You Have to Make Decision


Written Feb. 20 11:59 pm EST


   We have come to a precipice of time with our nation, under God and freedom for all. Those words are what this nation was built upon, but those same words fall upon the deaf ears of your leaders. I have watched as Trump supporters have unleashed hatred among minorities as leaders of this nation strip what seems as rights in this nation to elevate another by design. Was Trump used or a willing scapegoat? Yes, he brought back America. What many do not understand is the design gaffes. Again is this a Trojan horse?

   The Democrats are no different, as they were and many still are Jim Crow. Now you as minorities have to ask, if you control my city I trusted you to control for fifty years, what do you have to show? Well we did not educate your children to even grade level. So much for getting those jobs requiring advanced math to formulate algorithms for the tech companies. Most inner city children can not balance a check book. The Democrats dumb down your children as most will be trapped in poverty and vote for handouts as a need. This was the agenda, but you refuse to see this, but your sub conscience knows the truth. They have taken 2 generations away from you and you expect change?

   Politics has become toxic. It is no longer about disagreeing with the other, it has now become hate. Your politicians have made critical mistakes. Crime is out of control because of a self inflicted policy of defund police, as your leaders instead of using common sense as they knew they were so right. Standing back while your cities were burning and looted then chose to remove protection as if a neighborhood watch and social workers would keep criminals in check. It didnít as they just took advantage of your stupid move. Now your leaders have walked it back and acts like they never backed the policy.

   So how is that working for you? It isnít. Yes there are bad cops and the good ones are being shot and killed at an accelerated rate started by a narrative put in place by BLM and pushed through your media. Stores are closing in already underserved minority areas, as theft is out of control. This inflates the price of goods and services in poor and middle class neighborhoods on top of the present general 7.5% inflation. This policy is self inflicted. What is so sad is that the public is now so harden and looks past these mistakes because of a party name.

   BLM has brought to the nation their position and that is fair. What they have no right to do, is to promote aggressions towards the police. You have no right to promote looting to make up for pass injustices. You have no right to break up the Black nuclear family for community care. You canít even control your own and you think we want you to teach ours? Black on Black crime is not your prime focus as it should be. Children are dying in your neighborhoods at the hands of your own. Not one of you has addressed Black on Asian crime and the media ignores this. Plus what have your leaders done with all those corporate donations? Oh I know, your leaders are thieves as they transfer millions into personal accounts, but who is watching.. You can not change the world if your own home is so dirty. You can get reparations, but lose it quickly as many can not count. Your status as a person does not change, because you have expensive jewelry, homes or car. You need an education otherwise you are fool with money soon to be broke.

   Politicians have great ideas, but little feasibility to put these ideas in place so that they work for all. Key words here politicians is for all. Healthcare for all, but reduced payments and increased patients reducing hospital space for profitable elective surgery, the hospitals close in rural areas and patients choke those in the cities where the only choice is a revolving door treatment plan. Yes everybody gets healthcare, but the trade off is, that it is poor. You offer child care, but can not get enough workers today. What about the abuse? All day daycare, but many working are part time. Many will do as little as possible to qualify, but you do not see this. You tried this with unemployment and donít get it. People will scam the system. Family leave and you can not control disability. How long and who pays? Corporations, no they will cut jobs, move, close or pass the cost down the cost to consumers. Nothing is free as the Democrats introduce more middlemen.

   You speak of inclusion with transgender sports and refuse to believe there will come a point to where those born with vaginas will walk away in whole from a person pretending to be a girl. Yes that is the truth. A man with a penis pretending to be a girl due to his mindset and a pill makes all the difference. Those that accept this are idiots. They are making a choice as they personally relate to being the opposite sex from which they were born. God did not make a mistake, you did as you listen to another. No one considers intense pressure coming from the media, peers and creeps grooming the young and vulnerable. If you are born with a penis even if it is removed and most of the time it is not. No pill can even the playing field with athletics. This is common sense and your leaders have lost it. To be fair they can compete among themselves equally. Plus no child under 18 shall be allowed to act, transition or become a transgender period in public. They are children and bathrooms are separate. At home you are on your own. You have the right to be who you are with respect, but you not have the right to force your views upon another. The truth acting like a woman and taking estrogen does not make you a biological woman or should you attain their same rights. You do have the right to act and dress like a woman.

   What is interesting about the infrastructure bill, it does recognize we have a problem with our bridges and highways. What they have not told you is, what percentage of bridges in disrepair will be corrected and by when? What about cost overruns, where does that money come from? What percentage of the contracts will go to true minority firms? What is the true cost of fixing all the bridges now past their lifespan? These are the questions you ask Biden, but he will skate around them as you realize the bridges cost too much to replace. It is all about optics. They will kick the can down the road, but say what they did for America.

   We shall move on to Foreign Affairs again your media lies, now about the Olympics. They are right about the TV ratings dropping severely on NBC. They are wrong as to the cause. The general public in America does not care as we are divided. This why the ratings dropped. Do you really think many choose not to watch, because of the Muslim Uighurs? Please, go out and ask people what are Uighurs? They know what an overseas Muslim is, but may consider them terrorists due to present day bias. They do not care, just like you and the West did not care about those in Rwanda 600 k dead and floating down the river 500k known rapes. You pick and choose what humanitarian crisis to solve.

   In Ukraine, the Russians and Chinese are using this confrontation as a test for its upcoming move for world domination down the road. The key here is to test NATO resolve. So what have they learned? The Germans will fold if pressured and this is key as the most important forward American bases in the Europe are located there. France shows cracks as Macron fears what he sees. No amount of heavy weapons given the Ukrainians with little training will stop the Russians. It is a suicide mission and many will run. They will blow the gas lines and that is NATO biggest concern as they expect Ukraine to fall and try to limit the invasion to be contained to about Ĺ the country with Kyiv not in control of Russia. Russia will do what it wants and stop where it wants as back door deals outside the public for optics are presented. Russia does not invest all that money, time and troops to walk away with what seems like nothing coming from the West. The press would love to state Biden stops the Russian invasion, if so there was tens of billions transferred to Putin and NATO pulls out of former USSR states. Macron could get the agreement, but this would permanently damage Biden in the eyes of the world. Any peace will be a false one to pacify the general public in an election year. This is the current plan put in place by Blinken, as he not Biden is running foreign policy today. Biden was told to sign off. Your leaders have sold you out.

   Sanctions would only slow the Russians economically for about a week as the work around already set up with the new alliance with China will skirt what the West calls devastating sanctions. All backdoor efforts to get the Chinese on board has failed. The Russians respected China request as to not invade during the Olympics. After the American Sunday night broadcast of the closing ceremonies, the Russians have a go to push the invasion or accept the backdoor offerings of Germany and France. Putin is not negotiating with Blinken or Biden. This move is about division. The EU knows their economies will be crushed and the gas critical to them disrupted. There is no loss for the US except in reputation and of course the elite will short the stock market, as no crisis goes to waste. Biden can not stop the Russians. He has little to nothing to offer and everything to lose and Biden knows this. This why the EU leaders are going behind his back.

   Russians now know it is with only words that NATO speaks as one voice, their actions revel a stance of division. While the Chinese watch this unfold, they have cemented an alliance with the Russians. Knowing they have the technology, weapons and the numbers, and the Chinese 200 million man army in place for world domination. They just tested there nuclear weapons, as to say we do not care about a nuclear war because your leaders will freeze in fear and limit their response. If even 2 large warheads a piece hit France and Germany and one in England few will be able to live in Europe. Migrations would be devastating 10 of millions would died of starvation. So in this chess game the West loses. This why they wanted Trump out and you thought Putin liked him. Trump was willing to level all of Russia and China and this was unacceptable to the new world order. So Biden was put in place by design to roll over and with America so divided by design, is none the wiser.

   What about the Russian optics in the world media? They will address Ukraine as an enemy first due to the mistreatment of the Russians that live within their borders. Second as a strategic NATO move to fortify its eastern border with western weapons and troops. Russia considers any movement by NATO to remove the buffer country of Ukraine as one of its own an act of war. Threats are now at the Russian western border. Ukraine was a Russian state. If California broke away from the United States and formed its own socialist government and the Chinese built bases to protect it. How would your nation react. You would go to war just like us. Unless you back down there will be no peace only a false one, as we wait for the day of world domination. This is what Russia told your leaders, as the clock tics.


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