The Ukraine Deception



Written Mar. 21 11:59 pm EST


   Events in the Ukraine have turned in the political spectrum for eastern Europe. Not because of the citizens who disappear to the far reaches of Siberia. Not because their citizens are being assaulted in the coastal cities. Not because their citizens flee by the millions to surrounding countries. It is because Zelenskyy has shut down all opposition parties and taken control of the Ukraine media. Now you have to ask, who could give him that go ahead and if this was a true democratic nation why? Heroes as Zelenskyy is portrayed in the western media, do not need to solidify power. It is given by the people. You say the nation loves him. Then why the move, because all is not what it seems. Tic-Toc time is moving. Do you have an answer? No, because you fear the truth.

   You were told here, Zelenskyy threaten Biden personally to reveal the bribes set up by his son and how they as a nation, have got little in return for their money. Zelenskyy threaten to expose the name behind the big guy. There is now an agreement between Zelenskyy and the back door representatives of the Biden Administration. The promise is that Zelenskyy and his inner circle can keep their hos, arms deals with middle east and the drug trade, as long as inside information on Hunter never sees the light of day. He has been given power to shut down free speech and power to eliminate all enemies by design. With that, Biden and most of the media will look the other way. This is in your news only as Zelenskyy solidifies power, but no reason given to how. Heed the abuse of power here and abroad.

   So how will the Almighty handle this? His inner circle will die one by one, natural causes until things change. One, two three in Ukraine and one in the US. You say what about Putin? He is just a tool of the new world order, just like many in the American government. They will be dealt with later, but this sends a message. You the common man just do not get it. Both sides are playing you, as they are one and you are none the wiser. What about the media pawns and politicians who played the game for years? Promises, promises none will be keep to their surprise in the end.


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