Levels of Deceit

The Election 2012



Written Oct. 17



In this election triumphs and defeats have a purpose as most of you are still in denial that your world, your political process is not controlled. You have been for centuries herded in a particular direction by a set of carefully planned events. It is not clear now, but after the New Year for some especially the subordinate leaders within the governments of the world and the upper middle class of many countries as events were predicted. Now that events are playing out before your disbelieving eyes, it will be crystal clear. How was I so fooled?

   You have been told the rules were changed to increase prosperity for all as everyone now could buy a house. They allowed the unqualified to buy by design, selling financial instruments that were tainted. This collapsed the world markets and you the upper middle class lost half of your wealth in carefully engineered short sales, most naked. The middle class lost jobs and homes. Europe was forced into austerity as their banks bought these instruments collapsing the economy. The super rich transferred wealth from the 99% to the 1%.

   You have been told Wealth will create jobs, but with a stock market invested at near record highs, few top companies paying no taxes are not investing in labor and this is going to change with a new president? With the foundation already set, even old neo con Newt could conger up 12 million jobs over the next 4 years. Please tell America something new.

   You heard the lies, double talk ask yourself, if this was your spouse and his story changed almost daily would your love stay pure? Look at was what exposed, misinformation, polls that were cooked until these same polls favored the opponent. An unemployment rate that was not suppose to go down until after they take office. Your families needed help years ago and the tactic to stall in Congress any help to the middle class was the agenda. You say it was about the budget, they blew it up on unnecessary wars and when you find out 911 was planned by the West your heart will drop. You seem to think the ruthless that hides well in America will not do this. They have no remorse or ethics, just your demise and it is your doubt that allows this to continue.

   Employers do not have to offer good wages as everyone needs a job. Healthcare, your on your own, be lucky you have a part time job and like it. Supply and demand dictates wages and the available spending power of the consumer determines the growth of the economy as businesses step up to fill a need. Wealth does not directly create jobs; it is a byproduct to fill a need. Wealth invests for a return. Wealth sees an opportunity to gather more for themselves with little to almost no risk with large portions of their investments in blind trusts to evade responsibility and taxes chipping away in the markets with profits that are based on financial derivatives and market moves instead of a new idea or factories. This is the rule they live by. This is what they do not want you to know. This was the plan and it is almost complete.

   We are presented with gunshots on campaign offices again, blatant disrespect. Now a son wants to fight. When you walk with the Lord being polite is the policy, but firmness in the push back that bites. You faithful have been told of this time, but allow yourselves to be influenced when convinced and you share with others.

   Did you really think they would agree? You have no solid proof even with an announcement, so your job is to plant the seed and walk away. Do not engage in a heated discussion as if this new knowledge will win others over. This takes time and perseverance. The point is to be seen as a rock of knowledge and compassion when they look for you and not be discounted as a nut case before you can deliver the message, patience my eager soul.

   It is time the people of America awaken from their slumber. How many times do scenarios have to be presented that something is not just right without imposing on your free will? How many times do have to see misery to realize just maybe those at the top planned this and now you should seek their wisdom to get us out of this? How many times do you have to be reminded of the eliteís golden rule? Create the problem by any means necessary, and then offer a solution in the form of leadership and monetary support of the citizens. You just gave away the freedoms you now enjoy in your life little by little. This is why you need to wake up before it is too late.

   Now this is a warning for all of you moles in the White House administration and turn coat democrats that allowed the republicans to stall the congressional process for the people that elected them. As if it was just their fault. You know who you are and I do also. Remember the one that was kicked back to Chicago, donít make the same mistake, because there will be no great alternate job for your fate. This is a promise, work for America or retire.

   To the voters, make a choice from the heart when you cast that ballot, let it not based on the rhetoric of hate. For when the earth changes come in latter portion of December 2012 and beyond you will be pissed as you familyís lives will be at risk based on the decisions of a new president that may not have your back.


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