to assume assault when it is being thrown in your face. If unwanted he would be brought up on charges, ask where are the charges? This is the Truth.

   To the media I have told you Hillary is going to sell out this nation, but you donít see this. Trump is not the perfect candidate, but he will not betray the American people as it stands today. It is the elite behind the leak as they control the media and they have more. Hillary has sold this nation to foreign contributions. Hillary has sold you out to Wall Street and lied to you about it. Hillary has allows this nationís secrets to be hacked and you are worried about talk on women. Open borders have and will continue to crush your wages wake up White working class America. Wake up Black and Latino America as you cling to hope, but decades later nothing has changed. Hillary said regulation should be left to the wolves that engineered financial crashes in the dot com, mortgage and 87í that devastated your 401 Kís and this is OK. Again you talk about temperament, is this wise?

    You hear the same narrative over and over again meant to deflect real issues. Words against women do not change the direction of this country. Donald talks about what he would do to women that advance to him, Clinton screwed interns as President, know the difference. Hillary not know is a lie secret service knew, unless there are compromised for some to take advantage. Those five in Central park is irrelevant. No body cares as our nation has real problems Black media. Are you for real shootings, poor schools, income inequality, and you bring this up.

   This nation has many problems. There is erosion of your buying power not the job numbers presented as if all is normal. Students that have graduated college, but their wages generally do not support their student debt. There is promise of open borders that depress wages behind closed doors by design. Rogue Muslims that destroy your way of life here at home. You hear all when it is some. What is worse is that Bernie was right and now that they donít need him, they threw him under the bus. There is the Hillary that panders for votes by telling you what you want to hear and the Hillary that delivers for the elite. Money runs this nation and the media, your vote is bought. This is the disconnect. Your established politicians lie for a vote and dig up past to discredit all who challenge the status quo. All of you have skeletons in your closet and would cringe it revealed. As the Almighty said in the end times almost all will fall to the dark side.


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